The Invisible Q & A Act

Have you ever wanted to perform one of mentalism’s greatest routines, Q & A, but were put off by some of the “bold” (translation – risky!) methods out there?

The Q & A Act is one of mentalism’s most impressive routines for one simple reason: you’re stepping into the minds of SEVERAL people in the audience and revealing their inner-most desires, personal information and most secret thoughts! It defines what most lay-people think of when they think of a “mind reader.” It also hooks audiences because you are dealing with THEIR personal thoughts and not “the six of clubs” or a word in a book.

It can incredibly powerful when done properly, but there’s just one problem.

So many of the published methods for doing Q & A require guts and most importantly, NO GUILT! That’s the real problem. Unless you are already a skilled mentalist, this idea of doing bold moves may seem foreign to you. The moves you’ve read about sound so simple, but when it comes to performing them, one thought works it’s way into your mind:

“Will this fool anyone?”

Experienced mentalists have no problem with this, but for those of us making the transition from magic to mentalism, doing “bold” or risky moves can be intimidating! On top of that, many of the published methods tell us, after learning the mechanics, to pick up some other reference books to teach us how to PERFORM the act and deliver readings!

I don’t know about you, but to me, after paying several hundred dollars for some of these methods, that seems a bit like a cop-out.

Enter…The Invisible Q & A Act!

The Invisible Q & A Act is designed for real-world performing and is especially suited for beginning mentalists who find other methods too bold or risky. When you get right down to it, regardless of the method, 99% of Q & A rely on two things: secretly gaining access to what the spectators are thinking or asking and delivering that information in a fool-proof, entertaining way. The Invisible Q & A Act addresses many of the weaknesses of other Q & A methods and is designed to get you up and running in no time.

Here are some features of The Invisible Q & A Act:
    • NO pre-show work!
    • NO carbons!
    • NO risky or “bold” moves!
    • NO cribs!
    • NO memorization!
    • NO sleight-of-hand!
  • NO expensive refills to buy from the effect’s creator!
  • NO “instant stooges!”
  • NO palming!
  • NO touching the billets in front of the audience to “get your impressions!”

In the Invisible Q & A Act, the method of secretly stealing the information is based on a classic method of stealing information that has never been used as a Q & A method before. This method of stealing the information is, from the audience’s point of view, completely HANDS OFF. They will NEVER see you come in contact with the billets!

Once you have the information, you’ll be able to reveal it quickly and easily. Many Q & A handlings require you to keep the billets hidden from sight. You then need to access the information during the show, deliver the information, and then hide the billets again. That’s a LOT of “covert” action to be doing again and again in front of an audience.

With the Invisible Q & A Act, the “billets” are hidden in PLAIN SIGHT. That’s right, the audience will be staring right at the stolen information, yet they will perceive nothing! This involves an incredibly simple way to “camouflage” the billets in such a way that they can be left in plain sight. When you read this, you’ll wonder why no one else thought of it sooner!

Finally, unlike many other props or published methods, the Invisible Q & A Act will give you some pointers, outlines and guidelines to help you understand exactly HOW to deliver the readings back to spectators. This is where the true performance art comes in. As brilliant as he was, the pace Dunninger used would not “fly” with today’s modern audiences.

Although I certainly can recommend the works of Webster and other greats for further study, I have included my own thoughts and personal methods of actually doing the readings and delivering the information to make this package as complete as possible.

The Invisible Q & A Act will help you deliver the information in a meaningful way, without staring into space for l-o-n-g periods of time as you “concentrate!”

The Invisible Q & A Act includes the following:

    • Incredibly detailed 50+ page manuscript outlining the history of development, psychology, handling, mindset, gimmick construction and much more
    • Handsome black portfolio – This notepad is completely ungimmicked, but since having the correct one is crucial to the Invisible Q & A Act, it is included to get you up and running FAST!
    • One set of gimmicked envelopes – these are super-simple to create in under a minute and the manuscript walks youthrough the construction and psychology in incredible detail.
    • One sharpie marker
    • One re-stickable gluestick

As a special bonus, the Invisible Q & A Act also covers the following:

    • An examination of other Q & A presentations, including strengths and weaknesses, from my point of view. (NO methods are revealed.)
    • The psychology involved with Q & A and why it can be so intimidating for beginning mentalists
    • The importance of mindset
    • Eye Lines – why where you look can give you away!
    • How two respected performers & teachers of magic and mentalism unknowingly influenced the development of the Invisible Q & A Act
    • Making the “journey” of the Q & A Act interesting!
    • And MUCH more!

Add one of mentalism’s most powerful routines to your act TODAY!

Your Investment: $125

About the product’s creator:
Cris Johnson has been a full-time performer for years and has performed in 26 states and many areas of Canada. In addition to magic and mentalism, Cris is a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming. In short, he has the knowledge, training and experience to guarantee purchasers that his products are the real deal – practical material designed for working professionals.

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