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The Invisible Q & A Act

Have you ever wanted to perform one of mentalism’s greatest routines, Q & A, but were put off by some of the “bold” (translation – risky!) methods out there?

The Q & A Act is one of mentalism’s most impressive routines for one simple reason: you’re stepping into the minds of SEVERAL people in the audience and revealing their inner-most desires, personal information and most secret thoughts! It defines what most lay-people think of when they think of a “mind reader.” It also hooks audiences because you are dealing with THEIR personal thoughts and not “the six of clubs” or a word in a book.

The Invisible Q & A Act is designed for real-world performing and is especially suited for beginning mentalists who find other methods too bold or risky. When you get right down to it, regardless of the method, 99% of Q & A rely on two things: secretly gaining access to what the spectators are thinking or asking and delivering that information in a fool-proof, entertaining way. The Invisible Q & A Act addresses many of the weaknesses of other Q & A methods and is designed to get you up and running in no time.

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The Mother of All Predictions

Everything you are about to read is absolutely true.

Picture this in your mind….

You, the entertainer, have performed most of your show. The audience is in love with you. You’ve been hearing gasps of amazement, hearing laughter and applause and seeing the smiles and looks of astonishment on everyone’s faces.

“Let’s play a game!” you remark, with a gleam in your eye. You turn to a large white board that has been in view the entire show.

Using the whiteboard with the categories and the subsequent choices written in HUGE letters allows the audience as a whole to follow along as the CD plays, thus everyone can experience the amazing revelations, both in a visual AND auditory sense, involving more senses and thus a stronger reaction.

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How To Become A Better Performer

Author Cris Johnson has been performing as a professional in real-world situations for nearly two decades and has encountered the problems and unexpected situations that nearly every magician encounters when interacting with real audiences. After becoming frustrated with the magic community for years by the overall lack of performing guidance, he's decided to provide magicians with a guide, to offer his thoughts on what magicians trying to get work in the real world can expect to encounter in terms of potential problems, performing conditions, what works and why, what doesn't work and why, and a lot more.

While his experiences don't cover every market available, Cris does have a good sized list of markets that can certainly help magicians out there struggling to put on good shows under often adverse conditions that people without the experience will not be equipped to handle... thus dragging down the perception the public often has about magic performances!

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Cause & Effects: Volume 1

With this book, “Cause & Effects Volume 1,” I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite working routines. They have served me incredibly well, allowing me to earn a great living doing what I love.

Most magicians certainly WON’T be amazed by the methodology – most of it is quite familiar, but the routines, scripting, choreography, psychology and even a few touches of NLP have made these incredibly reliable for me. In each routine, I go into incredible detail on exactly why they play so well, including all of the touches that can only be obtained through thousands of performances. They consistently get great reactions and more importantly, repeat bookings.

They can do the same for you, too.

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Cause & Effects: Volume 2

After the success of the first “Cause & Effects” book of effects and routines, I’ve decided to release Volume 2, which contains six more fully developed routines right out of current performing set lists.

These routines have been fine-tuned over hundreds or even THOUSANDS of performances and they now are guaranteed laugh-getters. Let me clarify one thing: with these routines I’m not doing stand-up comedy where I poke fun at the latest Hollywood gossip, like a stand-up comic might do.

The comedy from these routines is situational, meaning the laughter springs from the magic. In other words, the humor of each routine compliments and enhances the magic rather than detracts from it.

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Cause & Effects: Volume 3

I understand – it’s tough writing an original script! Heck, if a professional performer offers an effective, commercial presentation for an effect of magic, I’ll certainly consider adding it to my own set lists. In recent years, I’ve purchased routines from Bob Kohler, Paul Romhany, Scott Alexander and many others.

Still, the majority of the time, a routine that ‘fits me’ for a given effect simply does not exist and after years of trial by fire in front of hundreds of audiences, I’ve fine-tuned several professional presentations for many “classic” props and effects in magic.

