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Minuette Aces

Paul Romhany is one of the busiest working magicians out there. Not only is he in demand with his innovative Charlie Chaplin Act, but he also works a lot of private functions and parties with his close-up magic. This routine comes direct from his close-up act AND his cruise ship show.

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of magical close-up theater, then this is the routine for you. A well constructed and thought out Four Ace routine that offers some stunning visual effects. This updated DVD includes some new 'twists' Paul has added since the original release, as well as the original Minuette Aces routine.

This visual Four Ace Routine that has been a feature of his close-up AND his stage act on cruise ships throughout his professional career. Sit down with a deck of cards and some aces as Paul teaches you step-by-step his wonderful Minuette Aces routine. It is NOT just another card trick but a visual transformation where the aces visually appear, vanish, change and reappear making this a highly dramatic piece of theatrical close-up magic.

Perform it as Paul does with a "music box" or as a speaking routine and you will have a professionally orchestrated routine that will become a feature of your own close-up show.

Please note that this routine will require practice, but once you master this you will end up with something you will be proud to perform in every show.

Watch Minuette Aces in Action!

Your Investment: $24.95

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Bearly Impossible [Pro Series 6]

This has been the opening routine for Paul's Mentalism show for corporate events and cruise ships. Included are two different methods, one for stage and the other for the solo performer.

Includes diagrams of props, the complete script and full instructions.

The magician shows a gift box, and talks about how he bought this gift for his four-year-old niece for her upcoming birthday. He then talks about ‘coincidences’ and wants to try an experiment. Audience members are asked to call out any color, any amount of money, a ladies name and a ‘gift’ is selected. The selections are written on a whiteboard. The lady is invited on stage and SHE TAKES OUT of the gift box a birthday card addressed to the magician’s niece whose name matches the one called out … coincidence ONE. She then takes out a gift certificate for the EXACT amount that was called out … coincidence TWO … she then reaches in and takes out the gift which matches her choice AND it is the exact color that was called out!

The color, money, name and gift ALL MATCH 100%. Also, the SPECTATOR takes out the items from the gift box.

Watch Bearly Impossible in Action!

Your Investment: $20

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The Impossible Box

Never throw away your old playing cards again. Use them for this amazing routine by Ray Roch.


The performer brings out six cards and quickly makes a box. The box can then animate in the spectators hand or on a table, the lid then taken off and an object, such as a lemon produced.

This 60-minute DVD goes in to detail with step-by-step instructions of how to do different loads including large die, a lemon, signed card to box, a small bottle of whiskey, and golf balls. He also shares two methods he uses to make the box animate and float, then produce a ball from the box that floats up in to his hand. This DVD is filled with gems from years of performing and perfecting Ray's signature routine.

The perfect routine for the magician who wants to leave his audience with a gift. Not only can they keep the contents, but they also get to keep the box itself.

Ideal for trade shows, walk about, restaurant magicians and promotions.

Now you don't have to throw away your old playing cards - use them to perform The IMPOSSIBLE Box.

You will learn:

    • How to construct a box and how to put one together quickly
    • Various loading techniques that happen right under the spectator's nose
    • Signed Card to Box - a card is signed lost in the deck and later found sealed inside the card box.
    • Various loads from the box - learn how to produce as many as three different items from the box including golf balls, dice, a lemon, a bottle and more.
    • Two different methods on floating the box - Ray shares two methods, both of which are easy and can be set up at all times ready to go.
    • Tips and stories - Secrets that make this effect easy to perform and a few stories from Ray that have happened while performing this over the year. Ray also shares his complete award winning five minute box routine. This includes all four routines taught on the DVD and put together to form a single five minute close-up show. One box with A LOT of magic. This is perfect for those who perform in restaurants or are looking for something special and very different to present.

Watch The Impossible Box in Action!

Your Investment: $25.00

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Key-Note Speaking for Magicians

Romhany shares everything in this book including how to get in to the market, how to get booked on cruise ships as a speaker, selling products, how to write speeches, how to make money from this, putting together an entire package, incorporating magic in to your presentations, PLUS it includes Romhany's own presentation that he has made his living from both on land and at sea. As a bonus he has also included all of his research notes to do with his own topic "Laugh Yourself Well".

As any magician/speaker will tell you, the biggest benefit of doing this is not only the difference in fee you can charge, but the contacts and networking that come out of giving a key note address. This is where 99% of corporate work comes from - as well as back of room sales. It's all in this 250-page book.

Those who purchased and are using Romhany's speaking package have this to say:

"This is a must read for anybody who wants to break in to the very lucrative After Dinner and Key Note speaking market - and for any magician who wants to increase their income!" -- Richard Webster - author/keynote speaker
"This is without a doubt the clearest and most inspiring book that has ever been sold on this subject!" -- Justin (Bro) Gilbert - Professional magician and TV consultant for Chris Angel
"I can honestly think of no better system for a magician wanting to break into the Public Speaking arena then this book. Hell, I've been doing it for years and after going over your material I have found several ways to improve my performance. Thanks Paul, I never fail to be inspired by you!" -- TC Tahoe professional magician and key-note speaker
"If you are a magician and want to take your performance and career to the next level and enter the world of motivational speaking, Paul Romhany has literally paved the way for. The information and research that he has done is matched by real world performing experience and insight. The script alone is worth every penny!" -- Randy Charach - author Secrets Of A Millionaire Magician

Your Investment: $39

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Lunch is Served

Sixty routines by twenty-one magicians based on the Out To Lunch principle. There are routines for every type of performer in this book, ranging from mentalism, close-up, kids magic to comedy magic and stage.

188 pages of solid, commercial magic which includes a link so you can print the graphics used in many of the routines. Never before has anybody compiled such a massive book using this under-used principle by some of magic's most creative thinkers.

A list of contributors and routines include:

Routines by PAUL ROMHANY:  
    • SPOON & FORK
  • THE 8 BALL

Routines by TC TAHOE:  
    • HERE TODAY...
    • I O U

"TC Tahoe and Paul Romhany have contributed to and gathered a wealth of inventiveness and presented the material in a manner that is crisp, to the point, and loaded with potential - I cannot imagine a magician reading this book without finding a trick he wants to put in his wallet and have ready to go whenever magic is called for. It's like carrying a loaded weapon!"

Your Investment: $24.95

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Magic from Down Under

Paul Romhany is taking his lecture on the road. This is the lecture Paul has toured with in North America, the UK and Down Under. Not just a set of lecture notes, but a booklet filled with practical, real world effects for the modern magician.

The magic ranges from mentalism, close-up to stage. The effects include:

    • Duck Call Gag - a funny gag for the family performer.
    • Clean Sweep - a fun routine in which the magician has a card chosen and produces a broom from a paper bag. Ideal for cabaret, stage and private parties.
    • Business Card Switcharoo - Paul's routine he never leaves home without. The perfect routine to hand out your business cards.
    • Poor Magician's Confabulation - Forget those expensive wallets. This is Paul's routine he uses WITHOUT a wallet and has performed on stage in front of 1500 people on cruise ships. A great piece of modern and practical mentalism.
    • Dove/Plane Gag - a funny gag for the dove worker Newspaper Umbrella Trick - direct from his Chaplin act. You can see this on YouTube.
    • Pin Number - Produce a bowling pin and predict a 'pin' number on the pin.
    • Bearly Impossible Solo - A great routine where the performer has predicted the color of a bear, the name on the birthday card and the cost of the bear.
    • Bonus routine: Chinese Cookie - This routine appeared in Lunch Is Served and is a bonus for this booklet.

