Corporate Magician’s Newsletter System

Want a sure-fire way to “lock in” corporate clients month after month, year after year?

Let me explain…

As individual performers, we can only be in one place at one time. When it comes to gigs, it seems like every client wants a certain date at a certain time. In the case of corporate holiday parties, here in the United States it seems as though there are a few Fridays and Saturdays that many corporate groups choose when planning their parties.

So, here’s what happens: you start booking those dates… and then 5 or 6 more clients contact you for those same dates over and over until the dates pass. (It’s most common for the holiday season, but professional corporate workers know it can happen all year.)

To make things even more frustrating, many of these additional clients had higher budgets, and you’ve already got that other gig locked in.

In the past, the only solution was to listen in vain as the prospect says, “Well, your show sounds REALLY great! We’ll keep your information until next year.”


The reality is this: That gig is GONE next year. The prospect will have misplaced your info or forgotten all about booking anything until the same time next year. There has to be a way to ensure that when the prospect is looking for entertainment (or a motivational speaker) that YOU can be right on the tip of their mind, so to speak.

The answer is simple: taking control of the situation and guaranteeing that when the time comes, you’re already on the prospect’s mind because you’ve had her attention the entire year. Not only that, but this same technique can be used to alert your prospect to other programs you offer, date-sensitive offers and much more.

What you need: a series of well-crafted newsletters!

Newsletters for magicians are not new, but most of the ones in the past that I invested in were pure crap, because they were filled with things that the prospect did not care about: crossword puzzles, motivational “tid-bits,” old truisms, trivia and on and on. To make matters worse, the newsletters were too long! The writers of these newsletters thought that “more must be better.”

Remember, the prospects who would be reading these newsletters are professionals in the high-stress corporate world. They don’t have time for fluff.

After years of tweaking and experimenting, I can honestly say that the newsletters I send out each month are rock-solid, finely-tuned weapons of booing success!

A great corporate newsletter should have the following components:

    1. A QUICK READ – Again, these folks are BUSY. Think of all the junk mail brochures and catalogs you throw away each year. A great corporate newsletter must be something the reader can scan through in a minute or too. To quote Eugene Burger, in the case, “Less is More.”
    2. RELEVANT INFORMATION – Here’s where many newsletters miss the mark. A great corporate newsletter must contain info that the prospect would want to read. The information should give them information to make their lives easier, their jobs easier and more. It should be tailored specifically for the corporate world, and each month I send mine out, I get compliments such as, “Wow, I never thought of that before,” or “Thanks, Cris, that’s a really good idea.”
    3. COMPELLING “SOFT” OFFER – There are a lot of Dan Kennedy-style sales letters and brochures out there that many performers use to get clients to pick up the phone and that’s great. Unfortunately, if you want a prospect to continually read your newsletter each month, the Dan Kennedy “in your face” approach is wayyyyyyyy too…well, in your face! There’s a way to offer your client your services in a way that is considerably more ‘gentle’ and besides, the purpose of the newsletter is NOT to push your services hard core…it’s a maintaining contact tool so you’re on the client’s mind when she does need someone.
    4. PSYCHOLOGICALLY CRAFTED TO GET OPENED – Let’s face it, all this cool stuff is worthless unless the prospect actually opens and READS the darn thing! There are all kinds of cool ways to compel someone to actually open and read the newsletter.

Well, if you’ve read this far, then you realize that this ad is all about my newest release, “The Corporate Magician’s Newsletter System!” Here’s what you get in this incredible package:


That’s right, you get all twelve of the newsletters that I send out to any corporate prospect who has contacted me in the past. It’s taken me years of fine-tuning to get these babies to the state of awesome-ness that they are in, but believe me, they WORK!

You may be wondering about the layout, too…each newsletter has the same basic layout and is composed in Word, meaning it will work in just about any modern computer. You can print them off yourself, if you like.

The actual layout and design is simple, elegant and professional. Also, each newsletter is one 8 x 11 sheet of paper, front and back, so printing them up is fast and simple.

All twelve newsletters are bound separately from the other components so as you review my psychology, you’ll be able to have each newsletter up, for a side-by-side viewing.


In this sizzling book, I will outline every trick, tip and nuance for these newsletters. I break down the psychology of why I picked the subjects that I did for each month, the techniques I’ve learned over the years to make sure they get read (with different options) and much more. There are a lot of slick hypnotic and NLP-type techniques that I’ve incorporated into each one, and you get to benefit from my hard work.

I also explain what you’ll need to change for each one to make it “yours,” color psychology (yes, the color paper you use CAN make a difference!) and much more.

Finally, I also cover the in’s and out’s of getting people on to your newsletters list, when to ask, when not to ask, overall mistakes to avoid in the process and more.


Just pop this puppy into your computer and make the changes to personalize for you and presto! You’re ready to go!


I must be crazy for letting this go! I’ve also converted the corporate newsletters into ezines! They’re included in the package FREE! In our modern, digital world, having monthly ezines to send out to your corporate clients and prospects is a MUST to stay in touch.

Here’s just a sample of what I include in this section:

    • All of the details of using the ezines
    • Why I’ve formatted them the way I did
    • Pitfalls to avoid
    • Not falling into the SPAM trap
    • Subject lines to ensure they get opened
    • When NOT to put someone on the list
    • And MUCH more!!

If I could point to one thing that’s helped me get more corporate prospects to call me back after the initial contact, I can honestly say right here, this system is IT.

The only reason I’m even putting this out is to give back… I’m drastically scaling back my travel schedule this year as my clinical hypnosis business takes off and like a lot of other professionals, I enjoy giving back, because without the generosity of others before me, I would not be where I am today.

The Big Pricing Question…

I debated a long time what to charge. Honestly, this system is worth several thousand dollars a year to me, so I could charge $10,000 for this system and it would be worth every penny. Realistically though, I’m not going to charge that. I considered $1000, which breaks down to less than $50 per ezine and less than $50 per newsletter… but since I’m a nice guy, I’m going to go even lower than I thought and release this System for a measly $299.99. Trust me when I say, this IS a VERY limited release and I reserve the right to yank it any time… much like I did last year with Murder By Magic.

Order the “Corporate Magician’s Newsletter System” today and ‘lock in’ your prospects for paid shows!

Your Investment: $299.99

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