The Mother of All Predictions

Everything you are about to read is absolutely true.

Picture this in your mind….

You, the entertainer, have performed most of your show. The audience is in love with you. You’ve been hearing gasps of amazement, hearing laughter and applause and seeing the smiles and looks of astonishment on everyone’s faces.

“Let’s play a game!” you remark, with a gleam in your eye. You turn to a large white board that has been in view the entire show.

On it is listed the following:
    • CELEBRITY #1
    • FOOD
    • CAR
    • STORE
    • SOUND
  • DATE

“In the interest of saving time, earlier this evening I asked several people to think of some items. Would those people please stand?” Twelve people stand up, as their co-workers chuckle a bit.

“I asked each of you to think of something different and to write that item down on a card, correct?” The twelve people each nod their heads.

“I did not, however, contact any of you BEFORE today, correct?” More nods. “Also, other than the categories listed, I did not restrict you or guide you…each choice was completely free and fair, out of the thousands or perhaps MILLIONS of choices for each category. In other words, the person who thought of a FOOD item had their choice of literally any food on the planet – millions of choices, correct?” Again, more nods.

“Well, without even realizing it, you’ve all been recruited to play a bizarre game of ‘Mad Libs!’” Everyone starts laughing, wondering where this is heading.

One by one, you then ask every person in order, to tell the entire audience who/what they chose. As they do so, you fill in that choice next to each category name. When the list is finished, the entire audience can see this:

CELEBRITY #1– Brad Pitt
LOCATION – Detroit, MI
FOOD – Biscuits & Gravy
CAR – Volvo
STORE – Wal-Mart
SOUND – Clattering

ANIMAL – Possum
WEAPON – Nail Clippers
INSULTING NAME – Thick-Necked Fool
CELEBRITY #2 – Bob Barker
DATE – July 2, 2013

You then turn to the audience and smile. "This is no ordinary game of ‘Mad Libs’…several weeks ago, I mailed a package to Mrs. Human Resource Director. Would she join me onstage with the package, please?”

Mrs. Human Resource Director joins you onstage, smiling nervously, wondering what you’re up to.

“Now, Mrs. Human Resource Director, did I in fact mail you that package several weeks ago?” She nods her head.

“It’s been in YOUR possession the entire time?” She nods her head.

“In fact, once it came to you in the mail, I have not even SEEN it until today, correct?”

She says, “Yes.”

“Please open the package.” She opens the package and removes a smaller envelope inside.

You continue, “I do NOT want to touch it. In fact, you can verify that once that package arrived, I have NOT touched that envelope for several weeks, correct?”

She says, “Yes, that’s correct.”

“Great! Please remove what’s inside.” She opens the envelope and removes an audio CD.

You continue, “Over there,” (as you point to a table) “is a small CD player, a walkman. The CD player is patched into the hotel’s house sound system so everyone can hear what’s on that CD. Please place the CD into the player.”

As she walks over to the player, you address the audience as a whole.

“Folks, I mentioned a weird game of ‘Mad Libs.’ Each of the folks standing in the audience has provided certain things to be inserted into my Mad Lib. My Mad Lib is really weird because I mailed it ahead of time! Let’s all listen…”

You then motion for the client to push ‘play’ on the player. The audience then hears YOUR voice saying the following:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for ‘MAD LIBS!’ No one has been approached before today and I promise, no one is in on it. Here’s our story for today’s Mad Lib:

“Once upon a time, there was a young man named BRAD PITT. He lived in a magical, enchanted land of beauty called DETROIT, MICHIGAN. One day, he was hungry for some BISCUITS AND GRAVY so he hopped in his VOLVO to go to WAL-MART.

“On the way, Brad heard a CLATTERING sound. He pulled over to check it out and a POSSUM lunged at him, biting his BIG TOE. In anger, Brad pulled out his NAIL CLIPPERS and screamed, “You’re nothing but a THICK-NECKED FOOL!” With that, the animal was dead. Brad then screamed, “I’m glad you’re dead! I’m going to feed your cold, dead carcass to my friend, BOB BARKER.”

“This brings our sad, tragic tale to a close. The time of death was JULY 2, 2013.”

