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Anything Floats

Peter shares one of his personal and very closely guarded secrets! An illusion he had invented just for himself is now being released!

Lay audiences have always been fascinated with any illusion that has to do with fire, birds or other animals, and of course anything that floats!

Imagine being able to borrow random objects from a spectator and float it right then and there, on the spot, close up or on stage at any time during your act.

Imagine borrowing such random objects as a deck of cards, a book, a pack of cigarettes, a cell phone etc, and without preparing or altering the object you can can make the item float in mid air seemingly with no visible means of support. The object can remain suspended in mid air as you wave your hands all around the floating object, or you can have the object levitate up and off of your hand in full view and slowly float towards and into your other waiting hand.

And then imagine ending completely clean and being able to instantly hand the object back to your spectator for examination with nothing in your hands or on the object, and nothing for the spectator to find.

Anything Floats is a new concept created from the inventive mind of Peter Loughran who has created over 50 original effects and illusions for magicians all over the world.

Anything Floats allows you to end completely clean! It allows you to use random borrowed objects that need no preparation whatsoever, and uses no traditional methods such as threads, strings or magnets, so you never worry about a thread breaking again!

Stunning visual magic great for stage or even in close up situations.


    • Anything Floats uses no threads, or magnets to suspend and levitate the objects.
    • Objects may be borrowed and immediately handed back to the spectator to examine.
    • No preparation needs to be done to the borrowed object.
    • You end completely clean!
    • Great for stage, parlor, street, and even close up.

The simple easy to use system may be set up in multiple ways allowing you to create different floating effects that can cater to your own personal preferences.

It's ready to go at all times and can be repeated.

We understand in these tough economic times, that your hard earned money is precious, and while Anything Floats is not an expensive trick as far as magic effects go, we have set up an FAQ, to help you make an informed decision before you make your purchase, on whether or not Anything Floats is right for you.


Q: How angle friendly is Anything Floats?

A: Anything Floats is very angle friendly as long as it is performed with your audience in front of you. You cannot perform this illusion surrounded.

Q: How hard is it to learn?

A: Its easy, and you will be floating stuff in front of the mirror minutes after you open the package, and it's so much fun walking around your house experimenting with different objects to float.

Q: How long does it take to set up?

A: It takes about a 1 minute to set up, and then it is ready to go all day, over and over again.

Q: Do I need special clothing?

A: The system can be set up in different ways to suit your specific clothing preferences, you may also perform the illusion in short sleeves.

Q: Is it comfortable to have with you?

A: One of the great features of this illusion is that there is more than one way to set it up and you can create different floating effects because of this, depending on your personal preferences, and yes with most floating applications it will go unnoticed, and you won't even know you have it with you.

Q: Does it use threads, magnets or reels?

A: No it does not, it uses a much different concept.

Q: Is there a weight limit to the items I can float?

A: Yes there is, however it has the ability to float much heavier, and much larger objects than traditional methods (like invisible thread), such as items like, cell phones, books, full decks of cards etc, packs of cigarettes etc.

Q: Can I do this on stage?

A: Anything Floats works fabulous on stage, and works equally well in more close up situations.

Q: Is there lighting restrictions?

A: No, this can be done in any lighting conditions.

Q: Do I need to do anything to the object before I make it float?

A: No, there is nothing to do to the object, and it may also be handed back out immediately after it floats, for examination, and the spectators will find nothing.

Q: Can I do this outdoors?

A: Unlike invisible thread, yes you can perform Anything Floats outside without the worry of wind affecting the object while it remains floating. It is equally effective inside or out. A great mini levitation you could perform outside at your next BBQ, Birthday party, street corner, or perhaps on stage at your next outdoor show at local County Fair.

Watch Anything Floats in Action!

Your Investment: $49.99

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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A Touch of Glass



A Touch of Glass - Created by Steven and Michael Pignataro (also known as the Mirror Images) in collaboration with Justin Holbrook and Peter Loughran. Steven, Michael and Justin approached Peter with a clever new way of producing an open bottle of wine at any time during your show. The effect had been used in the Mirror Images' live stage show. Peter then took the idea, refined the design, added his own additions and handlings to the effect and began manufacturing the special apparatus through his company Master of Illusions Entertainment. The result is an easy, clean and visual production of an open wine bottle from seemingly thin air, that looks like REAL MAGIC!

Sample Effect 1 - The performer introduces a small piece of tissue paper and draws a picture of a bottle on to it with a marker. The paper is now lit on fire, and suddenly a real full size 750 ml glass bottle of wine begins to materialize from the neck down, until the entire bottle has appeared! It looks like REAL MAGIC or a HOLLYWOOD SPECIAL EFFECT!

Sample Effect 2 - The performer introduces a wine glass with silk filling the inside of the glass, proving that nothing can be hidden inside the silk. His jacket, vest or over shirt is shown empty, and his sleeves are rolled up. The silk is removed and shown empty, the silk is gathered up and a real full size 750 ml glass bottle of wine instantly appears!

What is "A Touch of Glass"? - You receive a complete and clever wine bottle production system, that is simple, easy to use, easy to set up or reset, that allows you to produces an elegant and visual production of a REAL and OPEN bottle of wine (or other bottle varieties).

The system is comprised of several special components that make up the production apparatus, and allows you to set it up different ways for different effects and productions. All you will need is some very basic practice and a jacket, vest or over shirt to conceal the special system. The system has built in safety features, and even has an 'Anti-Flashing' system so there there is no fear of the bottle making a pre-mature appearance before the magic is supposed to happen while you are performing other effects.

The system has the ability to deliver the bottle to you in several different ways that allow you to use this with many different types of productions, whether you are producing the bottle from an empty newspaper, silk or visually from a ball of fire. In addition the bottle can be produced lightning fast from the ball of fire, or by using Peter's unique handling, you can make the bottle appear slowly as seen in the demo video starting form the neck down, materializing itself visually from top to bottom making it look like REAL MAGIC, or something you would see in a Harry Potter movie.

Additional Points:

    • A Touch of Glass can be performed completely surrounded.
    • Features an Anti-Flashing system so there is no fear of the bottle being seen prematurely while performing other effects.
    • Works with a variety of bottles other than wine bottles, such as pop bottles, liquor bottles, beer bottles, Champaign bottles, etc.
    • The bottle is open and contains actual liquid ready to be poured.
    • The system keeps the bottle "locked" until needed, preventing spillage and it is "locked" comfortably while you perform other effects.
    • You end clean with nothing to ditch or get rid of.
    • No sleeves required.
    • The inside of your jacket can be shown empty prior to the production, which has fooled some of the most knowledgeable magicians.
    • A Touch of Glass can be performed completely surrounded.
    • Great for stage, celebrations, restaurants, or produce a pop bottle at your next birthday party show.

A Touch of Glass comes with the special bottle production apparatus, and instructions. Supply your own silks or flash paper.

Because this item utilizes real fire, it cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Watch A Touch of Glass in Action!

Your Investment: $54.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Magic Gremlins in a Box

Introducing Peter Loughran's hilarious and thrilling new adventure: Magic Gremlins in a Box!

Standard Effect: The performer begins by inviting a spectator on stage to share something very unique with them. The performer introduces a small brown cardboard box to the spectator with a label on it that says Magic Gremlins in a Box. The label resembles that of the old vintage comic book ads for such things as X-Ray Specs or Sea Monkeys to name a couple.

The performer begins to tell his audience that he acquired his Magic Gremlins by ordering them from an old comic book he had lying around in the attic... and low and behold this is what he received, and for only $2.98 (plus shipping and handling of course).