Your Investment: $14.95

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Mental Epic

Mental Epic is one the most powerful effects in the mentalist's repertoire. Compiled and edited by Paul Romhany, Mental Epic Compendium, is packed with 360 pages of fifty-four routines and ideas for this classic effect.

Hen Fetsch invented the board in 1954, and over the past five decades it has undergone many different variations, however most magicians and mentalists still own an original Hen Fetsch board. This book covers routines for the standard Mental Epic prop and it's modern variations, as well as One-Ahead routines that can be performed close-up and impromptu using post-it notes, business cards and index cards - all without the board.

Contributors include:

Banachek, Kenton Knepper, Bob Cassidy, Larry Becker, Dan Garrett, Kostya Kimlat, Sean Taylor, Richard Webster, Bev Bergeron, Alan Shaxon, TC Tahoe, David Regal, Gerard, James Biss, Danny Archer, Bill Abbott, Paul Alberstat, Whit Haydn, Patrick Kuffs, Vanni Pule, E Raymond Carlyle, Tony Binarelli, Mick Ayres, David Seebach, Professor Spellbinder, Bob Tripp, Hal Spear, John T Sheets, Dr. Bill Cushman, Rob Domenech, Ken Dyne, Charles Gauci, Dave Lord, Nathan Grange, Wayne Rogers, David J O'Connor, Ken Ring, Adrian Saw, Jonathan Royle, Christopher Berry, Jheff. Bill Cushman, Chuck Hickok, Peter Arcane and several routines by Paul Romhany

The Mental Epic Compendium is the definitive work on this classic of magic and mentalism, and is destined to become a classic in mentalism literature!

"You only have to look at the list of contributors to know this book is special. I?m thrilled to find that they all love this effect as much as I do. I don?t think a book paying so much attention to a single effect has ever been published before!"
-- Richard Webster

Your Investment: $49.95

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Multiplying Bottles

Direct from his current act, Paul Romhany releases his Comedy Multiplying Bottles Routine. A hilarious routine from start to finish, with a few surprises along the way.

You explain to the audience that you subscribe to a mail order magic company that sends you magic lessons on a CD. You received one today and brought it to show the audience how you learn your tricks. You play the CD and start the lesson. Bottles start to change places with a glass, multiply and change color until you end up with a table full of bottles!

This routine is designed to use any standard set of nine multiplying bottles. Paul shares his years of experience performing this routine from cruise ships, theaters to cabaret, and includes additional ideas on the best tube covers to use, how to make your bottles look good on stage, the best type of table and step-by-step instructions on how to perform this routine. No more worrying about what to say or which tube to lift - you just follow along to the voice over and let the fun begin!

This package includes:

    • The complete performance and instructional DVD (Running Time Approximately: 40 min)
    • Audio CD (Running Time Approximately: min) with a male and female backing track needed for the Romhany routine

Note: Use a standard set of nine multiplying bottles - sold separately.

Your Investment: $39.95

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Performing Mentalism For Young Minds - Vol. 1

One of the most anticipated books in magic and mentalism has now arrived!!

Paul Romhany has produced the most comprehensive collection of material for the performer who wants to add mentalism in their show from pre-schoolers to high school students. Everything from walk-about routines to birthday party routines to parlor and even stage routines for the family entertainer.

Over 265 pages which include a collection of essays on how to perform mentalism for children, plus over forty effects from performers around the world including:

Mark Strivings, David Kaye, Tim Mannix, Paul Romhany, Richard Webster, Andrew Gerard, Wayne Rogers, Tony Binarelli,Bev Bergeron, Him Kleefeild, Keith Field, Danny Archer, Andrew Gerard, Jack Dean, Greg Arce, Anthony Lindan, E. Raymond Carlyle, Professor Spellbinder, Matthew Johnson, Tony Chris, Cris Johnson, Reg Blackwood, Ken Ring, ChristopherTaylor, Chrisotpher Berry, TC Tahoe, Ozzy D, Magical Michael, Magic George, Ken Dyne, Jasper Blakeley, Ray Roch.

This book covers performing mentalism for pre-schoolers to teenagers, even adults will be fooled and entertained by the routines in this book. A treasure trove of effects, essays and advice from real world performers who make their living by entertaining family audiences. This book is destined to become a classic in both the magic and mentalism field.

If you ever wondered if mentalism can be performed for young minds then this book will show you it can, and how to do it.

"The essays in this book are worth the price of the entire book, and more!! The rest of this book is a treasure trove of fascinating mental effects that your young – and not so young – audiences will enjoy. These wonderful effects are so good that I’m tempted to dust off my old Riccardo outfit and start performing again. I know you’ll enjoy this book, and will come back to it again and again in the future. If you have any doubts whatsoever about performing mentalism for children, try one or two of the effects in this book. I know you’ll change your mind. Thank you, Paul, for compiling and publishing this valuable book!"
-- Richard Webster
"When magicians and mentalists think of 'kids' they think of kids 3-4 years old. This is rarely the case, even for regular kids entertainers. People do not give kids enough credit for being smart. They get mentalism and mindreading, even at the age of five and six. It can be done, and I have done it. They certainly understand when Harry Potter gets a psychic image!"
-- Banachek

  • Preface by Richard Webster
  • Introduction by Paul Romhany
  • Performing for Children an essay by Paul Romhany
  • Parade of Children Prediction Trick by Tim Mannix
  • World Cup Routine by Paul Romhany
  • Cereal Box Prediction Larry Mahan and Robert D. LaRue, Jr.
  • Slide Thru Card Switch by Wayne Rogers
    Perform For The Children! by Kyle Peron
  • A TRIP ROUND THE WORLD IN 8 MINUTES ! byTony Binarelli and “Jules Verne”
  • Phantom Artist Halloween Card Routine by Professor Spellbinder
  • Bonus Effect – The Phantom Artist by Ted Annemann and Professor Spellbinder
  • Clip-Lit Sports by Jim Kleefeld
  • Psychic Santa by Matthew Johnson
  • Judge, Jury and Executioner by Reg Blackwood
  • The Mental Corridor by Cris Johnson
  • Teaching Someone to Read Minds by Cris Johnson
  • Mental Monopoly by Danny Archer
  • Time Warp by Paul Romhany
  • Mind Reading to Africa by Ken Ring
  • The News in Total by Ken Ring
  • ESPompoms by Ken Ring
  • King Book Test by Christopher Berry
  • Guessin’ Gumballs by Jack Dean
  • Child’s Play by Bev Bergeron
  • Emoti- Con by TC Tahoe
  • BIRTHDAY PRESENT by Richard Webster
    • Pointilism by Greg Arce
    • Cookies Fortune by TC Tahoe and Paul Romhany
    • Safety Mentalism Routine by Paul Romhany
    • Younger Persons Version Reverse Q & A by Anthony Lindan
    • Prized Balloon by Ozzy D
    • The Fortune Teller by Paul Romhany
    • Puzzled by Magical Michael
    • Pin the Tail on the Donkey by Andrew Gerard
    • Mystery Ball by Paul Romhany & Hal Spear
    • Spot the Pole by Wayne Rogers
    • The Mind Reading Hat Routine by Magic George
    • The Magic Square by Dal Sanders
      Gift Wrapped By Kennedy
    • Magicians Choice By Keith Fields
    • P.S.I Fari by Tony Chris
    • Scrabbled by Jasper Blakeley
    • Balloon Bank Night by Wayne Rogers
    • Last One Standing by Anonymous
    • SPOON BEND by Ray Roch
    • Drawing On The Imagination by Christopher Taylor
    • RING OR WATCHES? by E. Raymond Carlyle
    • Mentalism for Preschool Kids by Mark Strivings
    • Performing Mentalism for Children by David Kaye
    • The Precognitive Phinger Puppet

265 pages - 8.5" x 8.5"

Your Investment: $40.00

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Performing Mentalism For Young Minds - Vol. 2

Volume 2 is LARGER and has MORE ROUTINES, TRICKS and ADVICE than volume 1. This has OVER 55 routines direct from professional performer's repertoires. Everything from walk-about to stand-up shows. Many with props you can make yourself, or have in your cupboard.