Some of these routines appeared in the previous volumes of this series, “Cause & Effects” Volumes 1 & 2.

This NEW volume breaks from the format of the previous two books in that in addition to the commercial, practical routines, I’m also including some essays on performance, trouble-shooting and more!

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Clearview Airborne

Throughout your show, you’ve paused occasionally to take a quick drink of water from an everyday, garden-variety clear water bottle. Finally, at one point, you again take the water bottle and pour some water into a glass. You let go of the glass and it FLOATS in the air as you continue to pour water into it!

The audience is shocked beyond belief!

Most of us have seen the Airborne effect and loved it. Most of the marketed versions that I’ve used have several flaws.

After struggling with several versions over the years, I had to believe there was a way to “build a better mousetrap!”

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The Perfect Zombie Routine for Childrens’ Entertainers

Cris has been performing this routine for over 15 years now, and it really kills! It’s funny, it’s angle-proof, and addresses the logical flaw of the Zombie.

In the routine, a mysterious black box is brought out. The magician tells his audience about a mysterious creature inside. After a lot of jokes and sight gags, the box’s lid is removed, the creature (still unseen) rises underneath the cloth, floats about, dashes toward the audience, and finally peers out from the cloth to reveal itself to be a cute, cuddly “critter.”

In this routine, kids are squealing in mock-fright, laughing at the humor, and clamoring just to SEE the creature, which is satisfied at the end of the routine. Adults laugh at the tongue in cheek way the routine plays out and from the plot of a “creature” rather than a magician’s Mysterious Silver Ball.

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How To Become A Full-Time Magician In 6 Months

Are you tired of working a dead-end job that is unfulfilling? Are you tired of being told when to work, how hard to work, and how much money you will make? Do you want to leave all of that behind, become your own boss, and live the good life?

Are you ready to become a full-time magician?

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t know what to do to get more shows! I pass out my business card and do free shows at my church, but the ‘word of mouth’ isn’t doing much right now!”

No problem – Cris Johnson’s new course, “Become a Full-Time Magician FAST!” will show you, step-by-step, exactly what to do to become a full-time magician in just a few months!

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How To Make A Ton Of Money Performing Magic In Schools

Many aspiring magicians want to do school assembly shows, but their thinking about how to do it and what to offer is VERY flawed! For instance, most birthday show magicians decide to get into the school market because of the larger audiences and larger paychecks. Here’s the truth of the matter: If you don’t give school clients EXACTLY the kind of program they want, then you’re NOT going to be successful in the school market!

What this means is this: if you want to perform in schools on a consistent basis, you MUST have educational material to present. THAT is what schools want the vast majority of the time. ONLY by offering educational shows will you fill your calendar with shows.

That’s where Cris Johnson’s new Course comes in!

The “How To Make A Ton Of Money Performing in Schools” is a complete PROGRAM… real marketing AND complete performance script secrets that you can take and use in your performing career.

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How To Make a $1000 In One Show

Imagine this.

You’re on stage, performing magic and hundreds of people are wildly applauding you. You can see their faces. You can hear their laughter. You feel the excitement in your own mind. It feels GREAT.

After the show, people line up to shake your hand, hand you MORE money and walk away with your promo materials so they can book you themselves. This happens over and over again, with clients saying, “I’m so glad you came tonight! We really needed this!”

If you want to make huge gobs of money performing magic on stage, drive your competition crazy, and do all this while helping schools raise big money, then this might be the most important information you’ll ever read.

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How to Make a Ton of Money Performing in High Schools

What if I told you about a magic market that would enable you to perform some of your favorite ‘street style’ effects but for BIG audiences?

What if I told you this market paid REALLY well?

What if I told you this market, compared to others, was virtually untapped, with less competition from other magicians than virtually any other market?

That market is…HIGH SCHOOLS!

