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Mastering Your Business…

What do you think of when you hear the word Mastery?

For me, it means to be an undisputed expert in a certain field, where your skill set is so powerful that rather than thinking about or considering something, you just DO it. What do I mean by that?

There are four levels of competence. They are:

    1. Unconscious Incompetent – this is a person who doesn’t know and does not even know that they don’t know!
    2. Conscious Incompetent – the person who at least KNOWS that they don’t know!
    3. Conscious Competent – This is a person who knows and if they think about it, they can get things done.
    4. Unconscious Competent – this is the person who knows what to do…and doesn’t even have to think about it to get things done. It just HAPPENS.

How all of this applies to magic is simple… in the field of magic, there are masters, there are some people who are competent, but then there’s a slew of people out there who are so bad and they don’t seem to realize it.

I was recently watching America’s Got Talent and while some of the acts really blew me away, by and large the magicians (even the ones that got voted through to Vegas) disappointed me.


Because magic is STILL misunderstood by many of the people getting into it. Unlike singing or dancing, where skill is instantly perceived, magic is a form of entertainment where a person can buy some stuff, bill themselves out as a “magician” and get gigs…high dollar gigs in some cases!

And on top of that, if a magic act is what I would consider barely passable, the act can still make a good living in magic and this depresses me a great deal because the bar is constantly being lowered by these wanna-be's flooding the market.

What Does All Of This Have To Do With Mastery?

I was recently reading an email from someone who had purchased a couple of my products and he was asking for help, saying that despite his best efforts, he just could not get a foothold in his local (or even statewide) school market.

He sent me his brochures, emails, sales letters and so on…and as I read it, I was dumbfounded. This gentleman had invested good money to obtain my materials (stuff that has enabled me to earn over $100,000 a year every year for several years) and he had used NOTHING of what I sent him, electing instead to do the same ol’ stuff that magicians have been doing for decades... and he was confused as to why he was having zero success.

That’s When It Hit Me

This gentleman needed a mentor – someone to guide him, interact with him and nurture his career.

In the book “Mastery” by Robert Greene, the entire history of mentors and the advantages of having mentors is covered both from a historical perspective as well as a proving ground as to the value of having a mentor, an expert, whom you can call upon to help build your career.

It was a fascinating book – one I highly recommend – and it motivated me to get a mentor of my own. As many of you who read my Blog over the years, I am transitioning to a new career in hypnosis. Knowing that at my current age – let’s just say my 20’s are long since in the rear view window – I didn’t want to spend decades trying to build a career in hypnosis by trial and error.

My mentor in Hypnosis is Dr. Will Horton – a doctor of psychology and nearly four decades’ worth of practical experience in the field, both from the clinical side as well as the business-building side. His expertise has been invaluable, and in the 7 months or so I’ve been mentoring with him, I’ve seen my confidence in hypnosis rise as well as my earnings, as I’m on track in 2013 to earn FOUR TIMES what I earned in hypnosis in 2012. That kind of rapid growth would have been something that took me years to figure out on my own – if ever.

What’s Your Point?

I realized that my skills and experience in magic give me the experience to offer mentorships to a select few magicians reading this.

Why did I decide on a mentorship as opposed to the weekend “bootcamps” that so many other magic gurus have done in the past?

Simple. TIME!

As I continue to build my new career, I’m still actively performing on the road and I expect to still be doing so for at least a few years. (This is good for you, as I’ll explain in a second.)

Secondly, at many of the weekend “bootcamps” I’ve attended, the organizer will bring in several top experts to speak on whatever topic they are most talented in. It’s a great learning experience for attendees and it’s a great business model for those speaking and organizing the event…

But it has one glaring problem.

Each one of us is different, and rather than getting a canned (albeit brilliant) presentation for one hour on a topic, a mentorship allows the student to take his/her investment in any direction they wish.

Why would I mentor a student on corporate magic if the student has zero desire to go into that market?

Conversely, if a performer has no desire to work birthday parties, I’m not going to waste his/her time…or my time!

Additionally, many of the presenters at these events are retired from full-time performing and now make their living lecturing. That’s fine too, but technology changes, audiences change… in short, what worked three years ago may need adjusting for today.

The way my mentorships work is this:

Once a week we (you and I) arrange for a phone call for 30-40 minutes and during that time we can cover whatever you want.

