The Perfect Way to End Children’s Shows


You’ve just finished a show in front of 20 kids, 200 kids or 2,000 kids, it doesn’t matter. You’ve taken bow after bow, people are standing and chanting your name, and you exit the performing awash in that wonderful post-show feeling of having done a fantastic show.

Meanwhile, the teachers, parents or other adults “in charge” now have to move this mass of energized, screaming children back to classes, out the doors or to the kitchen for birthday cake, depending on the situation. Despite the fact that you did a wonderful show, the adults in charge will carry this awful memory of chaos, noise and difficulty as the lasting impression of your show!

I’m Cris Johnson, and after 15 years of performing in birthday parties, summer camps, daycares and school shows, I can tell you that many magicians, clowns, jugglers and other entertainers forget that in many cases, the children’s or family entertainer is doing a show for people who are not used to hosting a show. A birthday mom, in most cases, may only deal with 15-20 kids once a year…at her child’s birthday. At an elementary school, even if the faculty is used to assemblies, it’s still an interruption in the normal day-to-day daily routine.

The point is, this is NOT Vegas and NOT a cruise ship!

At most children’s events, the people in charge do not have the luxury of basking in the glow of a successful event. The children are in the process of leaving, going back to classes or expecting to be entertained in some other fashion. The adults have to clean up the mess, herd children to another area, and try to make sure no one gets trampled on when leaving the performance.

In short, one of the BEST things you can do, from a client satisfaction standpoint is bring the energy level of the group of children way down, into a nice, quiet compliant state.

Here is where The Perfect Way to End Children’s Shows comes in.

What is it?

The Perfect Way to End Children’s Shows is a scripted technique designed to bring the energy level of any number of school-age children down into a relaxed, calm, attentive state. I’ve performed coast-to-coast across the United States and Canada and this technique has been refined over several years and hundreds of performances. Here is what this technique is NOT:

    • NOT simply telling kids to “sit down and be quiet.”
    • NOT using the threat of shortening the show to obtain obedience
    • NOT a lecture
    • NOT anything published ever before for magicians, clowns and jugglers
    • NOT a pipe dream
    • NOT simply a “control closing” published by other magic marketing gurus – this goes MUCH deeper!!

The Perfect Way to End Children’s Shows uses several advanced NLP concepts, psychology, vocal inflection, tonality and much more.

What is NLP?

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, can be defined as using language in such a way as to engage attention and guide thought processes to a desired outcome. Using some simple imagery, linguistic techniques and psychology, this technique will allow you to get the children to use their own imaginations and guide their subconscious into a compliant state.

To illustrate this concept to you, imagine a time you were extremely happy, maybe joyous. Maybe the day you performed a blockbuster show. Maybe the day you got married. Or maybe the birth of your child. Those memories automatically bring back those emotions and you’re in an altered state because you’ve engaged your imaginations.

When taking my test to become a Master Practitioner of NLP, I had to create a new technique. It’s a fascinating experience to be asked to create a brand NEW technique for your Neuro-Linguistic Programming instructor to evaluate! THIS technique, The Perfect Way to End Children’s Shows, was the very technique I submitted to receive my certification from Dr. William Horton and the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming!

Here are just some of the techniques you will learn when studying this program:

    • Embedded Commands – slipping a requested course of action past the subconscious
    • Metaphor – Storytelling that accesses the imagination and makes compliance easy and FAST!
    • Eliciting States – learn how to create an emotional state in your audience (this can be adapted for other areas of your show!)
    • Nested Loops – Transitioning your audience’s emotional state to another smoothly, quickly and easily!
    • Representational Systems – each person in your audience “thinks” in a certain way. You’ll learn how to communicate with each member of your audience in their own “language!”
    • Breaking States – The number one thing you MUST do if you do not already have the group’s attention before utilizing the rest of the technique!
    • Body Language – How blocking on stage will make the technique even easier.
    • Tonality & Vocal Inflection – simple ways of adjusting HOW you deliver the lines for maximum effectiveness
    • Casual Mentions – some super-sneaky ways to slip a quick “commercial” for other shows into your clients’ subconscious without them even realizing it!
    • And MUCH more…


Here Are Some Answers To Common Questions…

Q: “Will I be standing there for a LONG time boring the kids?