The CD then continues with your contact information, which can be played for the entire audience or just for the client privately, after the show. She is told to keep the CD as a keepsake and of course, others can listen to it as often as they wish because it is in fact a normal CD.


    • Imagine the looks of shock and amazement on the faces of your audiences during this routine.
    • Imagine the sounds of their applause and gasps of astonishment.
    • Imagine how your feeling of pride and excitement, knowing you can offer something so incredible that people simply will not be able to explain it.
    • Imagine how many compliments you’ll receive after a routine like this.
    • Imagine how many repeat or spin-off bookings you’ll get from a routine like this.

IMPORTANT POINT: if you do not like the ‘Mad-Libs’ storyline, you can COMPLETELY change this to suit YOUR style and needs.

I’m Cris Johnson, writer of the Cause & Effects weekly blog, and for two decades, I’ve been searching for the perfect one-man, no-assistant, multi-part prediction. I had been using a written multi-part prediction for 12 years that played (and still plays) very, very strong. It’s been the closer of my corporate banquet program for what seems like forever.

Because I strive to work with the same clients over and over, I had to have a follow-up closer for the next year…. something that would EXCEED the incredible reactions my first prediction routine. Expectations are naturally VERY high for repeat clients.

Also, I always wanted the prediction to be more visible. Most one-man predictions of this type are written on a small postcard-size note card. The afore-mentioned prediction falls into this category. It’s always served me extremely well, but I wanted something that plays for the entire audience, not just the one person reading the card with me.

I then considered an audio prediction, realizing that EVERYONE could hear the prediction, thus involving the entire audience.

The problem was, many audio predictions were restricting to a force of some kind – a chosen card, words or objects pulled out of a forcing bag and so on. I didn’t want any kind of force.

Also with some other audio-style predictions, many use a gimmicked player. A few years ago, I had one that cost a LOT of money. It worked well and got a good reaction, but it had two problems: First, the thing was heavy and bulky – a standard boom box. I couldn’t take it to gigs I had to fly to because it would be destroyed by the airlines – even ‘carry-ons’ are roughed up during flights.

Secondly, the sound quality on my gimmicked player was rather poor. You could hear it and make everything out but it really sounded bad.

Thus, I developed…The Mother of All Predictions!

What I’ve dubbed “The Mother of All Predictions” addresses all of these concerns and more.

Using the whiteboard with the categories and the subsequent choices written in HUGE letters allows the audience as a whole to follow along as the CD plays, thus everyone can experience the amazing revelations, both in a visual AND auditory sense, involving more senses and thus a stronger reaction.

In fact, there are so many advantages to this particular prediction that it’s difficult to list them all, but here are a few:

    • The performance description is complete – it plays out EXACTLY as written with NO hidden moves left out of the presentation description!
    • Because of the large white board and the audio component, this packs flat but plays HUGE!
    • During the performance, the performer NEVER touches the CD or the CD player
    • There is nothing “tricky” about the CD OR the player. NO electronic gimmicks AT ALL
    • Because ANY CD player can be used – either yours or even the client’s CD player – you can easily perform this for gigs where you have to fly…pick up a cheap CD Walkman or use the client’s or DJ’s equipment!
    • FAST – no drawn-out billet work or time-wasting writing down of information during the actual show
    • EVERYONE can both SEE and HEAR the prediction! (Most one-man predictions do not boast this feature)
    • Spectator may keep the CD, allowing you to add a short “commercial” for your marketing efforts!
    • Fast-paced and funny
    • Your hands are completely EMPTY the entire time you’re doing this on stage
    • Not “pretentious” like so much ‘know-it-all’ styles of mentalism
    • The journey to the revelation is interesting, novel and engaging
    • Fully customizable for ANY situation and ANY performing style
    • Methodology works just as well as a headline prediction
    • Predict ANYTHING
    • Multiple predictions build interest, excitement and impossibility of the effect
    • Other than mailing the envelope to the client, EVERYTHING is done the DAY OF THE SHOW – no prior meetings necessary

I also want to thank Mr. Lee Earle from Phoenix, Arizona for his kind permission to use one of his creations in this manuscript. Anyone familiar with Lee Earle’s work know that it is breathtaking in its thinking and stunning in terms of effect. This is no exception.

