Cause & Effects Volume 1:
Real Magic Routines for Real World Performers!

I’m about to reveal a BIG secret. Ready for it?

Performing magic is tough.

I’m not talking about the technical moves. Oh sure, some moves are quite challenging, but realistically, if you want to just get out there and “do tricks,” you can find enough self-working or “easy” tricks to do.

On the other hand, actually performing magic in a way that truly elicits an emotional response from every audience you are in front of is a real challenge.

The presentation is what elevates mere ‘tricks’ into the realm of entertainment and even more rarely, an art form.

Working pros, the people out there paying their bills by performing magic in front of real, honest-to-goodness audiences, know that it can take a LONG time, years sometimes, to get a routine to the point where it’s a consistent winner.

I’m Cris Johnson, writer of the Cause & Effects weekly blog and for the last 15 years, I’ve performed hundreds of times a year in front of audiences all across the United States and Canada from coast to coast. For the last several years, my income has grown and I consistently make a very nice six-figure-per year living. I’m no Copperfield or Criss Angel, but as a regular working guy out there doing it, I do quite well.

With this book, “Cause & Effects Volume 1,” I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite working routines. They have served me incredibly well, allowing me to earn a great living doing what I love.

Most magicians certainly WON’T be amazed by the methodology – most of it is quite familiar, but the routines, scripting, choreography, psychology and even a few touches of NLP have made these incredibly reliable for me. In each routine, I go into incredible detail on exactly why they play so well, including all of the touches that can only be obtained through thousands of performances. They consistently get great reactions and more importantly, repeat bookings.

They can do the same for you, too.

The Perfect Close-Up Corporate Opener 

Breaking into a new table while performing table-to-table or “strolling” magic is often the toughest part of the gig. Corporate audiences are often laughing, drinking and fully engaged…and you’re being paid to interrupt them! With this airtight script and presentation for your nailwriter, you’ll have the close-up opener of your dreams. After thousands of performances, I always open with this, every time. Psychology, scripting and choreography guarantee that your audience will be mesmerized mere moments after you arrive at the table.

Blistered Voodoo Rising

A voodoo doll levitates…a flash of fire...a self-inflicted wound on the performer…a novel way to hand out your business card while performing close-up! With this presentation, two classic effects come together. This routine, unlike other ‘geek’ style presentations, is tasteful enough for corporate events yet will pay just as well for college or high school groups. Additionally, the method of ‘getting’ the classic blister onto your finger ALWAYS blows past every magician who has seen it!

Rainbow Ropes

Also known as “Patriotic Ropes,” this classic throwaway kids’ effect becomes a very funny and commercial stage piece with three volunteers. It tells a story, use the three volunteers as ‘actors’ in a play, has plenty of comedy and builds to a surprising, logical conclusion. This plays great for 10 kids or 1000. The routine also lends itself fantastically well to educational school assembly programs as it’s been a staple in my Bullying show for 10 years.

Rising Cards

My closer for all strolling gigs. A selected and signed card rises out of the deck. Since I perform often at cocktail parties, I had to develop a closer that was truly a CLOSER – mystifying, magical and bullet proof. Also, since I’m often in less-than-ideal performing situations, the method had to play surrounded. Additionally, the cards and card box are freely inspected during the routine and I’ve even done it with a borrowed deck. Finally, the routine ends with my contact information in the spectator’s hands! Best of all, the method is cheap & perfect!

The Amazing Fish Trick

Make the birthday kid the STAR at your next show! In a nutshell, after a very amusing story from my childhood (one that other magicians have ripped off so I know it’s good – LOL) the birthday child makes a LIVE fish appear in a champagne glass! This routine is highly commercial and is one of those effects that when you describe it over the phone to a client, really helps “seal the deal” and secure the booking. The best part? This plays just as well for children, teens or adults! Truly for ANY age group!


The classic effect where numbered blocks rearrange themselves in mystifying, magical ways has always played great. In short, it’s an awesome effect, but it’s always lacked motivation. Why exactly are you fiddling around with these blocks and why should we as an audience care? With this script, the effect finally has a reason for existing. It gives the audience a glimpse into my past, helps make me a more well-rounded character, and provides a few laughs along the way.

70 pages, comb-bound.

Your Investment: $24.95

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