This completes the two volume set for performers who want to add some mentalism in to their show. Anybody who has purchased Volume 1 will tell you that mentalism CAN and IS being performed by magicians and mentalists for younger minds around the world.

Contributors include:

Bill Abbott
Greg Arce
Danny Archer
Christopher Berry
Reg Blackwood
Greg Britt
Ken Dyne
Martin Duffy
Andrew Gerard
Jim Gerrish
David Ginn

David Harris
Barry Harvey
Michel Hout
Matthew Johnson
Cris Johnson
Jim Kleefeld
David D. LaRue
Anthony Lindan
Larry Lipman"
Isaac Louie
Endre Løvås

Lon Mandrake
Nick Morton
Kyle Peron
Ken Ring
Wayne Rogers
Paul Romhany
Dal Sanders
Professor Spellbinder
TC Tahoe
Christopher Taylor
Richard Webster

"When Paul asked me to contribute to volume 2 I jumped at the chance .So here we are with another volume chock full of advice, tips, scripts, routines and tricks to entertain children and families with. Use them well!" -- Bill Abbott

Your Investment: $40.00

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Production Truck

Especially suitable for Trade Shows and Corporate Events.

This very commercial prop will be a valuable addition to any stage show. Perform it completely surrounded under any working condition - the ultimate production of a person and perfect for product launches.

Simple to customize by attaching company or product signage to the sides of the Truck. Remove product from the interior before producing the magician's assistant.

Think of the possibilities . . .


Wayne Rogers' Production Truck Illusion book comes complete with full color working plans by Las Vegas illusion builder Tim Clothier. Plus detailed photographs of each individual part that makes up this extremely commercial illusion.

A Special Bonus is included to help make this illusion even easier to construct. It's the ideal illusion for a magician to build at home.

"I have known Wayne Rogers for over 30 years, and his creativity is something I have always admired about him. He has a skill not only in design but also in building quality props. Everything he releases on the market has been tested throughout the years in almost every possible performing situation. The Production Truck Illusion is a good example of this. He still uses the very first one he built. Over time he made slight modifications, and the end result is a highly practical and impossible production of a person. Wayne has performed this in pretty much every possible situation, and it's perfect for trade-shows, production launches and general cabaret shows!" -- Paul Romhany

Pages: 32 - 8.5" x 11" - Perfect Bound - This is a FULL COLOUR book with plans included.

Watch Production Truck in Action!

Your Investment: $29.95

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Romhany On Stage

For the first time on DVD, International Award winning magician Paul Romhany performs and explains some of his prized stage effects from his act. This DVD was filmed around the world on cruise ships, theaters and television appearances.

Paul Romhany is an innovative, hilarious and highly original performer who has wowed audiences the world over. He got his start in his native New Zealand, earning a degree in music from Auckland University, followed by a piano certificate from London's Royal College of music. But Paul's passion has always been in magic.

Paul is experienced in comedy and close up magic, but is most famed for his unique interpretation of Charlie Chaplin. His infamous Charlie Chaplin magic act is regarded as one of the most original and entertaining shows in magic today, all delivered in the silent film star's formidable style. This DVD is a mixture of silent-visual comedy magic from his Chaplin act and Romhany's stand-up comedy act.

On this DVD Paul performs and teaches the following:

    • Chaplin's Umbrella Routine - silent visual magic
    • Chaplin's Rope Routine PLUS Comedy Rope - a silent rope routine and Paul's stand up comedy version
    • The Dream Holiday - a stand-up piece of comedy mentalism
    • Ricki Dunn's Drink Trick - performance only
    • Linking Coathangers - performance only - silent comedy magic
    • Clean Sweep - Five minutes of comedy magic with a broom


"Paul Romhany's 'Romhany on stage' has a couple of points that make this a good buy. One, you get to see a working pro perform on stage. Two, you get to learn some of his time tested pieces.

Paul has included on the DVD some pieces that are just for you to watch and enjoy. He cautions you to be inspired by these pieces and not copy them. His Chaplin character is pure entertainment to watch.

The pieces that Paul teaches are:

Chaplin Umbrella Routine: Taking the mutilated parasol and giving it a nice twist. For some stage workers (with a little thought on how to integrate it and make it work for your own character) this could be pure gold.

Chaplin Rope Routine: It is a nice rope routine . . . I am not sure that this routine really brings anything new to the table. It is a nice routine in a sea of nice rope routines. However, someone could really enjoy this particular one. Hint: (make sure you have Tabary's rope routine handy)

The Dream Holiday: This is Paul's working of Confabulation. Again, I did not see anything new for this routine; however, if you are new to confabulation it is a nicely constructed routine.

Clean Sweep: This is a very nice stage card trick that plays very fun and has a surprising finish. I can easily see many magicians quickly including this in their routines.

The DVD delivers exactly what is stated. Paul does a good job of explaining his routines. An added bonus is that he talks a little about what makes a good routine beyond the mere technique. I particularly enjoyed watching some of his act. For many neophytes to magic this alone could be a lesson in how to perform and connect with an audience."

Your Investment: $25.00

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Switchboard Clipboard

From Wayne Rogers comes this amazing routine. A clipboard folder is brought out and a card is chosen. The performer shows one page on the clipboard with a picture of a thought bubble on it. Visually the thought of card rises up in the thought bubble on the picture. The magician then signs the piece of paper and hands it to the spectator to keep.

In this version of a Rising Card in picture the re-set only takes seconds. This is perfect for trade shows, private parties and those jobs where you don't have the time for much resetting between performances.

This book is a step-by-step instruction on how to make up this amazing effect with items you can buy anywhere.

NOTE: The e-book version of this routine includes VIDEO files with original instructions by Wayne Rogers as well as Paul Romhany step by step video on how to make one up - this is included ONLY in the e-version.

Watch Switchboard Clipboard in Action!

Your Investment: $20.00

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The Real Deal - Survival Guide For Magicians

This book has been in the making for over 25 YEARS! 450 pages and 53 contributors from all over the world.

For the past 25 years Paul Romhany has been traveling the world working every gig you can imagine. From a headline act on cruise ships, television to trade-shows and close-up in restaurants. This book contains the REAL SECRETS to making a living from performing magic. It is FILLED with hints, tips and stories on every subject you can imagine.

It also contains anecdotes from some of his travels that have happened to him during his amazing and illustrious career. During the very early part of his career Paul was fortunate enough to tour with some legends of magic who shared advice that has remained with Paul since. From these experiences to his present day travels where in the first three months of 2012 he flew over 200 hours to perform around the world, Paul reveals the REAL DEAL when it comes to making a living as a magician.