He tells the spectator that the box is indeed full of Magic Gremlins, however they are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye but they are so powerful that they can lift and move objects 1 million times their own body weight.

Now the magic begins! The performer asks the spectator to stand back and hands them a pair of sunglasses to wear, the performer also wears his own pair, and carefully opens the lid to the box and a green radioactive glow emits from within, gaining hilarious reactions.

The performer now places the box on a near by table and steps away as he says the Magic Gremlins can be very unpredictable if handled incorrectly. He calls over to the Gremlins to see if they are awake and ready to play. The box then begins to shake and rock from side to side and moves all by itself on the table top proving that the box is indeed full of real live Magic Glowing Gremlins.

The performer states that unlike Sea Monkeys, these small and adorable creatures can actually be taught how to perform real tricks. They are so intelligent that the performer tells his spectator that he has actually taught the Gremlins how to perform not just a trick but an amazing MAGIC trick.

A deck of cards is introduced and a card is selected. The chosen card is replaced, lost inside the deck and shuffled by the spectator. The entire deck is now placed inside the glowing box full of Magic Gremlins. After some comical by-play, the performer now asks the Gremlins to also shuffle the deck, and the box begins to shake and rock sided to side etc, as if the cards are actually being shuffled. He then asks the Gremlins to search for the spectator's chosen card. The box begins to move once again and then amazingly the box leans forward slightly toward the audience by itself and a card pops up out of the top of the glowing box. The performer takes the card and shows it to the spectator and the audience, and incredibly it is indeed the chosen card!


But the routine isn't over just yet. The magician puts the card back into the box and brings out a Sharpie and says "The amazing Magic Gremlins will now sign the card for you as a souvenir". The Sharpie is placed inside the box, and after some more comical by-play the Sharpie begins to move.

The end of the Sharpie is seen sticking out of the top of the box as it wiggles around inside the box apparently as if the Gremlins are really signing the chosen card! The Sharpie then stops, and the performer asks the Gremlins if the card is signed, and then tries to take the Sharpie out of the box but each time the Gremlins move it just out of the reach of the magician, creating a hilarious interaction. "It's so hard to find good gremlins these days," the performer says. He asks the Gremlins to play nice, and they abide by letting the performer finally remove the Sharpie. The Sharpie is removed and the box tilts slightly forward as the card pops back out, but this time it has a signature across the face that says:


The card is then given to the spectator to keep as a souvenir. The performer now asks for a big round of applause and the Gremlins tilt the box forward once again for a final bow!


    • This effect comes complete with Peter's own hilarious routine scripted with lines and easy to follow programming instructions on a CD ROM for his particular routine. However Magic Gremlins in a Box is so versatile that you can create your programs yourself and create your own routines.
    • This electronic marvel boasts "ON UNIT" programming with out any aid of other devices, computers, software etc. All the programming is done on the unit itself. The entire trick is self contained within its own box. It is also fully remote controlled with a single button on a tiny key chain remote, and now boasts a new Pause Feature so your program can be paused during the routine, and start up again with a push of button on the tiny key chain remote that fits inside your pocket. You can also program delays with your own time duration right into your routine such as one at the very beginning so that after you hit the button on the remote your hands will be in full view and out of your pocket when the prop actually begins to move.
    • The label on the front of the box is stressed slightly to look like an authentic vintage ad or label from an old 1950's comic book. Other alternatives for your story could also incorporate how this was obtained from an underground traveling flea market, or perhaps you obtained the Magic Gremlins from a shady looking drifter from a back alley in the city. The routines can be programmed to your custom and specific requirements. And best of all the unit can host more than one program so you can have it set up to run two totally different routines all together at any given time without ever having to re-program the unit between effects.
    • This effect can be programmed to play for a long or short time in your act without ever losing your audience's attention. It's small and deceptive enough to do close up, but large enough that it can be done on stage or in parlor situations, and is an absolute dream to travel with due to its small size.
    • This is a visual and exciting routine packed full of surprises for adults and children alike. This is great for all types of performers! This prop takes virtually no mechanical skill to perform, leaving your rehearsal time for designing routines and presentations. If you can do a force and push a button then you can perform this illusion, the prop will do the rest, its that easy!

Please note that each Magic Gremlins in a Box is hand made, hand assembled, and built on order. Please allow 7-14 days turn around time.

Peter Loughran's Magic Gremlins in a Box includes the special self-contained programmable electronic Magic Gremlin Box, sharpie, pocket remote, scripted routine, and instructions on a CD-ROM.

Watch Magic Gremlins in a Box in Action!

Your Investment: $499.99

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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One Levitation

Peter Loughran and Ray Noble have created something very special. Peter Loughran brought you the 'Elevator' levitation, and Ray Noble brought you 'On Thin Air' and now together with a combined new concept they are proud to bring you ONE.

So why another street levitation you ask, with so many other ones out there and all of them claiming to be the ultimate one? Why another one? Well this one is different.

No false claims, no fancy video cuts, no trick photography or any other kind of hype. What you see is what you get. The video demo showcases the product's real ability by showing the performances out in the open in complete shots with no staged cut-a-ways or fancy camera angles!

What makes this one so different?

Check this out, this is the most convincing and practical street levitation that we believe has ever been devised.

    • NO funny moves
    • NO bending down to set a gimmick
    • NO mirrors
    • NO hydraulics
    • NO special pants

...all you do is simply walk up to your spectators anywhere, any time, in broad day light, levitate, and walk away.

The remarkable part about this levitation that truly puts this in a class of its own is that the viewing angles with this product are incredible compared to other past self levitations. What if we told you, without using mirrors and without having to have your spectators stand at a very restricted viewing angle, that you instead just walk up levitate in full view, in broad day light, and the spectators whether they are 15 feet away or 150 feet away could watch you float up and see under your feet, and see through to the other side... Wouldn't that be cool and something we have all been searching for? Well now you can perform a levitation that does just that.

Is it the Ultimate Levitation? Who knows? Is it one of the most practical and convincing self levitations available? Well, since this has greatly improved upon most of the restrictions associated with other past levitations including our own, we think so - but only you will decide if this is the ONE for you.


Q: Does this require special lighting?

A: This effect can be done in any lighting, inside or out, any time and practically anywhere.

Q: Do I have to gimmick my pants?

A: No this effect requires no gimmicked pants, and in fact you can even wear shorts if you want to.

Q: How high do I appear to levitate off the ground?

A: You appear to levitate several inches off the ground.

Q: Can this be done surrounded?

A: This effect has the best viewing angles that we have ever seen in a marketed street self levitation including underneath your feet through to the other side. However this is not real magic and you cannot perform this with anyone behind you, only in front of you and to the sides.

Q: Can people see the bottom of my shoes?

A: Yes you can show the bottom of your feet before and after you levitate.

Q: Is this easy to do?

A: Yes this in our opinion is the most user friendly self levitation ever designed.

Q: Can I do this with a bad back or bad knees?

A: Yes in fact Peter Loughran himself suffered a torn and separated patella (knee cap) and has had back problems prior to the release of this effect, and has no issues or discomfort performing this effect at all. There is no bending down to set up anything, so there is virtually no strain on your knees or your back.

Q: Can I use volunteers to assist with the levitation?

A: Yes you can invite a volunteer or two up while you hold onto their hands and levitate right in front of them.

Q: If someone is walking by 20 feet away for instance, will they see anything under my feet as I levitate?

A: Obviously the further someone is standing away from you, the more they will be able to see under your feet, and this effect allows you to show no visible means of support under your feet and without the use of mirrors. This was one of the major restrictions associated with self levitations, and this effect has vastly improved the viewing angles to put the product in a class of its own.