Full details on Lee’s creation and the application of Lee’s work (with additional credits) will be described fully in my book. Lee’s thinking is incredible and his contribution to this work is absolutely stellar.

Everything, especially the ‘miracles’ we create in the minds of our audiences, has a trade-off, so in the interest of full disclosure, I will say that this method does require you to do a little work before the show. I’m NOT talking about “pre-show,” because in the show description, I was up front with the audience, telling them the fact that I had earlier asked spectators to think up these ‘mad-lib’ categories.

I simply approach twelve people before the show and solicit their suggestions. Again, their suggestions are NOT forces and I carry NO decks of cards with me for this routine. Also, the prediction CD was mailed weeks in advance, so being open about the questioning is fine for preserving the ‘WOW’ factor. I usually do this during cocktail hour, when I’m often hired to perform close-up magic before the ‘main’ stage show that takes place after dinner, so I kill two birds with one stone.

Of course, regarding pre-show methods such as center tears or clipboards, you MAY, if you CHOOSE, clip-board people and then use doublespeak to play it off during the show as though these are spontaneous suggestions. Although I choose not to, it IS an option with this routine, for those who like to work that way. In fact, in the manuscript, I discuss different ways of doing this for those interested…but it is NOT a necessity.

In the description, I mentioned how the CD player was patched through the hotel’s banquet sound system. That is a reality, and the way I do it most often, as most rational people realize I could NOT “do something funny” with the hotel’s sound system!

Of course, if you have your own sound system, simply plug your CD player into that. When I fly, I use the client’s or hotel’s system…I only mention this because you can do this with ANY sound system ANYWHERE. In terms of any sound apparatus used, NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING is ‘gimmicked.’

In fact, if you really wanted to impress your client, buy a ‘walkman’ style CD player do the performance, and give her the CD and the Walkman to keep after the show! For the right client, this would be priceless.

In addition to approaching the spectators for their suggestions before the show, you will also need to do a little bit of additional work before the actual show – about 5-10 minutes’ worth - but this is done by yourself, ALONE in private, away from prying eyes, and is NOT traditional ‘pre-show’ as most think. It can be done in your car, in your hotel room (if it’s close enough) or even outside.

Oh, and this before-the-show preparation on the day of the performance does NOT involve using the Internet in any way, shape or form and does NOT involve placing phone calls to confederates, secretaries, or any other pre-show research. It is truly one-person in operation.

In addition to everything just discussed, here are some additional considerations with using this particular prediction method as described above and how I personally perform it:

    • NO angle restrictions…perform surrounded!
    • NO group size restrictions!
    • NO expensive replacements
    • NO special “remote control” electronic props costing thousands of dollars
    • NO forcing
    • NO dual reality
    • NO impression devices
    • NO gimmicked writing utensils
    • NO nail writing
    • NO pocket writing
    • NO ‘double writing’
    • NO ‘covert writing’ of any kind
    • NO carbon paper
    • NO instant stooges
    • NO offstage assistants
    • NO sleight-of-hand of ANY kind
    • NO billets
    • NO palming
    • NO chemicals
    • NO presentational limitations
    • NO memory work
    • NO “funny business” at the post office
    • NO help from client’s secretaries or assistants
    • NO “meeting with a committee or client weeks before the show” as with other styles of predictions
    • NO ‘hidden microphones’
    • NO “RF’ technology
    • NO bulky apparatus…bring a Walkman or even use the client’s CD player for true believability!
    • NO poor sound quality…sounds as crystal clear as the system or CD player you choose to play it…yours or the hotels’.

To further increase presentational options, I even include a non-audio CD version, making the preparation of the prediction around 60 seconds or so. You can use the methodology I describe to forego the audio CD and simply have your final prediction written HUGE, on the biggest piece of paper you can get your hands on.

Even with the “big paper” option, you can STILL have the prediction envelope mailed to the client weeks in advance… no need for a large gimmicked envelope hanging near you on stage. Your client holds the envelope until she opens it herself.

This truly is the “Mother of All Predictions.”

Comb-bound book explains everything in incredible detail as well as several different presentational possibilities.

Your Investment: $49.95
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