"Anyone who want's to be a pro worker and learn from one of the best, this is the bible and you won't get better.Paul has covered everything in detail from A to Z. This is one of the finest books of its kind.Wish this was out when I started as a performer. Highly recommended a must in everyone's library get it before they run out!" -- Neal Scryer
"A book EVERY SINGLE magician should own, this contains the REAL secrets to making a living as a magician!" -- Andrew Gerard
"A practical, comprehensive book on how to be prepared and deal with all the mishaps and disasters that all entertainers experience. A book I couldn't put down!" -- Richard Webster

This is a book that contains information that is worth more than ANY book you'll buy on tricks. An essential book for every entertainer. If you study this book you'll be prepared for any eventuality.

This book also contains stories and advice from other professionals including:

Diamond Jim Tyler
David Seebach
Jon Allen
Matthew Fallon
Adrian Saw
Bev Bergeron
Vince Haines
Shawn Farquhar
Peter Mennie
Dennis Michael
Don Campbell
Ray Lum
Lon Mandrake
Jon Kaplan
Eugene Lim
Jack Poulter
Bill Bishop
Mike Super


Glen Foster
Randy Charach
Paul Long
Geoff Williams
Chris Cox
Steve Warburton
Jamie Bentley
Ben Robinson
Christopher Berry
Jim Kleefield
Cris Johnson
David J Greene
TC Tahoe
John Fitzsimmons
Kyle Peron
Tim Scarbrough
Joe Leo

Richard Webster
Alan Watson
Michael James
Samuel Lamerson
Peter Mennie
Michael Grandinetti
Wayne Rogers
James M. Ridner
Peter Loughran
Nickey Fynn
Danny Archer
Carl Andrews
Eric Buss
Nick Lewin
Keith Fields
George F. Ledo


    • Foreword by Ben Robinson
    • A Few Stories From The Road And Sea
    • On the road at twenty!
    • Ricki Dunn's Advice!
    • Be Prepared!
    • Contact Lenses!
    • The trusty thumb tip!
    • Passports and visa!
    • The Commando Act!
    • Short Contracts!
    • The China Gig!
    • The Amway Crowd!
    • A Funny Story!
    • An Act or a Show - Whats the Difference?!
    • Television Stories!
    • Great Advice!
    • Microphone stories
    • Clean Shoes
    • Don't take anything for granted


    • General Travel Tips
    • Top Apps for Travel
    • Using Your Mobile Device Overseas
    • My Perfect Performing Case
    • General performing tips for beginners


    • Tips for Avoiding Jet lag
    • Advance Seat Assignment
    • Advance Attention to Safety
    • Advice for Traveling Alone
    • Air Quality
    • Air Sickness
    • Airplane Temperature
    • Aisle Seat or Not?
    • Allow for Delays Between Flights
    • A Use for Bookmarks
    • Collect air-points
    • Avoid Headaches and Ear Blockages
    • Avoid Liquid Shampoo and Laundry
    • Detergent
    • Avoid Stiff Muscles
    • Backpack Essentials
    • Baggage Care and Attention
    • Bring Your Own Headphones
    • Budget Water Sense
    • Butter Too Cold?
    • Chamomile for Jitters
    • Chapped Lips?
    • Check In for your Flight Online
    • Choosing the Right Luggage
    • Cut out the Middleman and Contact the
    • Airline Top Brass
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis on Long Haul Flights
    • Do not Delay! If you Lose Your Ticket, Report it Immediately
    • Dress Presentably for Upgrades
    • Essentials for Carry On
    • Evian Spray
    • Fear of Flying?
    • Food on the Plane
    • Free Luggage Labels to the Rescue
    • Getting the Meal You Want
    • Ginger for Motion Sickness
    • Help your Bags Arrive with You
    • How to Get Some Sleep on Your Flight
    • Identify Your Bags as Fragile
    • Jet Lag Rule: One Hour Equals One Day
    • Keep Track of Your Luggage with a
    • Wireless Luggage Finder
    • Miscellaneous Tips for Air Travel
    • Moderation is the Key
    • Noise-Canceling Headphones
    • Prevent Lost Luggage
    • Protect Your Film
    • Protect Your Purse or bag
    • Remove Your Shoes
    • Safety of Airline Water
    • Several Packing Tips to Make Your
    • Flights Easier
    • Tips for Contact Lens Wearers
    • Travel Mistakes to Avoid


    • How To Become A Better Performer!
    • Making More Money From Magic
    • Never Stop Learning
    • When You're Using a Microphone
    • Do a sound check
    • Know how the microphone works
    • The lavaliere mike: Clip Rig Set-Up
    • The lectern mike: position yourself properly
    • Stand with good posture
    • Don't crowd the mike
    • A Guide To Buying A P.A. System
    • Portable Sound System for Performers
    • When You're Performing, Your Voice Can Be Your Most Important Tool
    • You Can Control Your Fear Of Performing in Public
    • Keep Your Audience's Attention
    • Stage Etiquette
    • Theatre Terms you should know


    • Check Out The Room Before You Perform
    • Maintain You Health while on the Road
    • How To Exercise While Traveling In A Vehicle
    • Tips for touring your own show
    • More Touring Tips
    • The Checklist
    • Facing the Hostile Audience


    • Tips for better business cards
    • Tips on Self-Promotion
    • How to use your website to get work
    • Social media tips for performers
    • Tips For Radio Interview


    • OVER FIFTY contributions from professionals all over the world.

Your Investment: $49.95

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Rohmany's Travel Book Test

If you have ever wanted to perform a book test but couldn't afford the high price tags - Romhany's book test now offers you a three phase routine complete with the specially designed book, at a very affordable price - you can start performing this almost instantly as the book does the work for you. There is nothing to memorize.

For the past twenty years Paul Romhany has been traveling and performing his magic all over the world, and has visited more than seventy five countries. Because of his extensive travel, he ended up writing a book for lay people on his top ten travel destinations. To help promote his book during his shows, he would perform a book test. Of course, the one he used during his show was a special book he had printed, to look like the one he sold - but this one was gimmicked and enabled him to perform a three phase book test routine with it.


A book of holiday destinations is handed out, and a spectator thinks of a country, another chooses the first word on any page while another person looks at a paragraph and concentrates on an image. You take out three business cards and write down a country, the thought of word and draw the image that the spectator is thinking. There is nothing to memorize, as the book does it all for you.

You can use this book test as a stand-alone routine performing the three phase routine Paul does, or have it as an addition book test with the other books you may perform with already.

Comes complete with gimmick book and instructions.

Your Investment: $29.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Secrets of a Walkabout Ventriloquist

Paul Romhany reveals the REAL secrets to making extra money as a walk-about ventriloquist. For ten years Paul made 85% of his professional income as a walk-about ventriloquist, being hired by casinos, local fairs and even supermarkets. Today, Paul is known for his work as an innovative magician, however he still performs walk-about ventriloquism in high-end well paid venues, and shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in this unique book.

Chapters on looking at different venues, how to get the work, types of puppets to use and even a chapter on jokes and script ideas you can use. If you are a part time ventriloquist or full time professional you will definitely get something from this book.

Magicians who perform a little ventriloquism in their act will also learn how to make extra money by utilizing the ideas Paul shares with the readers. Create a niche market in your area and book jobs over other types of acts.

"It is rare to find a book that tells you everything you need to know to get started and become successful in a given field, but this book does exactly that. If you learn and apply the information Paul so generously provides, there is no reason why you can't be successful in this little known-field, but highly lucrative, niche market!" -- Richard Webster - author, mentalist, ventriloquist, magician.

Your Investment: $19.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Adventures Ashore

Adventures Ashore by Paul Romhany is an entertaining and topical three-phase book test WITHOUT any books! Paul Romhany has been performing this routine on cruise ships and in his mentalism show on land for several years and now offers it to the magic fraternity.