Q: Do I need a step or ledge to levitate?

A: No you don't, and you can levitate practically anywhere any time, and on almost any surface, including gravel, pavement, carpet, laminate flooring, and many others surfaces.

Q: Can I use any pair of shoes I want?

A: The system is adjustable to almost any kind of shoe or footwear of your choice, and they will still feel, look, and function completely normal in every way.

Q: How long does it take to set up before I perform the effect each time?

A: It takes about 30 seconds to set up the gimmick on the day of your performance and is ready to go over and over again all day long with no additional set up.

Q: Do I need a jacket to perform this effect?

A: No you do not need a jacket to perform this effect.

Q: Is this durable and is there any kind of weight requirement?

A: Yes it is very durable, and can manage over 250 lbs.

Q: Is it noisy?

A: This effect is super quiet in operation, and requires no background noise that used to be a prerequisite with other self levitations.

Q: Does this use a complicated collapsible platform like used in Elevator 2?

A: No, there is no collapsible platform that can bend or cause clunky noise. Is there any initial set up or construction required?

There is about 15 minutes of prep time needed to customize the prop to you specifically, but requires no hardware tools, and is very easy to complete.

Q: Can I do this on stage?

A: Most self levitations would never allow a stage performance without a black art mat or something similar due to the visible support under the performer's feet, and with most audiences in the front rows positioned under or at the performer's ground level.

The great thing about this levitation is it will allow people to view under your feet from as far away as stage settings put you in, so yes this effect can actually be performed on a stage.

Q: What about balance, do I have to be a gymnast to perform this?

A: This effect requires very little balance or physical skill due to the way it is performed.

Q: Is this portable?

A: Yes it is a small and compact levitation system.

Q: Do I need to keep my feet together when I levitate?

A: No, this effect allows for a much more realistic looking levitation, and allows you to levitate with your legs and feet apart, just as you would if you could really levitate.

Its easy, its affordable, its practical, and it looks real! A self levitation a performer can actually use without fear!

Watch One Levitation in Action!

Your Investment: $149.99

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Pet Shop Illusion

Peter Loughran and Master of Illusions Entertainment are proud to bring you their rendition of the classic Abbotts' Pet Shop Illusion!


EFFECT: The performer introduces a box that resembles a miniature Pet Shop building complete with a store window, sign and front door. The interior of the prop is seen to be completely empty and may be rotated to show all sides.

Next the performer invites a child up on stage to assist him with the illusion. 4 large flash cards are introduced with pictures of different animals on them, a bird, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, and a fish. The child selects one of the flash cards and shows it to the rest of the audience without the performer seeing the card.

The performer says he will now predict which card the child chose. The magician selects one of the cards and drops it into a silt in the roof of the building dropping in inside the box so that it now covers the inside of the window of the prop. The performer has selected the bird, and the kids scream at the performer announcing his failure. The performer apologizes for not getting the selection correct, and then asks which animal the child had really chosen, and the child answers with "The rabbit"!

The performer then says, well its a good thing we are doing the illusion with a real pet shop, and removes the flash card of the bird from the prop now opening the view of the window once again so everyone can see inside of the prop, and now seen inside of the Pet Shop is a real live rabbit, and the kids go absolutely crazy! The rabbit can now be removed from either the front door or the lid can open up for you take the rabbit out and have the kids pet him.

There are many alternate ways of performing this effect, for instance the child can simply select a flash card (simple force) and the picture of the animal (a rabbit) is placed inside the open window and then immediately removed showing the rabbit has materialized inside the Pet Shop.

Originally re-built for popular children's magician Jasson Chessor of Peterborough Ontario, Abbott's loved our new version so much, they have given us exclusive manufacturing permission, to now re-create this classic children's prop that is no longer made by Abbott's. It has been long discontinued by Abbott's for decades, but now can be yours to perform again! As Greg Borden from Abbott's Magic told us "It's so old, its new again!"

The photos show our new version sitting side by side with an Abbotts original. The original Abbotts version was made of pressboard, light hardware, had wall paper on the inside, with the bricks of the building painted on, and sold for around $250 decades ago.

Our new version, boasts the following upgraded features:

    • Built out of high quality materials
    • Stainless modern chrome work instead of brass
    • Hand carved 3-dimensional brick work
    • Table base is built to hold the flash cards with a slit in the back
    • Window and mirror are now built out of Acrylite-Plus Plexiglas
    • Durable laminate finish inside and out for easy cleaning
    • Detailed overhanging roof and window framing
    • Magnetic locking front door and lid to contain even the rowdiest of animals
    • Base is trimmed with polished aluminum
    • Can be mounted on most table bases
    • Realistic air brushing finish
    • Each one is hand crafted with love and come to you numbered for authenticity

PET SHOP comes with large animal flash cards and instructions, supply your own optional table base. Additional shipping charges are required.

Please note that these are built on order, so please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround time.

Your Investment: $875

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Do not confuse MindShades with other glasses that employ similar technology, but instead use cheap lenses and frames that are out of style. These inferior products are generally so poorly constructed, that the secret technology is very easily detected. In stark contrast, MindShades are made with top-quality frames designed with today's modern fashions in mind, and the lenses utilize a more advanced technology that renders the gimmick invisible!

For this product, one manufacturer specially constructed the stylish frames, and a second company re-mastered the lens technology for MindShades. These glasses have been designed and built for professional performers living in today's modern times, and were created for use in professional applications. The best part is that MindShades look and function like regular sunglasses! You will be able to take these with you everywhere, and perform modern, impromptu miracles on demand without any set up.

With Peter Loughran's MindShades, you receive the special glasses and also the core of the product — the instruction manual. This handbook outlines several audience tested routines that have been well thought-out and designed. In addition the booklet contains several different techniques, styles and ideas that will help you to create and perform an unlimited number of effects.

These miracles range from:

    • mind-reading effects
    • unbelievable card miracles without forces or gimmicked decks
    • seemingly dangerous acts that are completely impromptu
    • incredible feats that would normally cost you thousands of dollars in gimmicks and props!

All of these effects do not employ invisible ink, secret writing, etc. To be more precise, these versatile glasses let you see many other things that you are not supposed to see, all in ways that are completely undetected by the audience.

MindShades offers you a lifetime of impromptu effects that are limited only by your imagination. Using just one of the performance techniques included in the instructions will enable you to perform and create entirely different acts over and over again with just this one prop!

MindShades is one item that won't be left in your magic drawer; it's perhaps one of the only props that you will need to leave your house with.

Here are just some of the routines and performance techniques listed below that are included with MindShades:

    • Mindscape
    • Third Eye
    • Cheaters
    • Mind Trap
    • In the Shade
    • Ninja Force
    • Shades Down
    • Mind Epic
    • 7th Sense

MindShades also come with their very own high quality, vinyl-bound protective carrying case.

MindShades is perfect for magicians and mentalists, and is great for stage, and outdoor performance situations/venues such as fairs, amusement parks, walk-around, family BBQ's, and street work.

MindShades were designed with flexible spring joints on the arms, so that this pair of ultra-cool shades will fit practically any sized face. They also boast synthetic arm padding that goes over the ears, and the lenses offer UV protection from the sun, so you can wear these glasses all day long in total style and comfort!

A pair of regular sunglasses of this quality can cost over $100, but MindShades is a specially gimmicked pair of top-quality glasses that won't cost you anywhere near that amount! And best of all, MindShades is ready to go the minute you take them out of the case. There is no set up, and the trick requires virtually no mechanical skills, thereby leaving all of your practice time dedicated to performance, patter, techniques and routines.

