“The PERFECT Zombie Routine for
Children’s Entertainers!”

Any children’s or family performer in the real world knows how valuable a proven, scripted five-minute routine can be. That’s why magicians who try this routine will LOVE it.

Most magicians are familiar with the classic Zombie effect: A shiny silver ball mysteriously levitates and performs acrobatic moves while shielded in part by a cloth or “foulard.”

One Of The Most Powerful Effects In All Of Magic…

Levitations are one of the most powerful effects a magician can offer, but in the real world, most levitations aren’t practical for a variety of reasons – visibility of thread, the necessity of offstage assistance, angle problems, and the list goes on and on.

The classic Zombie effect has several advantages over other stage levitations for real-world magicians (not fortunate enough to have their own Vegas shows) in that there is no thread, fewer angle problems, and a smooth, one-man operation.

…Has A Major Flaw!

However, it also suffers from a major logic flaw: If an object is really floating in the air, audiences really want to actually see it FLOATING, and not shrouded with a cloth… at least that’s how many kids react when other performers use the piece. Plus, at least for children, the idea of a silver ball isn’t exactly captivating.

The Most Significant Plot Advancement Of A Levitation Classic

Enter…The PERFECT Zombie Routine for Children’s Performers!

Is that a big enough promise in a title? After nearly two decades of professional work as well as watching other acts, full-time pro and school assembly expert Cris Johnson can truthfully say that it really IS the PERFECT Zombie routine for children’s shows, family shows, church shows, school assemblies and much more!

Cris has been performing this routine for over 15 years now, and it really kills! It’s funny, it’s angle-proof, and addresses the logical flaw of the Zombie.

In the routine, a mysterious black box is brought out. The magician tells his audience about a mysterious creature inside. After a lot of jokes and sight gags, the box’s lid is removed, the creature (still unseen) rises underneath the cloth, floats about, dashes toward the audience, and finally peers out from the cloth to reveal itself to be a cute, cuddly “critter.”

In this routine, kids are squealing in mock-fright, laughing at the humor, and clamoring just to SEE the creature, which is satisfied at the end of the routine. Adults laugh at the tongue in cheek way the routine plays out and from the plot of a “creature” rather than a magician’s Mysterious Silver Ball.

A PROVEN Routine Audiences Have Loved For
Over 15 Years

People LOVE this routine! In this 60-plus minute DVD, you’ll see two live performances of this awesome routine in front of 100 children, first for grades K-2 and then for grades 3-5, and then you’ll go to Cris’ office where he details the box, offers some different options as well as:

    • other props
    • the complete scripting of the routine
    • the physical handling
    • a red-hot KILLER giveaway idea
    • a bonus routine for smaller audiences to get even more time out of the routine, allowing you to stretch the routine from 5 minutes to nearly 10 by adding a simple prop that you can carry in your pocket
    • and so much more!

Important Note:
This routine is designed for children’s and family shows. If you are looking for a slick routine with several fancy moves, this is not for you. This routine is exactly that – a routine that has a plot, character development and much more. Full time pros know that kids are not concerned with fancy moves – they simply want to laugh and have a good time. This routine does all of that and more.

How Much Would You Pay For A Proven,
Audience-Tested Routine?

True professional magicians know the value of audience-tested material that they can quickly & easily add to their show. Some professionally scripted routines sell for several hundred dollars!

Cris Johnson has sold this routine at times as part of larger packages totaling $300-$500 dollars, but you can now get this professional routine with all of the little nuances that create a proven piece of professional work for just a mere fraction of these prices!

Your Investment: $24.95

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