The performer explains that he loves cruising and while on ships he collects the "port guides" that the ship hands out at each port they visit. In fact, the performer brought some with him and brings out a dozen port guides and displays them to the audience.

The performer explains he will try an experiment with the port guides and places them all back in an envelope. A spectator is asked to reach in to the envelope and take out any port guide (a free choice) and look at the front page and remember any word, another spectator takes out another port guide and is asked to read any paragraph on the back page and try and visualize an image or "drawing" to do with that paragraph.

A third spectator is asked to take out any port guide and tear it in to pieces chosing one piece and look at a word on the page.

The performer is able to tell the word the first spectator is thinking, draw the object the second person is imagining and a dictionary is opened and the thought of word is the only word circled.

This routine can be performed in ANY situation from stage, platform and close-up. Paul has put together a very unique package including instructions, twelve gimmick port guides so you can perform this straight away, PLUS a CD-ROM containing the twelve PDF files of each port guide so you can perform this as often as you like.

Your Investment: $40.00

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick

"When Hal showed me a tape of this hilarious new confusion routine, I said this is the substitute for banana/bandana I've been looking for." -- Paul Romhany

Explaining that he is trying out a new trick, the performer follows along to an instructional CD only to have the volunteer's borrowed and signed twenty dollar bill totally destroyed. The instructional CD is no help as it ends abruptly, telling the performer if he wants to learn the secret to magic Lesson number two - he has to buy magic lesson number three!

Left with no recourse, the Magician says he's going to let the volunteer keep the Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick as pay back.

Now get this - the volunteer, who has been holding the box the Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick came in the entire time, is asked by the Magician as a last ditch effort to check inside for the trouble-shooting DVD. The spectator opens the package, takes out the DVD case, opens it where inside is a sealed windowed envelope that says TROUBLE SHOOTING. But wait - seen inside the window of the sealed envelope is a signed twenty dollar bill. And yes - lo and behold - it is the spectator's signed twenty dollar bill!

After our performer screams that he's returning the trick in the morning - the Voice Over pops back on for one last word - very funny, unexpected closer.

This is just the basic effect. The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick is filled with comedic twists and turns and is soo easy to do!

Comprehensive DVD with Paul's handling and bonus ideas. Quality made CD with professional voice over including two shorter versions of the routine and the full seven minute version. Quality made props.

Your Investment: $39.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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BILL 2 CAN x 2 [Pro Series 5]

In this book Paul presents two different versions of his famous Bill To Can routines. His original bill to can routine lead to a two year run on a regular TV show in New Zealand. This comes with instructions and photographs on how to gimmick your own can as well as the word for word script Paul has used in his professional career over 20 plus years.

For the past 12 years Paul has featured this on high end cruise ships in almost every show, and during his professional career performed this in several thousand shows. What you have here is a solid, ten minute comedy act that is guaranteed to get laughs AND have a kicker ending.

Ideal for magicians how perform comedy clubs, cabaret, cruise ships, corporate or street shows

Watch BILL 2 CAN x 2 in Action!

Your Investment: $20.00

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Signed Card on Blue Stake [Pro Series 5]

A COMPLETE eight minute stand-up comedy routine from Paul Romhany & Wayne Rogers. If you are looking for a hilarious routine that is innovative, original and funny, then look no further.

The book goes in to detail on how to make all the props needed for this hilarious routine. Created by Wayne Rogers for his own professional act, and used by Paul Romhany on cruise ships this routine has everything that makes it a strong commercial effect.

"Forget the card sword routine everybody else is doing - this is a novel and fresh approach to a great card on sword routine!" -- TC Tahoe


A card is signed by a spectator and placed inside the deck. The performer picks up a brown string shopping bag and has the spectator drop the cards in to it. He then explains that he has seen other magicians throw cards in the air and catch a card on the end of sword. Unfortunately the magician doesn't have a gleaming sword, so instead bring out a thick wooden stake, which is banged on the floor. One end of the stake has been sharpened to a point. The cards in the bag are given a shake. The spectator names their card and the performer thrusts the stake down in to the open paper bag with such force that it penetrates right through the bottom.

The stake is pulled back out, and impaled on it is a card. Due to the large size of the stake, only a narrow boarder of card remains. The performer pulls the remains of the card off the stake, holds the empty frame towards the audience and proudly announces the name of the chosen card!
After the laughter comes the climax where the performer taps the side of the stake and out of the blunt end he shakes out the chosen and signed card minus it's border!! He shows it to the spectator who confirms it is their signed card and applause follows.

A very strong magic routine complete with gags upon gags making this routine a highly commercial and solid effect.

This book comes complete with diagrams and photos showing how to make this yourself PLUS additional ideas showing how to make the stake in to a table. All the moves are very easy to perform and loading the card in stake could not be easier.

Your Investment: $20.00

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Code Breaker

How many magic tricks lend themselves to a variety of performing situations? Paul Romhany's CODE BREAKER does JUST THAT! It can be used for close-up, walk-about, trade shows, parlor and stage shows.

The instructions include THREE different routines that Paul uses himself in different performing situations including his stand-up mentalism routine, his 'comedy bill in lemon' routine AND a great routine for walk-about.

ROUTINE ONE: A husband and wife are brought onstage. Her finger ring is borrowed and locked on to the special ctyptex word lock which is held by the husband. Magician brings out Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code and has her look at the first word on a chosen page. She is asked to focus on the word and send her thoughts to her husband. Three times she tries to send her word and each time the situation gets funnier as he doesn't receive it. Finally, the lady tells her husband the word and he then uses it to unlock the secret and get his wife's ring back.

ROUTINE TWO: A ring is borrowed and locked on to the special lock. Five envelopes are produced, one contains the secret code to open the special word on the lock. After some byplay the last envelope left is the one containing the secret. Again, this routine is tied in with Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and is very topical. Perfect for more intimate close-up and parlor settings in a private home.

ROUTINE THREE: Comedy bill in Orange routine as used by Paul Romhany in his cruise ship act on stage.

WALK-ABOUT ROUTINE: Use your own business cards to unlock the secret. Not only an amazing effect but a great way to hand out your business cards and something the spectators won't forget.

PLUS a BONUS section with ideas by Nicholas Einhorn, TC Tahoe, Matthew Johnson and Wayne Rogers.

Comes complete with the special lock needed for this routine and updated instructions with Paul's own versions for close-up, walkabout and stage performances.

Your Investment: $69.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Color Change Hanky [Pro Series 4]

The Color Change Hanky is the perfect opening routine as it can set up the performer's personality, and show they have incredible skill. In this 74-page book Paul Romhany shares several hilarious professional scripts that take this classic effect to new levels, and includes some original twists that will unexpected by your audience.

Professional Comedy Writer and Magician Hal Spear shares some of his professional routines that are perfect for comedy clubs, cruise ships and stand-up performances.

There is a chapter with step-by-step photographs showing Paul's handling for his own routine that has been a staple of his comedy act for the past twenty years. It also includes a unique handling by Wayne Rogers that does away with having to use two dye-tubes to do the surprise half-and-half McComb finish.

Bruce Johnson contributes a chapter on how to color your own silks, and add words and pictures - opening up some great ideas and routines for trade-shows, school shows and themed shows.

The book also covers the various dye-tubes on the market, and some insight in to preparing your silks to make your own unique routine.