Peter Loughran's MindShades comes complete with MindShades, instructions and routines, technique styles, and a high quality vinyl-bound protective carrying case.

The Possibilities are endless!

Your Investment: $59.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Voodoo Touch

The performer invites a freely chosen volunteer (no stooges are used), and begins to tell a story about the ghost of a gambler named Vincent Cooper, who used to bring his lucky charm with him to the card games. The performer introduces an old voodoo doll, and tells the audience he believes that Vincent's ghost is still connected to the doll.

The performer introduces a folding chair that resembles those used with classic card tables. The performer talks about how Vincent was very cautious of who he played poker with. He also wanted to make sure that whoever he was playing with was not a cheat. He would look under the chair to make sure that no cards were hidden under there by other players (the bottom of the chair is shown empty). The performer now unfolds the chair and instructs the volunteer to have a seat. The performer tells the volunteer that they will now take part in an intimate paranormal experiment.

The volunteer is then blindfolded so that they will become more in tune with their other senses. The performer tells the spectator that they will not feel any pain and that he will not be piercing the doll with any kind of sharp object, however unbeknown to the blindfolded volunteer, the performer pulls out a sharp looking needle from his pocket and goes to pierce the doll, but then changes his mind and puts the needle away, gaining a huge laugh from the rest of the audience.

As the performer continues to tell the story, he explains that Vincent would sometimes take a handkerchief and wipe the face of the players to make sure they were not wearing make up or wearing any kind of disguise and they were really who they said they were.

The performer now introduces an old handkerchief that used to belong to Vincent Cooper and gently wipes the face of the Voodoo Doll while standing far away from the spectator sitting in the chair. The volunteer is asked if they feel anything touching their face, and they will answer "YES".

Next he explains that Vincent cooper would check the hands or wrists of the other card players to make sure they didn't have any extra ACES up their sleeves. The performer asks the volunteer to pull up their sleeves and the performer runs his fingers up and down the arm of the voodoo doll, and asks the spectator if they feel anything touching their arms/wrists, and they will say "YES."

Then the performer explains that the late Vincent Cooper would walk behind and around each player at the table to make sure they did not have anything else hidden on them, and he asks the volunteer to let them know when and if they feel like someone walks by them. The performer sits the voodoo doll down on the table and walks by the doll, the volunteer, will now say they just felt someone walk by them (but eerily no one ever did).

Finally he says that when Vincent Cooper was ready to play and felt comfortable with all the other players, he would pick his seat at the table, and if someone was already sitting in it, he would tap them on the shoulder 3 times and that was their cue to stand up and move to another chair. The performer explains to the volunteer that if they are tapped 3 times on their shoulder then they should count to 3 and then stand up. The performer taps the to voodoo doll 3 times on the shoulder, and waits, 3 seconds pass by and the volunteer stands up.

The blindfold is removed and the volunteer and performer can now take a bow concluding an unbelievable paranormal experience. Was it voodoo, a ghost, or simply magic?

About Voodoo Touch:

    • Voodoo Touch will not hurt or make your volunteer feel uncomfortable in any way.
    • No electrical shocks or similar effects are ever used.
    • The bottom of the chair is shown empty and free of any kind of gimmickry.
    • Voodoo touch uses a special electronic chair that is completely safe, and is fully programmable to your specific needs.
    • The remote that activates the chair's electronic effects is conveniently hidden inside the Voodoo doll itself, giving you control at your fingertips in plain sight.
    • Voodoo Touch is self contained and folds flat for travel inside its very own custom made travel bag.
    • Your volunteer will actually feel the sensations that are described and performed on the doll, without the performer ever having to touch them or be close to them.
    • The special chair is padded for complete comfort.

Voodoo Touch comes with special folding chair, custom made Voodoo doll, blindfold, handkerchief, instructions, and custom travel bag.

Your Investment: $950

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Fire Flight

Presenting Peter Loughran's Fire Flight!

Effect: The performer invites a spectator up to help him tell the story of the ancient legend of the Phoenix. A small ceramic plate is introduced and placed in front of the spectator on the table.

The performer asks to borrow a ring from the spectator. With empty hands the performer introduces a piece of tissue paper and cleanly and openly folds the tissue paper around the spectators ring in open view. The tissue paper now containing the borrowed ring is set onto to the ceramic plate. The performer instructs the spectator to cover the tissue paper and their ring with both hands to make sure nothing enters or is taken away from the plate.

Now the performer with empty hands shows a second piece of tissue paper and rips a long strip off one side and discards the rest. The strip is now folded in such a way that it resembles a paper origami ring.

A candle is introduced and the paper origami ring is placed around the center of the candle. The performer again shows his hands empty. A box of matches is introduced and the performer begins to talk about the legend of the Phoenix, an ancient mythical bird that would live for hundreds of years only to burn and then be reborn from the ashes of fire.

The performer now strikes a match and asks the spectator to carefully remove their hands guarding the tissue paper with the ring inside. The performer lights the candle then drops the match onto the ceramic plate lighting the tissue paper. The paper burns in a flash and the ring is gone.

The performer now at finger tips grabs the edge of the paper origami ring tied around the center of the lit candle and slowly pulls it up towards the candle flame and off the candle. The flame lights the paper origami ring as it is taken off where it burns in a flash between the performer's fingertips and in its place in between the finger tips of the performer is the borrowed ring.

Alternate Ending: The performer uses the match which lights the tissue paper and it burns in a flash and the ring has vanished. Now the performer lights the paper ring around the center of the candle, and the paper origami ring burns in a flash and in its place is the spectators borrowed ring around the center of the candle!

Important features:

  • Extremely visual magic
  • The transposition appears to happen in an instant flash of fire.
  • Only one borrowed ring is used
  • No pulls, no threads, and no magnets are used
  • Can be done surrounded
  • The ring is safe at all times and is never in direct contact with the fire
  • Do it standing up or sitting down
  • Do it in short sleeves
  • No jacket or special clothing is required
  • Virtually no set up, and boasts an instant reset.
  • Practically any type of ring may be used, large or small
  • You start clean and finish clean
  • Easy to do, and can be learned in minutes.
  • Great for table hopping, bar magic, busking, and even stage or parlor settings.

Fire Flight comes with instructional booklet, candle, and gimmick. Supply your own flash paper, ceramic plate and candle holder.

Watch Fire Flight in Action!

Your Investment: $29.99

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Blaster Box

Effect 1:

The performer introduces a straight jacket or other escape device and a small explosive. The explosive is clipped onto the performer, and with the timer set, they only have 2 minutes to escape before the small explosive device detonates and severely injures or even kills the performer. The performer escapes just in time only to remove the small explosive device and dispose of it inside a small demolitions box similar to those used by bomb squads to contain explosive blasts.

The explosive is tossed inside of the box and a huge bang is heard, the lid is blown apart on the top, flames emit from the holes all around the box and the danger sign is blown off, as smoke emits from the smoldering box, all proving that the explosive was real and he just narrowly escaped death.

Effect 2:

The performer borrows an article of clothing such as a ball cap or a man's tie and inserts it inside the Blaster Box, a small explosive device is introduced and tossed inside with it, the explosive detonates and the box is blown open to instantly reveal the ball cap or borrowed tie destroyed and mangled by the blast. The borrowed article of clothing then reappears in an impossible location. Borrowed objects to blast are limited only by your imagination!

Blaster Box has lots of performance possibilities and offers lots of action and visuals for your spectators!