That’s right, high schools are a wonderful source of income for magicians… IF you go into them with the right kind of programs.

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The Perfect End to Childrens’ Shows

At most children’s events, the people in charge do not have the luxury of basking in the glow of a successful event.

The children are in the process of leaving, going back to classes or expecting to be entertained in some other fashion. The adults have to clean up the mess, herd children to another area, and try to make sure no one gets trampled on when leaving the performance.

In short, one of the BEST things you can do, from a client satisfaction standpoint is bring the energy level of the group of children way down, into a nice, quiet compliant state.

Here is where The Perfect Way to End Children’s Shows comes in.

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Murder By Magic

The advantage of this is that unlike a traditional magic or mentalism show, there is an actual STORY going on, one the audience can easily follow.

Event planners who hire me INSTANTLY see the value of such a program and many of them hire me even after saying, “We had a magician last year and we don’t want to see another magic show.”

I’ll even let you in on a BIG secret: For several years, I’ve done Stage Hypnosis Shows (VERY popular with HR directors and meeting planners) for corporate clients and quite frankly, I don’t enjoy them because most of my corporate clients’ attendees at the shows are filled with people who do NOT want to be hypnotized, making my job difficult… so when talking with a prospective client, I then explain why “Murder By Magic” is such a better idea… and over 90% of clients inquiring about a hypnosis show make the switch to booking “Murder By Magic” instead… even if they already hired a magician last year!

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The Corporate Newsletter System

Want a sure-fire way to “lock in” corporate clients month after month, year after year?

Let me explain…

As individual performers, we can only be in one place at one time. When it comes to gigs, it seems like every client wants a certain date at a certain time. In the case of corporate holiday parties, here in the United States it seems as though there are a few Fridays and Saturdays that many corporate groups choose when planning their parties.

So, here’s what happens: you start booking those dates… and then 5 or 6 more clients contact you for those same dates over and over until the dates pass. (It’s most common for the holiday season, but professional corporate workers know it can happen all year.)

The reality is this: That gig is GONE next year. The prospect will have misplaced your info or forgotten all about booking anything until the same time next year. There has to be a way to ensure that when the prospect is looking for entertainment (or a motivational speaker) that YOU can be right on the tip of their mind, so to speak.

The answer is simple: taking control of the situation and guaranteeing that when the time comes, you’re already on the prospect’s mind because you’ve had her attention the entire year. Not only that, but this same technique can be used to alert your prospect to other programs you offer, date-sensitive offers and much more.

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The No BS, Sure-Fire Way To Getting Your Prospects To Book You Over The Phone

This is NOT about cold calling!

When Cris Johnson first began learning about marketing his services as an entertainer, he learned about lead generation advertising, direct mail, and all kinds of wonderful techniques.

However, nothing has matched the effectiveness of how to handle the calls when the marketing starts doing its job!

Think about it. You've just spent a ton of money on direct mail, or a phone book ad, or whatever, but then the phone calls from prospects come flying in and you... wing it. You start stammering and saying "uh" because you just woke up, and launch into a confusing description of your favorite Ambitious Card routine. Not good!

Get Them To Call... And Get Them To Book You!

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Mentorship Program

What do you think of when you hear the word Mastery?

For me, it means to be an undisputed expert in a certain field, where your skill set is so powerful that rather than thinking about or considering something, you just DO it. What do I mean by that?

There are four levels of competence. They are:

    1. Unconscious Incompetent – this is a person who doesn’t know and does not even know that they don’t know!
    2. Conscious Incompetent – the person who at least KNOWS that they don’t know!
    3. Conscious Competent – This is a person who knows and if they think about it, they can get things done.
    4. Unconscious Competent – this is the person who knows what to do…and doesn’t even have to think about it to get things done. It just HAPPENS.

How all of this applies to magic is simple… in the field of magic, there are masters, there are some people who are competent, but then there’s a slew of people out there who are so bad and they don’t seem to realize it.

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