CLEAR-View Airborne By Cris Johnson

Imagine this…

Throughout your show, you’ve paused occasionally to take a quick drink of water from an everyday, garden-variety clear water bottle. Finally, at one point, you again take the water bottle and pour some water into a glass. You let go of the glass and it FLOATS in the air as you continue to pour water into it!

The audience is shocked beyond belief!

Most of us have seen the Airborne effect and loved it. Most of the marketed versions that I’ve used have several flaws…

    • Most of the Airborne props use a dark, colored wine glass to hide the gimmick inside.
    • Most of the Airborne props use a wine bottle…which is completely inconsistent with most performers’ characters!
    • Most of the Airborne props on the market are cheaply built and fall apart quickly…not good if you’re a working pro!
    • Most of the Airborne props are unreliable and either don’t work at all or fitfully at best!
    • Since most of the Airborne effects use wine bottles, they are not suitable for kids’ shows…and if you believe the adults in your audiences don’t mind you pulling out a wine bottle in front of children, you’re only fooling yourself!

After struggling with several versions over the years, I had to believe there was a way to “build a better mousetrap!”

I’m Cris Johnson, writer of the Cause & Effects weekly blog. I desperately wanted a more reliable, natural-looking version of Airborne that I could use in front of kids’ audiences. I want and need a LOT from my props. After traveling all across North America delivering 250 shows a year, I know that my props need to be reliable! I don’t need some piece of garbage falling apart on me after a dozen shows!

Here’s where my wife Libby enters the picture. She’s patient, understanding and supportive, but she’s not a magician and doesn’t want to be!

What she DOES want is for me to have GOOD props! Since I make well over $100,000 per year performing, she knows my reputation depends on it! She's also good at building things, having built a wall for our kitchen and the most gorgeous wooden chess board I’ve ever seen.

After listening to me complain about the Airborne problem, she asked me what I REALLY wanted. As I explained it, I wanted the following:

    1. Since I’m mostly a school show guy, I wanted to do the effect with a non-alcoholic bottle. (Even those ‘designer’ glass water bottles LOOK like alcohol.)
    2. I wanted to use water so I would not have to fuss with carbonated colored soda OR the mixing of food coloring and water.
    3. Ideally I wanted to do it with a regular water bottle, as for me it was the most natural. (Think in terms of your character…even for adult shows, my character doesn’t look ‘right’ with a wine bottle on stage.)
    4. Related to #3, it’d be GREAT if I could do this with a CLEAR bottle.
    5. I wanted the gimmicked bottle to NOT be cheaply hot-glued together.
    6. I wanted the damn trick to WORK!

After a lot of experimenting, she’s created a FANTASTIC version of Airborne!

Here are just a few wonderful advantages of this version:

    • The bottle really is CLEAR! This adds immensely to the mystery and represents a giant leap forward in the evolution of the effect!
    • Building Airborne out of a store-bought water bottle means the audience will accept it as innocent.
    • The gimmicks are extremely well-built securely into the bottle, meaning it’s built to last!
    • Two of the bottle’s gimmicks are each HAND-MADE – no hot-glued, store-bought garbage here - meaning this bottle really was built from the “ground up” for maximum effect and reliability! (Yes, my wife really does put each bottle together herself!)
    • The glass itself uses a new, innovative way to ‘hook-up’ to the bottle for the floating. This improvement makes getting “in and out” of the effect MUCH easier!

With every new magic effect, the ad copy often reads as “too good to be true.” With that in mind, here are about the only two disadvantages to this version of Airborne:

    1. Since the bottle is built from a grocery store-bought water bottle, the bottle itself is made of thin plastic (everyone is “going green” these days!), meaning you’ll simply need to store it in the sturdy packing container we provide to ensure the prop lasts.
    2. The gimmick is securely mounted into the bottle and cannot be transferred to any other bottle. If you’re looking to do Airborne with your own wine bottle, this version is not for you.

The bottom line is this: I’m a working pro and place a LOT of demands on my equipment. My needs and expectations are HIGH. My wife designed this version simply for me and after I found how much smoother and reliable her version operates, I twisted her arm and begged her to make this product available for the magic community!

We also wanted to release a version of this effect with a lot of extras to enhance your enjoyment as well as the longevity of the props.

With that in mind, here’s what you’ll receive with CLEAR-View Airborne:

    • Water bottle with well-built, durable gimmicks built-in
    • Gimmicked glass with new, innovative ‘hook-up’ method
    • Sturdy round packaging tube to store and transport your props
    • 11-page manuscript detailing the evolution of the prop, all of the advantages of the design, handling and care, and much more
    • Performance & instructional video on CD-ROM for your computer. (This is NOT a Bob Kohler/L&L quality video – it’s simply me in my house demonstrating the effect and explaining the handling. You might even hear our new puppy barking in the background!)

You’ll LOVE performing CLEAR-View Airborne!

Your Investment: $99.95

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