Blaster Box was originally designed and performed by Peter Loughran back in the early 1990s. Peter used a much less extravagant Blaster Box, but has since now re-built and re-designed his original prop into a truly professional, action packed and visually eye catching prop.

The prop can be used as an instant visual change box or used in a Wizkote style effect with great comedic possibilities! Turn a simple escape routine into an intensifying stunt or use this as a wonderful comedic prop, the choice is yours!

Blaster Box can also be detonated without the sign falling off, while the top of the box will still blow apart for a different effect.

Blaster Box works off standard 120 AC power, and is completely safe and under the performer's control at all times. Please note that customers with alternative power types other than standard 120 AC, may be required to purchase an inexpensive voltage converter from your local hardware store to operate the product.

The amount of flash and smoke is completely up to the performer's discretion, and you can perform Blaster Box without smoke if performing in smaller indoor venues such as a children's birthday party. Blaster Box is easy to travel with, simple to use, looks absolutely gorgeous, and is built with high quality materials with professionals in mind.

Animation Features:

    • Loud Bang
    • Smoke
    • Lid Blows Apart
    • Front Blows Out Danger Sign / Sign Swings down
    • Instant Visual Change Box

Each Feature is optional during actual performance, you decide which animations to use and they are all safe and under your control.

This prop also only requires about 2 minutes to set up.

Blaster Box comes complete with instructions, and fake imitation explosive with working timer.

Please note that due the nature of this effect, the fake explosive device ships unassembled for international custom purposes and requires basic assembly. Supply your own flash paper or smoke powder.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase this prop.

This item is built to order. Please allow four weeks for delivery.

Your Investment: $699.99

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^


Suspend your imagination. Introducing the very first portable, close-up, horizontal street suspension of its kind!

Effect: The performer invites a group of spectators to witness an experiment in anti-gravitation. The performer passes out a couple of cardboard or wooden support blocks that are free of gimmickry and are freely handed out for inspection.

The performer offers himself up for inspection to the spectators to prove that he will not be using any sort of gimmick or hardware to aid him in the experiment. The spectators are free to pat the performer down and to thoroughly check him out to make sure he is free of gimmickry, and harnesses etc.

Next the performer introduces a bag which contains a long black mat. The performer takes out the black mat and discards the bag. He then shows both sides of the mat to be free of any gimmickry and then passes it out for examination. The performer tells the spectators that the mat is going to be laid on the ground to protect the performer from getting dirty or lying directly on bits of broken glass, rocks and pebbles etc. etc.

However to keep everything fair after the mat has been examined the performer instructs a spectator or two , to lay down the black mat after thoroughly checking the ground to make sure the ground was also free of gimmickry. Next they place a support block at each end of the mat and the performer now lays down overtop of the support blocks which now support him up in the air about 6 inches off of the ground.

The performer begins to center his balance and gravity as he concentrates, and then instructs one or two of the spectators to carefully remove the support blocks. The blocks are removed and the performer miraculously remains suspended and floating in mid-air 6 inches off of the ground without any visible means of support.

The spectators can now walk around the performer 360 degrees as they peek under him only to find that he indeed appears to be really floating in the air. The supports are replaced and the performer is helped to his feet at which time the supports, the ground, the black mat and the performer are once again examined, and are found to be without any aid of gimmickry. The performer has succeeded in the anti-gravitational experiment and accepts his thunderous applause.

Special Points:

    • Do it in broad daylight
    • No special clothing required
    • No weight limit
    • Suspension can be viewed 360 degrees while the performer remains in mid-air
    • Portable and compact
    • No stooges needed, this is a one man effect
    • No AGA bars or counter weighted bases
    • Everything including the magician may be examined before and after the illusion
    • Spectators handle all of the props and set up the props for the performer

Peter Loughran's Gravitate includes the black mat, instructions, and specially constructed suspension apparatus. Supply your own carrying bag and supports.

Watch Gravitate in Action!

Your Investment: $159.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Jitters Paranormal Package

After the success of Peter Loughran and Sean Bogunia's technological masterpiece "WitchBoard" we get requests for just parts of the features the WitchBoard can do, such as requests for a unit that can just control the lights and other electronics and appliances is in the room, and also we've had requests for a WitchBoard that was non electronic and manually controlled.

Welcome to the world of Jitters, Peter Loughran's new paranormal package that you can customize, not only with the show itself, but also which items you choose to make up your package.

The entire Jitters ghost show package will consist of a "WitchBoard Lite" which is non electronic version of the original WitchBoard that uses Peter's new ingenious method that was first employed in his new "ShockWave" PK Animator Board allowing you to have manual unseen control over the planchette on top of the board seemingly spelling out words and answering questions all by itself.

Secondly it will come with a "Ghost Controller" manufactured by Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions that is a self contained programmable electronic system that will allow you to control lights, TVs, radios, and much more seemingly all processed by real ghosts.

The Ghost Controller also comes with a radio special effect and ghost in the TV special effect for use with the system, bringing the show to a whole new level that can only be compared to real live Hollywood special effects, that are sure to create the realism and entertainment your audiences crave.

Finally this package will include one of Peter Loughran's Entity props, allowing you to create a poltergeist effect of a moving object in the room all by itself, whether you have a glass slide eerily on a counter across the room by itself, or cause a candle to move by itself on the table in front of your guests, you will certainly be creating a realistic ghost show your audience will never forget. And the great part is that just 1 tiny pocket keychain remote will activate both the Entity and Ghost Controller.

Best of all the entire show can be set up in just a few minutes in a room, and packed up in even less time. All the set up and pack-up will of course be done while you as the medium "prepare" and "Cleanse" the room before and after the show.

Imagine being able to do a realistic séance, for elite in-house parties, charging easily $1000-$2000 a show. But best of all you can use your own Night Vision cameras to record the events, and then with our connection with Dark Arts Media (extra service charge), you can even then sell encrypted DVDs of the night's event back to your clients, only this time, the ghosts will actually appear on film in the room with the guests at the party but now interacting with the objects that suddenly came on like a radio.

Can you imagine the look on their faces when they watch this video but now see a ghostly figure standing over the radio and switching the stations? Your clients will freak out, and no doubt buy multiple copies at your selected price point making for extra revenue, and best of all, they will be showing the video to their friends and family and of course your name and website for future bookings will be on the DVD.

Can you imagine, when someone asks your client what they did last weekend, and they say "Well let me show you, you won't believe it", nothing but repeat bookings can come of it.

About the individual products:

WITCHBOARD LITE Lite: This new board measures 20" x 15" and is only 1" thick! Using Peter Loughran's new ShockWave principle, you can have the planchette appear to move all by itself across the board seemingly spelling out words, names or phrases. The board a can also be use to animate other objects and can also be shown to contain no magnetic connections or threads. You have the ability to control the planchette on the fly making it perfect for impromptu performing situations.

GHOST CONTROLLER: Originally this technology was first built into the motherboard that operates the original WitchBoard, but Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions has out done himself once again, building a small separate unit that can be programmed to animate up to 3 electrical outlets on que, making lights turn on and off, or TVs to come on with ghostly figures in the screen, or a radio to suddenly turn on, coming to life, and flips through the stations then suddenly stops on a specific song related to the ghost in the room. The Ghost Controller is now a standalone effect that can be used in any séance show with our without our other props. Included is a special effects radio CD and a special Effects DVD with ghostly figures that appear and disappear within the TV static along with an electrical shock video effect.

ENTITY: This is Peter's famous table animator that allows you to make an object move all by itself across the room without you ever going near the object while it moves.

Watch Jitters in Action!