The ultimate book for anybody who wants to do, or already performs and is looking for something fresh and different for a Color Change Hanky Routine.

Pages: 74 - 5" x 8" - Softcover - Perfectbound - black and white photos and illustrations

Your Investment: $20.00

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Cookies Fortune

A modern and entertaining mentalism routine that will WOW any audience!

You walk through the audience, having a few different spectators write numbers down on the back of your business card, you then invite a spectator to join you on stage, hand her the card and ask her to add the numbers together.

You bring out a Chinese Take-A-Way box filled with Fortune Cookies, two or three cookies are cracked open and the proverbs are read aloud.

The fortunes are then placed in to a plastic bag containing proverbs from all your past cookies. The box of cookies is placed IN FULL VIEW.

Another spectator then reaches in to the plastic bag and takes out one of the proverbs without revealing what it says yet.

Once these things are done you try unsuccessfully to read their minds. You explain that its just one of those daysand you should have known it too, because you went for Chinese last night and your fortune cookie told you to beware of large crowds today. Always listen to your Fortune Cookie.

A spectator is given a FREE choice of ANY of the other fortune cookies and asked to hold on to it. (note: these are REAL cookies sealed in their own individual plastic wrapping)

The spectator cracks it open and the saying on the cookie matches the chosen proverb the lucky number on the reverse side matches the total of the audience chosen number!

An AMAZING routine that includes:

    • Bag of Real Fortune Cookies (real cookies)
    • Bag of Gimmick Fortune Cookies (also real cookies)
    • Takeaway boxes
    • Special gimmick force bag
    • Detailed instructions

Your Investment: $100.00

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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CSI: The Case of the Half Died Hanky by Hal Spear, Rogers, Romhany

Paul Romhany proudly presents an updated version of Billy McComb's classic Half Dyed Hanky routine using a professionally written script by famed comedy script writer Hal Spear, and original handling techniques by Wayne Rogers, taking McComb's original routine to new levels. This package is designed for the magician who wants the complete package, including professional props, instructions and a FULLY SCRIPTED routine.

Now you will be able to learn the exact routine that has been an opening routine in Paul's professional career on cruise ships, comedy clubs and corporate events. This is the first time Wayne Rogers has given permission for anybody to release his unique handling of the half dyed hanky, which he has kept to himself for over twenty-five years. For those who are familiar with the standard handling will appreciate the need for no extra dye tubes to produce the final half-dyed hanky.

Hal Spear, a comedy and TV sitcom writer has written an incredibly clever and hilarious routine for the modern performer based around the hit TV shows, CSI. This specially crafted routine takes the audience on a hilarious journey through a version of CSI called, CSI: Magic Show using black and red silks, with the final hanky being dyed half red and half black. Every joke and line is crafted by Hal Spear and written specifically for this effect. These are all original jokes with no stock lines.

BONUS: Included with this routine are TWO bonus routines. One is based around gambling and "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". The other routine is based around the famous book, "Men are from mars, Women are from Venus".

Designed by working professionals FOR magicians who want professional and highly commercial magic - this package contains everything a performer will need to add this to your act straight away. Stand out from other magicians by having a script that is original, hip, and extremely entertaining. The perfect routine for the modern performer. It can be performed under any condition from cabaret, private parties, cruise ships, corporate events to comedy clubs.

You receive:

    • Instructional DVD explaining Wayne Rogers unique handling that makes this so much easier to perform - no switch of dye tubes involved.
    • Three professional scripts crafted by famed comedy script writer Hal Spear.
    • Special gimmick and custom mfg. silks needed for these routines.

Your Investment: $74.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Entertaining on Cruise Ships

The most comprehensive book ever produced for entertainers who want to work in the cruise ship industry. No stone is left unturned as Paul shares the inside secrets in to becoming a guest entertainer on board a high-end luxury cruise liner, and more importantly, how to keep your job.

Learn how to go about working in the cruise industry, life on board a ship, what to expect, how much money you can earn, how to get your DVD in front of the right agent or cruise line, and a bonus chapter of some of Paul's pet magic routines from his act. Learn facts about ships and ship life and details about day-to-day life as a Guest Entertainer on a ship (the good times ... and the not-so-good times).

Plus, in a further effort to share the richness that a career in cruise ship entertainment might offer, Romhany has included beautiful photos from around the world, and even excerpts from his very own personal journal -- which draw the reader into this fascinating world and illustrates the author's very own life on board ship in ways which most other authors might not be willing (able) to share. Included are up-to-date web addresses, a glossary of ship terms and cruise ship contact information that will surely accelerate the learning curve for those that have the true spark, desire, and talent to pursue launching their career as a successful cruise ship entertainer. For more seasoned entertainers, this guide should also prove both interesting and informative.

This 270-page book is also packed full of photographs and stories from Paul's career as one of the most sought after cruise ship magicians, giving you a true insight in to the real world of this type of work. The book is also interlaced with stories and advice from other veteran cruise line entertainers and valuable lessons they have learned.

"What you have here is the Definitive Work on working in the Cruise Industry!" -- TC Tahoe
"This is the type of book that contains the "Top Secrets" you will need to know to be part of this great entertainment lifestyle. Name a question about working Cruise Ships and it is answered in this massive book. His section on Do's and Don'ts is worth the price of this incredible book!" -- Tony Blanco
"This book is AWESOME!! Paul has done the leg work for you. He has assembled the latest information through his professional sea legs experience. Buy this book, digest its material and you cannot go wrong! Paul's book is way under-priced!" -- Matthew Fallon, FallonMAGIC - Cruise ship magician
"The information in this book is worth thousands of dollars to ANYBODY wanting to perform on cruise ships...I wish I had this book when I was trying to get in to the cruise ship industry!" -- Den West, Cruise ship entertainer
"With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge gained both on land and while entertaining audiences afloat, Paul Romhany has created a wonderful resource and story-telling guide. In short --Great read, informational, and inspirational!" -- Jonathan Levey
"Every magician knows that great feeling they get when they buy a magic dvd or book and find a piece of advice or a new effect which enhances their show - that piece of gold that we all look for. Every page of Paul's book has wonderful golden moments in it. Thanks Paul for sharing your secrets of success with us!" -- Jim Gray - purchased this book and is now working on cruise ships

Your Investment: $29.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Extreme Magic Makeover

Have you ever noticed that the only books you can find in the comedy magic market fall into two categories?

  1. The "joke books" that are filled with separate "one liners" that are usually "throw aways" a performer can pick and use in his act at any point.
  2. The "How to Guides" which give helpful tips on how to develop and perform a comedy magic act. While most of them are helpful - you may get a line or two you can use, or a few tips on how to perform comedy, but the question remains, what is the one thing most of these books lack?

Complete ROUTINES for specific, already popular and widely performed comedy effects.

Let's face it - no matter how many techniques you gather on how to write original lines and how many tips you receive on how to develop a stage character, those step-by-step manuals are always missing one thing -- the actual jokes! Zero - zilch - nada. Sure, you can always pick up one of those "one liner" books and get one or two usable lines out of a book of one hundred , and sure, you can always use the patter that comes with the effect -- but so is EVERY OTHER MAGICIAN!

Up until now the only place to get jokes and patter for these effects comes WITH THE TRICK ITSELF. Usually the original creators patter. Consequently, many of us are performing the exact same jokes in the exact same spots for most of these effects for years. Well it's time for a change

Extreme Magic MakeOver will supply you with brand new, funny, original, COMPLETE ROUTINES for some of magic's most popular and widely performed effects. We're not changing the effect - we're just giving you a book that comes with COMPLETE, funny patter with brand new jokes and different, funny ways to take these classic effects that you may already perform, or want to dust off and perform again, because our routines are that good. In fact, after reading some of our routines, you may want to buy the trick. It's like combining stand-up comedy with magic and is ideal for comedy clubs, corporate events, cruise ships and audiences who appreciate clever comedy.

