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This site offers professional routines, effects and products by full time performers and developers of some of the most incredible material offered to the magic community, for elite professionals and magic performers who are determined to take their magic careers to a NEW and SPECTACULAR level.

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Cris Johnson  |  Paul Romhany  |  Peter Loughran  |  Jim Kleefeld

Magic Products by Cris Johnson

    • The Invisible Q & A Act
    • The Mother of All Predictions
    • How To Become A Better Performer
    • Cause & Effects: Volume 1
    • Cause & Effects: Volume 2
    • Cause & Effects : Volume 3
    • Clearview Airborne
    • The Perfect Zombie Routine for Childrens’ Entertainers
    • How To Become A Full-Time Magician In 6 Months
    • How To Make A Ton Of Money Performing Magic In Schools
    • How To Make a $1000 In One Show
    • How to Make a Ton of Money Performing in High Schools
    • The Perfect End to Childrens’ Shows
    • Murder By Magic
    • The Corporate Newsletter System
    • The No BS, Sure-Fire Way To Getting Your Prospects To Book You Over The Phone
    • Mentorship Program Information

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Paul Romhany

  • Minuette Aces
  • Bearly Impossible
  • The Impossible Box
  • Key-Note Speaking for
  • How To Tell Anybody's Personality By The Way They Laugh And Speak
  • Lunch is Served
  • Magic from Down Under
  • Mental Epic
  • Multiplying Bottles
  • Performing Mentalism For
    Young Minds - Vol. 1
  • Performing Mentalism For
    Young Minds - Vol. 2
  • Production Truck
  • Romhany On Stage
  • Switchboard Clipboard
  • The Real Deal - Survival Guide For Magicians
  • Rohmany's Travel Book Test
  • Secrets of a Walkabout Ventriloquist
  • Adventures Ashore
  • The Amazing Twenty Dollar
    Bill Trick
  • BILL 2 CAN x 2
  • Signed Card on Blue Stake
  • Code Breaker
  • Color Change Hanky
  • Cookies Fortune
  • CSI: The Case of the Half Died Hanky by Hal Spear, Rogers, Romhany
  • Entertaining on Cruise Ships
  • Extreme Magic Makeover
  • Headline Prediction
  • BOOK TEST - 12 minute ACT

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Magic Products by Peter Loughran

    • Anything Floats
    • A Touch of Glass
    • Magic Gremlins in a Box
    • One Levitation
    • Pet Shop Illusion
    • MindShades
    • Voodoo Touch
    • Fire Flight
    • Blaster Box
    • Gravitate
    • Jitters Paranormal Package
    • Electronic Flash Box
    • The electronic animated ATM drawing board
    • Creature Shock
    • Trial Separation
    • Fenced In Illusion
    • Electronic Stealth Table
    • Sacred Illusion
    • Entity
    • Phantasm Portable Pro
    • Phantom Slave

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Magic Products by Jim Kleefeld

    • Classic Film Verite
    • Dig Into Magic
    • Dig Into Magic Combo Pack
    • The Theme File
    • Familiar Cat
    • Halloween Magic
    • Skull and Bones Professional Playing Cards
    • Dream Big Magic Show
    • Dream Magic
    • Library Performances
    • The Wild Deck & Book
    • World Magic
    • Tales From Beyond Package
    • The Route to Routining
    • A Splash of Magic
    • Pick Me! Pick Me!
    • Flash Dozen
    • Water Magic E-Book and Art File
    • Live Be Creative Magic Show
    • Be Creative At Your Show
    • Creativity Shows!
    • Arabian Tent Illusion
    • Buggy About Books DVD
    • Bug Magic
    • The Dog-Gone GOOD Magic Show DVD
    • Reading Is Forever DVD
    • You Are the Star DVD
    • Dragons and Dreams DVD
    • Reading Is Magic DVD
    • The Contract Book

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