In a few moments, I’m going to list the topics, markets and things that I feel qualified to mentor people on, and I will also list the things I am NOT qualified on. (For example, if you want to work trade shows or cruise ships, I’m NOT your guy.)

(NOTE: I feel this is a strength – despite being literally a world traveler and expert in his field, Dr. Horton is the first to admit he has little experience in Pediatric Hypnosis and thus refers those clients elsewhere.)

Before the first call, I will send you a ton of paperwork to fill out – your strengths, your weaknesses, where your career is now, where you want it to be in the future, and more. I’ll also ask you to send me websites, Youtube videos, DVDs, etc – anything and everything that you can send me so I can feel like I really “know” you. (And, and for anyone wondering about sharing their prized material or favorite scripted lines, I will provide a written contract in which I pledge not to use any of your stuff. I never use anyone’s stuff but if it worries you, I’ll sign it.)

Now, Here’s What My Areas of Expertise Include:

    • Birthday parties
    • Daycare/Child Care shows
    • Daytime School Assemblies (K-12)
    • Corporate Holiday Parties
    • Corporate Sales Meetings
    • Corporate Multi-Session Trainings
    • Family Picnics
    • Night Time School Fundraisers (K-12)
    • Libraries
    • Post-Prom Shows
    • After Grad Shows
    • Writing Sales letters
    • Phone Sales – NOT cold calling!
    • Office Organization
    • Staging / Blocking
    • Theming Shows – tying tricks into a specific message or concept
    • Email Copywriting
    • Google Adwords
    • Gigmasters Copy
    • Working With Agents
    • Running Your Business Like a BUSINESS
    • Traveling to Gigs – Air Travel
    • Traveling to Gigs – Driving
    • Putting Together “tours” of Schools
    • Pricing
    • Flowing from one effect to another: ROUTINING a Show
    • Package Selling
    • Some SEO knowledge to get you started
    • Offering BOR – product sales at shows
    • Developing products for other markets
    • Creating Promo Packages that ROCK!
    • Analyzing effects on the market
    • “Selling” Shows AT Shows
    • Sound Systems
    • And Much More

Here’s What I Am NOT an Expert In:

    • Cruise Ships
    • Trade Shows
    • Magic Competitions
    • Building and/or Designing New Effects or Illusions
    • Multi-Person Acts

This should give you a great idea of what I can offer you.

“OK, Cris, This Sounds Great! How Much?”

Since my hypnosis mentor, Dr. Will Horton, is where I got the idea to mentor from, I decided to look at his fee structure for guidance. Dr. Horton’s mentorship program runs for a full year. His regular fee for a full year is $3,600.

However, because I had purchased so much of his material before, he gave me a discounted rate of $2400 for a year. Already, only 7 months in, I’ve already decided to sign up for a second year.

He also said a second year would only be $1200, because, he has discovered, in the second year, a hypnotist needed much less guidance.

Dr. Horton also confided in me recently that he is thinking of signing up for another person’s mentorship (in a different field) and that year-long mentorship clocked in at $10,000!

But You’re Not Going To Pay That!

You’re not paying $10,000…not even close. I’m not even going to charge you $3,600. Nor am I going to charge $2400. I’m not event going as high as $1200.

My first-year fee is normally $995, but since you are on my own product and training-for-magicians website, it means I don’t have any commissions to pay other people, I’ll take an additional $100 off, making your investment of a FULL YEAR of mentoring with me just $895!

Remember – I’m with you for a full year. 50 weeks of mentoring (I take two weeks off for vacation) and we will work with YOU on what YOU want to get your career to the next level.

Remember, I’m not a Vegas guy (and in my markets, that would be a disadvantage anyway!) nor do I go to the conventions… I just don’t have time because I travel so much. And I’m not on the Magic Café very much, as I feel the negativity is poisonous to a healthy mindset… and I’ll freely admit I’ve lashed out a few times and I regret it… (but I do know how beneficial it is to avoid that kind of stuff!)

What I AM good at is making over $100,000 a year performing mostly in the United States, despite all of the recession talk.

Make the investment in yourself and do what Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and other greats in their fields have done. Sign up for a mentorship today and launch your performing career to a higher level.

Your Investment: $895


Cris Johnson, CH, CT.NLP

P.S. To “sweeten” the deal, by signing up for my mentorship you will ALSO get a 50% off coupon code to save half off of anything on this site for a full year!!


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