A: “No way! This is a SHORT technique. The way I deliver it, the script runs between 60 seconds and 90 seconds. That’s FAST! If I put in an ‘embedded command’ plus a ‘casual mention’ to the adults, it may boost the time up to nearly 2 minutes, but you can easily leave that out.”

Q: “Won’t the kids tune me out if I’m telling them to be quiet?”

A: “Not at all. That’s the beauty of this technique – while you do tell kids directly how it’s important to be quiet, the MAJORITY of the technique is indirectly accessing their subconscious. You could leave out the “direct stuff” and skip to the subconscious portion of the script and it would be just as effective. I leave in the “direct” suggestion because the school faculty loves it!”

Q: “Am I going to be asking my audience to imagine themselves on a beach or anything that will just confuse the kids?”

A: “Absolutely not. The context is completely appropriate. There is no ‘imagine a beach’ or anything like that. Part of the technique involves you telling the kids a story about another show you did with a similar group of kids in a similar situation. It all makes sense, both to kids as well as the adults in charge.”

Q: “Won’t the adults be impatient for me to quickly finish up my show?”

A: “No way. They will LOVE you for it. I perform mostly in schools, doing day time assembly programs with up to 600 kids in my audiences and I have had several clients say to me, ‘I wish you could come dismiss ALL of our assemblies’ or ‘Can you come dismiss our lunch periods?’ They LOVE this technique! By utilizing this technique, you will be showing your clients that you understand how difficult it is to control a group of kids. You’re being sympathetic to their plight. Contrary to what entertainers may think, the client is only thinking about controlling the kids after the show.”

Q: “You’ve talked a lot about schools. Will this work for smaller groups, such as birthday parties?”

A: “It will definitely work for birthday parties. I only focused on school shows for two reasons: first, it’s what I do most often. Second, controlling a large group of 500 or so kids in a school (as I do all the time) is very impressive when talking about this to other people. In the training materials, I will cover the super-simple alterations for the technique to work in different performing situations”

Q: “If this is so good, why are you releasing it?”

A: “I’ve debated about releasing this for a long time. Ultimately, I am doing it because I have had the occasional school prospect NOT hire me because I perform magic. The person, upon hearing I do magic, will say something like, ‘Oh, we had a magician last year. He wasn’t very good. The kids were screaming and yelling after it was over.’ The prospect refused to book me because she was afraid I would be like ‘the other guy.’ This is in spite of the fact that I offer an incredible guarantee on my programs and tons of great client testimonials! If I can help some performers do a better job, then I will have ultimately made it easier to get a booking myself!"

“What Do I Get With This?”

You receive the following:

  • One comb-bound manuscript - This details the technique and all of the nuances involved, ways to alter it for different kinds of performances and much more.
  • A DVD with clips of the technique performed twice – once in front of a group of 200 children from kindergarten through second grade and the second time in front of 200 children from grades three through five. This works with all ages! You’ll also receive onscreen notations and commentary from me as the footage plays.
  • An audio recording of the ENTIRE manuscript on CD – two reasons for this: first, some people learn better through different formats and two, in the audio recording, you’ll be able to hear how I use vocal inflection and tonality to enhance the technique as well as the embedded commands. You can pop this into your car’s CD player and learn as you drive. It also helps memorization!

On the DVD, you’ll see me transition from my closing effect, you’ll see how excited the kids are, how I engage them, present the technique, quiet them down (WITHOUT lecturing), and finally you’ll see both groups file out of the gym in a quiet state.
You’ll also see clips of my show and how excited the kids are – laughing, clapping and cheering, so you know that I did NOT have a “dead” audience! These were happy, excited kids who then responded to the technique as most children do – perfectly!

“How Much Is It?”

I debated what to charge for this for a long time. I have used hundreds of performances to fine-tune this technique. Add to that the fact that I invested over $2,000 in learning specific techniques from NLP master trainers who focused mostly on using the techniques therapeutically and exclusively for adults, and I then had to painstakingly adapt them for use in front of children…not an easy task!

However, I ultimately decided to price this so it would be in reach of any professional children’s performer. You can have this career-enhancing (and I mean that literally!) for only $97, which is just a fraction of ONE paid show!

I can personally guarantee this simple script and technique will enhance your relationship with your clients, enhance your overall reputation and help you stand out from the competition.

Your Investment: $97

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