Your Investment: $1,599

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Electronic Flash Box

Sample Effect 1:

The performer invites a child from the audience to assist them with an illusion. The performer shows a picture of a Rabbit with the word "Rabbit" written above the picture (or any small animal), a beautiful, sleek and modern box is shown, spun around and the front door is opened showing that it is completely empty. The performer and the volunteer take turns waving their hand inside the empty box, proving it really is empty.

The picture of the rabbit is placed inside by the child. The door is closed but the audience can still see in the box through the front window of the door at all times. The performer asks the child to make a magical gesture towards the box and say the magic words, and then the magic happens. Suddenly a flash of fire bursts inside the box and BAM, a real rabbit visually appears on top of the picture! The door is opened, the rabbit is taken out, and now the paper is shown, but the picture of the rabbit is now missing, and only the word "Rabbit" is left on the paper!

Sample Effect 2:

A small plush animal toy such as a rat (or any small animal) is placed inside the box and it is seen in full view at all times even when the door is closed through the opening of the front window. On the performer's command there is flash of fire inside the box and the toy visually changes to real furry rat. The door is opened and the rat removed for a thunderous applause.

Sample Effect 3:

A rabbit or another small animal is introduced and the performer explains to the audience that the animal is an expert at time travel. The rabbit is vanished (via your favorite method) and then instantly re-appears in a flash of fire inside the flash box as if beamed back to earth but with a small memento or animal costume from the past for a hilarious ending (two rabbits required).

Sample Effect 4:

Anything your imagination can think up!


    • The electronic Flash box is beautifully built, finished in an eye catching purple and tricked out in polished aluminum.
    • It has a sleek and edgy look for the modern performer! No dragons or lanterns painted on this beauty.
    • It has a front grill made of 3 chains in a abstract pattern, and the flash is controlled by a single tiny ignition button of the back of the prop.
    • The Electronic Flash box is so deceptive it can be performed as close as a foot or two away from your spectators.
    • It looks beautiful on stage but is equally as effective in a living room. Use it in a faced pace illusion show, on stage at a club, or at your next Birthday Party show.
    • The box can transform any small object into a real live animal in a flash of fire!
    • Most black art change boxes use a gimmick that is midway through the box, but in this new design, the performer can reach to the back of the box before and after the production making it look that much more impossible
    • The flash is self contained and uses standard flash cotton or flash paper.
    • The Electronic Flash Box is so easy it can be learned in about 2 minutes. Load the animal, press a button and watch magic happen!
    • The illusion operates on just 2 AA batteries.
    • The box starts with a floor and ends with a floor

Electronic Flash Box comes with Flash Box, and instructions. Supply your own table base/stand, flash products, animals/props.

Watch the Electronic Flash Box in Action!

Your Investment: $599

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

withDRAWal - The electronic animated ATM drawing board

Effect: The performer introduces a white dry erase marker board on a swivel stand, with a black cloth draped over the top portion of the board hiding a drawing underneath.

The performer invites a volunteer up on stage and asks to borrow a dollar bill of ANY denomination. The performer asks the volunteer to sign the front or back of the bill (or both) so that they will be able to recognize their bill if they were to see it again.

The performer tells them they are going to magically burn their bill in an envelope and then restore the ashes and bring their bill back to life.

The Performer inserts the signed bill into an envelope and lights it on fire, but the trick goes horribly wrong, and the performer tells the volunteer that the bill is lost forever. "But not to worry", says the magician, he tells the volunteer he can write him a check.

The performer uncovers the drawing board revealing a blank check drawn on the board with a marker. The performer fills out the check to the volunteer's name in the amount of the denomination of the bill that was burned. He takes the board out of the swivel stand and offers the board to the volunteer, and says that the bank should accept this marker board as legal tender.

The volunteer is unsatisfied, so the performer replaces the marker board into the stand, and erases the check, and says "I have a better idea". The performer then draws on an ATM machine complete with a black line on the side to swipe your card and a computer screen, money dispenser and key pad.

The performer takes out his bank card and pretends to swipe it through the black line on the side of the drawing board. Nothing happens. The performer looks puzzled and says "Oh that's right, it needs to process" he then writes the words "Processing....Please Wait..." on to the screen of the ATM drawing.

The performer steps away and then magically all by itself the ATM comes to life and a receipt suddenly spits out of the hand drawn money dispenser, followed by the borrowed SIGNED bill!


    • withDRAWal is fully electronic and activated by a single pocket remote
    • The Marker board is approximately 1" thick and may be rotated 360 degrees showing all sides
    • The performer has complete control over the ATM at all times.
    • You can borrow ANY domination and have the bill SIGNED
    • Set up only takes 1 minute
    • Alternatively you can use a torn corner off of a bill instead of a signature
    • withDRAWal is fully programmable, and the routine can be customized to your own patter and performance
    • Great comedy illusion that packs small, plays big, and is a ONE MAN illusionette
    • Comes complete and ready to go with electronic marker board, swivel stand, built on black cover cloth, batteries, remote control, dry erase marker, and instructions.
    • Use your own dollar bill of any domination and volunteer.

Watch in withDRAWal in Action!

Your Investment: $1,199

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Creature Shock

The performer introduces a small magical chest and explains to the audience that this chest is actually a portal or a gateway to another dimension, and this is how magicians have been making animals and objects appear in their magic acts for centuries. He will now reveal to the audience how the magical gateway works and will now demonstrate the illusion.

The performer introduces several playing cards that have different names of animals on them that a magician might produce or make appear in their magic acts, for example a Dove, Rabbit, Canary etc. He has someone in the audience select a playing card, and show everyone what they have picked. The card is shown to have the word "Rabbit" written on it.

The performer now opens the chest and shows it to be completely EMPTY. The chest is closed and then the door is opened and a rabbit is pulled out of the box just like magic! The audience is thrilled but wants to see more, so the magician offers to do it again, and this time they can select a different card.

The next card is turned over, but to the magician's horror, the card says "Gorilla". The performer seems confused and starts to utter..."What does that card say?...A Gorilla? the heck could a Gorilla fit inside this small...." Then before the magician has a chance to finish his sentence, the small chest starts shaking violently out of control, the front door busts open and a giant Gorilla arm comes lunging out towards the audience, and reaches for them and the magician. The magician, frantically struggles, but manages to somehow contain the beast and close the door. The chest still shaking wildly, the performer decides to ditch the prop, and move on to a much easier and less dangerous card trick.

A hilarious and action packed routine great for all ages, full of laughs and surprises, a guaranteed hit at your next show.

You can use any small animal or object that will fit inside the load area instead of a rabbit. The inside boasts a clear coat armor finish that makes it virtually stain proof and animal droppings will easily be cleaned up after each show.

You can show the box empty before the first production, and then show it again empty after the first production and before the gorilla makes its appearance. It is also possible to once again show the box empty after the gorilla has been contained.

Creature Shock is fully self contained, and requires no special clothing, just pick it up and perform it, simple as that. Sets up and resets in about 1 minute and is very easy to do. Built like a professional illusion and tricked out in polished aluminum.

Creature Shock is very deceptive from just a couple of feet away, and great to perform up close or on stage. Just as people begin to think the gorilla arm might be, being animated by simple puppetry, you turn so that the audience can see both hands are still on the outside of and still holding the chest. The Gorilla arm itself also appears much longer than any of your own arms which only add to the impossible appearance of the illusion.

Packs small and plays big!

No animals were harmed in the making of Creature Shock; however some of the humans didn't make it.

Creature Shock comes with professionally built illusion chest, playing cards, and instructions.

