Are you tired of working a dead-end job that is unfulfilling? Are you tired of being told when to work, how hard to work, and how much money you will make? Do you want to leave all of that behind, become your own boss, and live the good life?

Are you ready to become a full-time magician?

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t know what to do to get more shows! I pass out my business card and do free shows at my church, but the ‘word of mouth’ isn’t doing much right now!”

No problem – Cris Johnson’s new course, “Become a Full-Time Magician FAST!” will show you, step-by-step, exactly what to do to become a full-time magician in just a few months!

Some of you may also be thinking, “I’ve seen so many programs that promise me I’ll be a full-time magician…why is this one different?”

Cris Johnson’s new course is different for several reasons:

    • This course shows you EXACTLY what Cris did to go from ZERO shows in a city he just moved to making thousands of dollars each month in just SIX MONTHS
    • Cris actually lists the fees he charged
    • Cris leaves NO STONE unturned
    • Cris explains not only the right things he did, but also his mistakes and how you can avoid them
    • Cris covers areas of starting a magic business that no one else has ever covered before
    • Cris covers how to start a magic business on a shoe string budget…in other words, start a business for almost no money!
    • There’s no direct mail to a cold list in Cris’ new course

Exactly what do you get with Cris Johnson’s “Become a Full-Time Magician FAST!” course? There are three key ingredients:

The “Become a Full-Time Magician FAST!” Manual

This beefy manual, at over 100 pages, outlines in precise, step-by-step fashion, exactly what Cris did to get his magic business up and running in six months. Remember, Cris did it with almost NO money. Cris was working at a day job he hated for about 20 hours a week making $8.00 per hour. After paying his half of the rent and utilities, he had almost NO money for his magic business. If you have just a little extra money, you will be able to duplicate or even surpass Cris’ time frame and go full time even faster! In this manual, Cris reveals which markets can and will hire magicians fast, which markets can and will become repeat clients (giving your business stability), which markets to pursue first and why, and much, much more.

In this manual, in addition to his step-by-step process for going full-time, Cris also reveals:

    • How technology can make your business easier
    • The “fatal flaw” with the other courses you have seen
    • Why what the other guys teach in their courses may not work for you
    • How a simple two page mailer can convince your existing clients to hire you again and again
    • Simple website basics that will keep your phone ringing
    • Why you do NOT need to spend money on a fancy website to get killer results
    • What 95% of all magicians do wrong when trying to get the shows
    • The TRUTH about fees
    • How to get around the “cheap” magicians in your area
    • Simple ways to price your shows for maximum effect
    • Easy ways to get MORE money from EVERY show without doing more work
    • The CRITICAL mistakes most magicians make when putting together their acts
    • And much, much more…

“How To Hypnotize Your Prospects” 2-Book System

Most marketing/business systems for magicians cover different ways to get prospects to call you, which is terrific…but most of these courses drop the ball in one key area – what to do when the phone rings!

Some courses cover phone scripts and how to talk to prospects in one chapter or a few paragraphs, but no course has ever gone into the depth that Cris Johnson does in this two-book system. Please note: we are NOT talking about “cold calling” in this book! We are talking about super-effective ways to explain to your prospects when they call YOU why you are the man/woman for the job!

In the first book, Cris covers the following:

    • Features vs. Benefits
    • The differences between markets
    • How to write phone scripts for different markets
    • What the different markets (such as birthday parties, company events and schools) are after…and why you MUST address what the CLIENT wants!
    • Why a “one size fits all” act is NOT the right approach!
    • Overcoming objections
    • Why thinking about your tricks as a magician is DEAD WRONG
    • Words, phrases and descriptions to AVOID when talking about your magic
    • Ways to structure your offer
    • Ways to maximize your per-show fee
    • How to answer the phone
    • Sneaky things you can do to virtually guarantee a call back
    • Sneaky yet completely ethical ways to “sell against” your competitor
    • And much more

With the “Hypnotize Your Prospects” 2-Book Set, you also get Cris’ actual phone scripts for the following markets:

    • Birthday Parties
    • Child Care Centers
    • Schools
    • Company Picnics
    • Corporate Events
    • Churches & Family Reunions
    • And many more

This is incredibly valuable because you will see, first hand, how a full-time professional who currently earns over $100,000 per year (as of 2008) books shows for high-dollar fees.

The “How To Become A Better Performer” Manual

This book rips the lid off of what it’s really like to work in the real world in real world conditions. Let’s face it, a lot of well-known pros have put out some great tricks, but for many of the effects out there, the tricks simply won’t work with the less than ideal situations you’re likely to find yourselves in. Why?

For one very simple reason: when a client calls you to book a show, in most cases they do not understand, nor do they particularly CARE about what you need as an entertainer. The client wants you to show up, do your job, and leave, preferably with as little hassle as humanly possible.

Many of the well-known magicians work in Vegas, or in their own theater shows, or in a fancy restaurant where the close-up conditions are ideal. That’s wonderful for them, but most working pros do not have those ideal conditions, meaning that most full-timers need to adapt to the needs of the client.

On top of that, many magicians get into magic with the mistaken belief that once they put their act together, they can present that act to a variety of clients and markets. The truth is, different clients and markets have different needs and the true professional needs to understand that and work hard to deliver what the client wants under conditions that are often challenging.

Many magicians study marketing and get right to work getting shows without fully understanding exactly what the needs of the client are and just as critically, understanding what conditions will await them at a particular gig.

That’s where this book comes in.

Cris Johnson has covered both what the client’s typical needs are and what the typical conditions are for several different markets. On top of that, for many, Cris even gives his own real-world working repertoires.

Here is what Cris covers in this extensive book:

    • Children’s Birthdays
    • Child Care Centers
    • Schools
    • Churches & Family Reunions
    • Corporate Events
    • Company Picnics
    • Restaurants

On top of that, Cris also includes essays on: building your character, what to wear, and much, much more.


With the “Become A Full-Time Magician FAST!” course, you will not only receive a step-by-step exact process to building a successful full-time career as a magician (that costs very little), but you will also understand exactly how to sell your services to prospects when they contact you, you will understand the needs of clients from several different markets, plus you will even understand what kind of working conditions to expect when going to do the shows. You will even receive an inside look at the actual working repertoires of a busy performer currently earning over $100,000 per year.

This course comes with four comb-bound books.

With this course, you will be fully prepared to exceed your wildest expectations.

Your Investment: $199.95

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