Now Hal and Paul have put together a book all magicians can use - complete FULL, ORIGINAL patter for the following effects:

    • Torn and Restored Newspaper - three different routines
    • Bowl-A-Rama by Kevin James - two comedy routines for this amazing effect - no longer just an opening routine
    • Six card Repeat and Six Bill Repeat - three routines
    • Snowstorm in China - two different routines that are original
    • Mental Epic - three very different comedy routines Half-Dyed Hank - three different routines
    • Professor's Nightmare - two versions including an adult version for the comedy club performer.
    • BONUS: Access to a website where you can download some of the 'voice' over routines used in the book plus sound effects and graphics.

Take your act to the next level with Hal and Paul's polished, funny, professional clean patter that take you through the entire effect - from time you take the trick out, to the time you put the trick away.

Hal Spear has written and performed on top television shows including NBC's The Tonight Show, ABC's Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Drew Carey Show, The Howie Mandel Show, The Arsenio Hall Show, Evening at the Improv, Caroline's Comedy Hour, The Rosie O'Donnell Show and NBC's Comedy Showcase with Louie Anderson.

The New York Post describes Hal as a "hysterically funny comedian who works at a pace that's downright dizzying."

Here is what a few of the world's top comedy magicians are saying about this book:

"This book is a wonderful addition to any comedy magicians library. Created by a magician and also a fine comedian it gets to the heart of thinking, writing and performing strong material. Highly recommended!" -- Nick Lewin, Las Vegas
"Hal 'Chickie' Spear is one of the most respected comedy writers in the business, and a knowledgeable magician as well. This book is more than a 'Makeover,' it's more like a 'Comedy Collagen Injection from a Comedic Cosmetic Surgeon.' Like a Playtex Living Bra, Hal 'lifts and separates' these tricks with his comedy so that they become 'standouts with hard little nipples' a word...Succulent!" -- Paul Kozac, Las Vegas
"If you're looking for a way to give your act a face-lift without doing all the heavy lifting yourself, then it's time to take a nice big swig of Hal Spear's Comedy Elixir. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and more importantly, your audience's!" -- Charlie Frye, Las Vegas

Book: 7" x 10" 80 pages

Your Investment: $29.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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Headline Prediction

As any seasoned professional performer will tell you, performing a headline prediction is one of the BEST ways to get major publicity. Tony Corinda said it best in 13 Steps To Mentalism, "the headline prediction almost always gets results in getting a story in print, because it is personal to the newspaper." Every time Romhany takes his one man show to a new city he gets FREE newspaper publicity because he involves a local celebrity AND a local newspaper.

It is also a great sell to corporate clients as you explain to them they will become involved by being sent something that will be a feature in the show.

In this book Paul shares his version, which has been in his professional act for over twenty years. It includes step-by-step instructions and photos that will show you exactly how to make this up.


The magician posts a sealed envelope to the client a week prior to the show. At the show the client confirms it is sealed, and has not been tampered with. The performer brings out three different daily newspapers, and a spectator is given a choice of one. The spectator takes the newspaper with sealed envelope, and sits down for the remainder of the show. For the finale, the magician asks the spectator to bring the newspaper and envelope on stage. The spectator opens up the sealed envelope, and reads out the letter, which not only predicts which newspaper the spectator would choose, but also the daily headlines, and certain results of things that happened during the show.

BONUS - Cris Johnson also shares his favorite Headline Prediction routine called, 'ConFab Headline Prediction.' This is the exact routine and method that Cris performs in his professional corporate show that uses headlines from the daily papers that are chosen by the audience.


A sealed FedEx envelope is handed out to someone at the beginning of the program. At the end of the program, several local newspapers are handed out to audience members. At the appropriate part of the show, the performer encourages the audience to select their own headlines, phrases or even individual lines of an article out. Upon opening the sealed FedEx envelope the spectator finds another sealed envelope and inside is an index card that has all of the audience-selected material on it in as much detail as the performer cares to have. Both versions are practical and can be used under any working condition from intimate settings to stage work.


Finally Paul Romhany shares a unique version using a prediction rolled up inside a poster tube, that can be used for a headline prediction or any type of prediction effect. This was used by Paul and his wife on board cruise ships for the past twelve years, as well as for solo headline prediction style routines. This unique method uses something most magicians own but Paul uses it in a very different way.

Pages: 84 - 5" x 8" - Softcover - black and white photos.

Your Investment: $19.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

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BOOK TEST (3 books)

How To Tell Anybody's Personality by the way they Laugh and Speak PLUS the Twelve minute Book Test Routine.

If you had a secret weapon that allowed you to see inside the enemy’s headquarters to see all their files, documents, and war plans, would your chances of winning be improved? Absolutely. We do have a secret weapon to win over the person you want to impress. It is the science of laughter and speech analysis, or non-verbal language.

A complete package enabling the performer to give readings or theme their mentalism presentation around people’s personality by the way they laugh and speak. PLUS a twelve minute book test routine.

"Finally somebody has updated cold-reading to something that is ultra-modern and a lot of fun!" -- Chris Cox – UK Mentalist
"Being able to tell a person’s personality by the way they laugh and speak opens up new doors for mentalism presentations as well as an amazing new way to give cold-readings!" -- TC Tahoe


Twelve years ago Paul Romhany and Ken Ring started work on giving personality readings by the way people laugh and speak. Their research, and work in this field has lead to the publication of “How To Tell Anybody’s Personality By They Way They Laugh And Speak.” This book opens up new doors for every mentalist and magician who wants to include a fresh approach to giving peronsality readings. The book dissects the various types of laughter and speech patterns, and how to give readings.

Romhany now themes his entire one man mentalism show around people’s laughter and speech patterns, and for the first time the COMPLETE package is available to the magic fraternity. You will learn how to incorporate this in your act as well as give readings on people's laughter and speech.


Over the years Paul has themed his mentalism show, and humor workshops around this presentation. By adding humor in his mentalism show he is able to give personality readings, as well as adapt it to mentalism routines. The original book not only teaches you the techniques of giving readings, it also has some special features that will allow you to do a full twelve-minute book test routine.

BONUS BOOKS – also included is a gimmick joke book called Laughter in the Workplace Joke Book. This works in conjunction with the original book and provides additional routines as well as a special crib built in to the book. This is also designed to perform Paul’s Stand-Up Word routine involving five members of the audience – an act within itself!

PLUS - Also included is the instruction book which includes the following routines that can be performed with this book test:

    • The Forced Words
    • Between The Lines – Paul has taken Anneman’s basic routine and built in to the original personality book a special Drawing Duplication routine.
    • The Crib – using the joke book you have a built in crib used in conjunction with the original Personality book.
    • Stand Up Book Test – Paul’s favorite routine involving five members of the audience and the book.
    • Two Person Routine – A great prediction routine using a husband and wife who think they know each other’s laughter personality
    • Other ideas using the personality theme for mentalism performances.

BONUS – Andrew Gerard’s Book Test Prediction routine using these books – a fantastic and original presentation which is a great closer to any show.