This illusion is built on order, please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround time.

Watch in Action!

Your Investment: $699.99

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Trial Separation

The MOST Portable and Practical One Man Sawing in Half Illusion.

Think about this for a moment:

Have you ever wanted to be able to perform a sawing in half illusion that didn't cost you thousands of dollars, and one that didn't require big elaborate boxes, or assistants? Have you ever wanted to perform something that would be ready to go at any time, and one that didn't require the use of body shells that you had to wear or other impractical methods? Well look no further!

Imagine being able to tell your clients that you can cut yourself in half at your next show, and the best part is you can accomplish this without the aid of a huge box, or assistants, or having to wear some kind of body shell! Think of bookings and the extra money you can charge for adding an illusion to your show, or keep your fees the same, and offer something else your local competition does not!

Imagine being able to take a prop with you that packs super small, but plays super huge like a large stage illusion. Imagine being able to perform a sawing in half illusion that...

    • you can carry under one arm
    • is always ready to go at a moment's notice, at anytime during your routine
    • allows you to wear normal clothes
    • enables you to start clean and end clean!

Carry the prop under one arm and walk it over to your neighbor's house and perform a sawing in half illusion right in their living room, or put it on the front seat of your car and take it with you to your next stage show, or pack It in your suitcase and fly with it to your next cruise ship gig!

Effect: The performer brings out a cardboard box on stage; He explains to his audience that he just received this new illusion in the mail on how to saw themselves in half. The performer then removes a 2 fold screen (already folded in half) and a CD. The performer inserts the CD into a CD player sitting on a table next to them. An instructional voice over is heard playing through the CD player's speakers explaining to the performer how to perform the trick. The CD instructs the performer to unfold the screen. The performer listens intently and follows these instructions, and unfolds the screen to reveal an outline of a person's body as it is held in front of them.

Next the CD instructs the performer to show a knife to the audience, and the performer does so, showing a knife with a shiny metal blade gleaming in the light. The CD then explains that the performer must run the blade all the way through the slit in the middle of the screen to cut themselves in half, but not to worry as the trick uses a magical knife. The performer obliges and inserts the blade and swipes it across the mid section of the screen apparently making a long incision along his waist line.

Next the CD instructs the performer to move the screen sideways to reveal that their body remains in one piece. The performer does exactly this, except now the performer begins to express a queasy look on their face and their body begins to separate and come apart. His legs remain in place as his upper torso slides away off to the side with his legs on one side and his upper torso on the other. The trick has apparently gone terribly wrong.

The voiceover explains that if this happens, they have done the trick incorrectly, but no to worry, they can restore themselves by saying the magic words. The performer puts their body back together again, recites the magic words and magically restores their body back together again, and takes their well deserved bow.

Peter Loughran's Trial Separation:

There are dozens of ways to saw someone in half, in magic, some requiring boxes, and some not, and while Trial Separation may appear similar to other sawing in half illusions including our own "Beside Yourself illusion", we assure you that this illusion uses a unique method that differs from all others, and it also does not use a body shell or other cumbersome costume alterations that you would wear.

Trial Separation requires nothing special for you to wear (other than your regular clothes or costume of course), and uses a unique mechanical hardware system engineered to perfection delivering the gaff in and out of play without detection and with ease. The illusion is super easy to do, and can be learned in minutes.

Trial Separation comes with a hilarious routine, professionally produced comedy instructional voiceover CD, special 2 fold screen, aluminum Knife, and (the real) Instructions.

Your Investment: $750

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Fenced In Illusion

Peter Lougrhan is proud to present a brand new illusion from the creative minds of James Wiggs and Scott Emo called Fenced In! There have been many 'Walkthrough" illusions in the history of magic, but never one as baffling and impossible as this! You won't believe your eyes.

Effect: The performer introduces 2 assistants that are each holding a solid staff with a series of bungee cords fastened between them. When pulled apart they make a fence or barrier that would be impossible for the performer to pass through. The performer stands behind this barrier, pulls up a cloth in front of him briefly and then lowers it showing he has melted from one side of the bungee cords to the other, giving new meaning to phrase 'Bungee Jumper'! You have to see it to believe it!

This can be done in a living room or on the biggest stage, and uses NO FAKE HANDS, or third hand gimmicks! This method is so clever it fools magicians too! It can be learned in minutes, and while your assistants will know how the secret of this baffling illusion works. If you don't use assistants then you can easily show any two people, at any show, in just a few minutes to help you with the illusion. It packs small, yet plays like a large stage illusion at a fraction of the price. It is built to last you forever and will baffle any audience guaranteed!


    • Packs small
    • Plays big
    • New original method
    • Easy to do
    • learn it in minutes
    • Very affordable
    • Impossible and Baffling

James Wiggs and Scott Emo's Fenced In Illusion comes complete with everything ready to go out of the package including the Fenced In barrier shafts with bungee cords, professionally made illusion drape with rod, and instructions.

Please note, there may be limited stock on this product at any given time, so in some cases please allow up to 7 - 10 business days for us to ship your order in these instances.

Watch Fenced In Illusion in Action!

Your Investment: $379

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Electronic Stealth Table

Peter Loughran's Electronic Stealth Table Remote Activated Miracles

Effect - At any time during the act, the performer can make a variety of objects instantly, magically, and impossibly materialize under Cups, behind playing cards, under their hand, or handkerchiefs, and boxes etc. simply with a push of a button.Your audience will not believe their eyes!

About the Electronic Stealth Table:

The first Stealth table was originally designed and built for master cups & balls magician Hans Schmid, and was designed to make final load productions appear as a finale in a cups & balls routine with no sleight of hand.

The table is programmable and electronic, and is activated with a single push of a button on tiny keychain remote that can be hidden in your pocket or Velcro it to the back of the table. You can program in a start delay (for instance 10 seconds) so that when you push the button on the remote, the table doesn't actually start to function for 10 seconds. Your time delay can be up to several minutes long if you desire, and now allow your hands are in full view when the magic takes place.

The table top is ultra deceptive even from inches away and silent in operation. The table will look exactly the same before and after the items appear, and will allow you to use the table for other effects. The table allows you perform what appears to be real magic. It is deceptive enough to be done on stage or close.

Best of all you can make the objects vanish just as quickly as you made them appear! Now that is magic!

This was originally designed to make 3 final loads appear under a set of cups, but you can also make just 1 item appear, or 2 items, or all three items. However whichever you choose they will all appear or vanish at the same time.

Not only does the table create unbelievable magic never before possible, but also allows you to make objects appear as your final load that were never possible before with classic sleight of hand, such as shot glasses full of actual drinkable liquid. Now that is amazing and your audience will have no explanation for that!

The Stealth table is beautifully handcrafted, and comes with a beautiful felted top with decorative and deceptive top trim, highlighted by polished aluminum edging, and is built for professional use.

Limited only by your imagination, add a Stealth Table to your act today!

These are built to order, so please allow 4 weeks turnaround time. *Please note that the decorative/deceptive top trim may vary in color

Watch the Electronic Stealth Table in Action!

Your Investment: $1,250

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Sacred Illusion

The performer calmly walks onto the stage. In one hand he carries a folding chair. The other hand holds a large curtain suspended from a rod, and this is propped up against his shoulder as he walks.

The performer moves to the center of the stage and unfolds the chair in front of him. He now drapes the curtain in front of the chair, but holds it just above the stage level, so the audience has a clear view underneath the chair.

The magician raises the curtain high enough so that the entire chair is visible, and then lowers it so that the chair is once again covered for just a moment. Now in a startling climax, the curtain is immediately dropped, revealing a child standing on what was just an empty chair!