    • How To Tell Anybody’s Personality By The Way They Laugh and Speak - The book that teaches you everything you need to know about giving personality readings on laughter and speech. This book also contains some secret gimmicks that will enable you to do part of the 12 minute book test act. 224 pages
    • Laughter in the Workplace Joke Book – A gimmick book that works in conjunction with the Personality book, and enables several different routines. 333 pages
    • Instruction book – Explains everything you need to know to perform the 12 minute book test act. Perform all of the routines or use in conjunction with other routines.


"MY THOUGHTS: I think this is fantastic. It's no secret that I love everything that I've bought from Paul and this is no different. One of the main reasons why I like this so much is the fact that the two books used in the performance actually focus, as part of the presentation, not only on the thoughts read (ie, word or passage is read by a spectator and the "mojo guy" reads their mind) but ALSO the actual subject matter of the book is important to the routine and your entire show (if you're like Paul, who has wrapped the subject matter of the books around his entire mentalism show.)

This is also why I feel the holy grail of book tests, the Mother of All Book Tests, is slightly overrated - the text of the book means nothing. It's completely random. Even if you throw a book jacket on MOAB, it's not like you can incorporate passages into the presentation that have any significance.

Another thing to admire about this is the fact that the spectator can read the Personality book from cover to cover and will never hot upon 'the secrets.' This is a huge advantage over the book test that has been my favorite for the past few years - The Shakespeare Experiment...great book, but your spectator management skills need to be up to snuff!

Yet another thing to consider - the subject matter of the book lends itself well to incorporating it into your act for those high dollar corporate gigs that many magicians strive for. Whether a keynote, workshop or sales meeting, the subject matter of the book, deducing someone's personality, is of key relevance to corporate groups.

I'm only part way into actually reading the Personality book in terms of the actual content and so far, I'm extremely impressed. As a hypnotist and NLP guy, I can say that this information is right on target in terms of "decoding" the complex human behaviors. Great, great stuff.

The knowledge I know I'll get from this (aside from the trick aspect) will give me a ton of material to work with, from the aforementioned workshops to actually making my clinical work easier in hypnosis, because the more I can glean of a person's personality, the better I will be able to work with that client! Pretty far reaching stuff for a book test!

Oh, and while the Joke Book is a key to the 'workings' of some of the handlings (Paul provides several), it too is funny as hell. In particular I enjoyed the answering machine messages!

THE WORKING: OK, so I've raved about this package in terms of concept. What about the workings? Well, since Paul provides the purchaser with SEVERAL different ways of snuffing out what the spectator has chosen from the book (different handlings, some are forces, some are free choices) I can safely say that there is definitely something in here for everyone...there's drawing dupes, offshoots of the Hoy principal, clever forces, cribs, and on and on.
Honestly, I was super relieved when I realized how many choices Pail provided, as I remember reading on one of those dreadful forums (so much negativity!) that a book test called The Master Key was trashed because it provided too many choices in terms of 'the working.' I felt this was hogwash - different performers have different tastes and having choices is a good thing.

The workings are all on the technically easy side - no memorization necessary, although if you enjoy memorizing, you can certainly dispense with the crib.
An important note - for the most part, the workings are based on tried-and-true methods. If you're looking for the latest breakthrough in terms of method, you'll not find it here. This package is designed for the worker, and I feel very relieved knowing that not only did Paul build his book test on the solid foundation of proven methods but he made sure the book was readable from cover to cover - no 'gobbleygook' here!

ANGLES: This being a book test(s), there are no angle considerations that I noticed, meaning you can do this in a house party surrounded - a situation I've found myself in a few times over the years when entertaining adults!

THE FINAL RATING: It's not going to surprise many readers to know that I'm giving this a 10 out of 10. Paul's my friend, so occasionally I sometimes feel a pang inside my mind of "Should I give Paul's latest product a lower score simply because I'm friends with the guy and I need to be 'believable?'" But it's impossible. Book tests are one of those 'standard' items where new versions pop up all the time and with very few exceptions are any of them worth consideration. Paul's latest offering is stellar and for the working pro, an incredible bargain."

Your Investment: $150.00

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^

How To Tell Anybody's Personality By The Way They Laugh And Speak


If you had a secret weapon that allowed you to see inside the enemy’s headquarters to see all their files, documents, and war plans, would your chances of winning be improved? Absolutely. We do have a secret weapon to win over the person you want to impress. It is the science of laughter and speech analysis, or non-verbal language.

This secret weapon is an invaluable tool for any working performer. Many of the top performers in the world are now using this technique to theme their shows, using it to give cold-readins and even enhance their cold-reading business by giving readings over the phone!!

"Finally somebody has updated cold-reading to something that is ultra-modern and a lot of fun!" -- Chris Cox – UK Mentalist
"Being able to tell a person’s personality by the way they laugh and speak opens up new doors for mentalism presentations as well as an amazing new way to give cold-readings!" -- TC Tahoe

A unique approach for the performer to give readings or theme their mentalism presentation around people’s personality by they laugh and speak. Imagine being able to chose the right person to assist you onstage by listening to the way they laugh and speak. This book will open up new possibilities for anybody who gives cold readings, wants to give readings over the phone, or use it in their performance.

Twelve years ago Paul Romhany and Ken Ring started work on giving personality readings by the way people laugh and speak. Their research, and work in this field has lead to the publication of “How To Tell Anybody’s Personality By They Way They Laugh And Speak.” This book opens up new doors for every mentalist and magician who wants to include a fresh approach to giving personality readings. The book dissects the various types of laughter and speech patterns, and how to give readings based on how a person responds to a joke or talks to you.

Paul Romhany now themes his entire one man mentalism show around people’s laughter and speech patterns. On stage he will keep his show light and have everybody laughing - all the while actually giving them readings. It's the perfect tool for mentalists who perform any routine where they want to tell the audience something about themselves. For the first time this book is available to the magic and mentalism fraternity. You will learn how to incorporate this in your act as well as give readings on people's laughter and speech.


    • Your Secret Weapon.
    • Body Language.
    • Is body language teachable?
    • What is personality?
    • Getting the big picture.


    • Do animals laugh?

    • Chimapanzee laughter

    • Language of rabbits

    • Language of dogs

    • Benefits of laughter

    • Properties of human laughter.

    • Laughter as a social signal

    • Laughter as communication.

    • Laughter is contagious

    • What makes us laugh?

    • You can tell much from who you laugh with.

    • How to get a person to laugh.

    • Before you make them laugh


    • How did verbal language originate?
    • The mouth
    • The Voice
    • Why isn’t a person talking?
    • Behaviour during Language
    • Using the telephone
    • Face-to-face communication
    • Styles of speech
    • Learn to listen to non-verbal language
    • Why is non-verbal language so important?
    • A vocabulary of non-verbal behaviour
    • Positive body language
    • Negative Body Language
    • Transitions
    • What happens in the brain?


    • Conclusions about gestures

    • Where in the brain do gestures come from?
    • Presentation tips

    • Know thyself


    • Survey on faces
    • In facial features


    • Structure of the face

    • The eyes have it


    • Mouth and lips

    • Teeth

    • Cheeks

    • Chin

    • Nose

    • Eyebrows

    • Eyes

    • Ears

    • Hair

    • Accessories


    • Interpretations
    • The emotional scale


    • Mirroring when dealing with children









    • Over-the-phone test
      Typical short phone readings...

    • The 5 Point test


    • The Job Interview.
    • The Seven Signals For Success
    • Compatability

    • Fortelling the future


Your Investment: $39.95

[NOTE: If you live outside the US & Canada, please email us for specific shipping rates.]

Take it From the Top ^


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