About Sacred:

This effect is both baffling and stunning for an audience to witness. Incredibly the performer produces a child seemingly out of thin air with absolutely no boxes of any kind. This sudden production will shock your audience, as it is the last thing they will expect to appear without the use of any kind of box.

Although Sacred cannot be performed surrounded, it does offer incredible viewing angles that are perfect for a wide variety of performance situations. Sacred uses a very unique load system that will both hide and deliver your child production with devastating reactions! Using principles of physics, the system is designed to ingeniously incorporate the body's natural ergonomics, and allows you to hide a small child—yet move and appear unencumbered. The system is easy to use, and incredibly deceptive.

    • Sacred uses no black art, no fake hands, no traps, and no loads from the back curtain or stage
    • The special design of the system requires no abnormal or special physical attributes to perform
    • You can perform Sacred inside or out and there is no special lighting required
    • You can use Sacred to produce a child from thin air, have them appear atop a folded chair; make them materialize onto a table, use it to create a Shadow Box illusion without the box or simply produce a child out in street in broad daylight!

Not only can Sacred be used as a startling illusion on stage but with just a few minutes of prep work, imagine being able to tell your party event clients that you can produce the birthday party celebrant in the show and you don't even have to bring any boxes to do it! Now that is an effect that will help set you apart from your competition!

Sacred only takes a couple of minutes to load. It is compact, lightweight, and can be easily cleaned up along with the curtain at the end of the routine, so that you can quickly continue on with the rest of your show.

Sacred comes complete with the production system ready to go out of the box, includes detailed instructions with additional routines. Supply your own curtain and rod.

Watch Sacred in Action!

Your Investment: $99.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^


Control the power of unknown forces with this quality professional prop at a great price!

There are substance, spirits, and energy flowing all around us at every moment in our life. But what if you could control that power of unknown forces… Welcome to the world of Peter Loughran's Entity.

Entity is a state of the art device that allows you to control and move objects seemingly with only the power of your mind. But not only that, you do actually have complete power over the objects having them under your control at all times. There are no loops or threads, in fact you never have to be anywhere near the object yet you can make it move. You can do this surrounded and without the aid of any assistants. You can create a multitude of effects with this ingenious apparatus.

    • Move objects while being in another room
    • Move objects outside while you remain inside
    • Move objects on a stage while you sit in the audience
    • Invite a group of spectators to hold hands while they sit around a table
    • Have an object borrowed and examined, have the spectator use a magnet to search the test area for other magnets or threads. They will find nothing.
    • As you and your guests concentrate on the object while you stand far, far away the object begins to move randomly over the surface of the table.

Your guests won't believe their eyes, and you just might not either!

Entity will enable you to move these objects on most flat smooth surfaces such as tables, bars, counter tops, book shelves, etc., and you can move just about any small to medium object that you could imagine, such as a wine glass, a book, a deck of cards, a pencil, cigarettes, a lit candle, etc., the list is virtually endless. You can even have a spectator place the object down on the table, you then make it move, and they can pick it back up again for examination.

Entity is a great way to show poltergeist activity, or simply a convincing way for you to demonstrate your telekinetic powers, and perfect for all types of magic.

Remember you have complete control over the moving objects and you control the speed, distance and where the objects move. You can have your spectators search the test area for threads, magnets, wires, etc., and they won't find a thing. You are clean before and after the effect. Only 5 seconds to set up and ready to go at all times. Great for stage, parlor, table-hopping, the office, even at home or at a friends house when you really want to scare someone.

Peter Loughran's Entity is so devious and so clever that you will carry this with you everywhere you go creating stunning effects that are as close to real magic as they get!

Watch Entity in Action!

Your Investment: $399

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Phantasm Portable Pro

Finally a portable animation system that can be used with almost any table, chair, prop etc. The Phantasm Portable Pro III Series is basically a Phantasm illusion without the table. That's right, you supply your own regular table, chair, or prop, and the Phantasm Portable Pro will adapt to your show.

With Phantasm Portable Pro you can animate borrowed objects sealed inside an examinable Plexiglas box, seemingly with only the power of your mind. You can make the objects, move, slide, levitate, float and even dance in full view while sealed inside the Plexiglas box.

All this without the aid of any special lighting or backdrops.

Use the equipment to demonstrate, telekinesis, poltergeist activity, power of levitation etc. You will receive a specially built remote control programmable receiver that allows you to personalize your own program and animation sequences. Each object you animate can have it's very own program, or choreograph more than one object together, only limited by your own imagination. The receiver is simply placed under or behind any table, chair, prop etc, and it is all controlled with one tiny key-chain mini pocket remote. So easy to perform! Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions is responsible for designing the high tech microchips used in the electronic animation system.

You can animate a wide range of borrowed objects such as coins, pictures, keys, jewelry, credit cards, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, playing cards, and pretty much any other small to medium sized object.

Best of all the Phantasm Portable Pro packs down completely flat in it's very own custom built ATA case, perfect for traveling.

The revolution is here! Your Phantasm Portable Pro III Series comes complete with:

    • specially fabricated gimmick-ed Plexiglas box
    • electronic remote controlled programmable animation receiver
    • mini key-chain pocket remote
    • custom built ATA case
    • instructions with designer routines.
"I just received my new Phantasm Portable Pro 3 and just had to comment on this product. What an unbelievable piece of art! Although the effect itself is amazing and leads to so many presentation possibilities I'm just as impressed by the quality of the workmanship and the creativity that went into it. Loughran and Bogunia have done it again and designed this for the working/traveling professional. This miracle packs down, travels safely and looks as ungimmicked as anything could be. Thanks, Peter!" -- Timothy Drake

This item is built to order. Please allow four weeks for delivery.

Phantasm Portable Pro II
(Animates up to 2 objects at a time)

Your Investment: $1,699

Phantasm Portable Pro I
(Animates 1 object at a time)

Your Investment: $1,399

[NOTE: This is a large product - please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

Phantom Slave

The classic invisible touch routine was popularized by Lior Manor and Banachek.

Phantom Slave allows you to remotely activate multiple real invisible touches on a seated spectator's shoulder (or other body part) at will without ever being close to them or using traditional methods.

Sample Effect: Invite up 2 random spectators and have them seated, blind fold them, touch one spectator on the shoulder and ask the volunteers to raise their hand if they feel they were touched. Even though you only touch one volunteer, both will feel touches and both will raise their hand.

Sample Effect (using a pair of Phantom Slaves): Introduce a voodoo doll or draw one on piece of paper; touch the doll on the leg, the spectator will feel the touch even though you are nowhere near them. Touch the doll's shoulder, the spectator will feel the touch also at the same time.

Imagine performing a PK Touch routine with absolute ease and without any explanation. You are nowhere near the volunteer(s) when the touches take place. The touches they feel are REAL touches, not a vibration.

Phantom Slave allows you to have the spectator invisibly touched as many times as you want; in fact you can even program Phantom Slave to touch and "Hold" the touch, and apply different pressure in the touches themselves.

You are never near the spectator at any time, and your hands are full view when the touches take place.

Create the ultimate unexplainable Invisible touch routine with Phantom Slave!

Phantom Slave is a very small remote activated device that can be used with almost any chair, and is easily transferred from one chair to another in seconds.

Phantom Slave is fully customizable to suit your specific routine. Phantom Touch can be used to touch the spectator's leg, neck, arm or shoulder areas. Use 2 units to create multiple touches in different places.

Phantom Slave comes with everything needed and detailed instructions.


Your Investment: $425


Your Investment: $775

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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