“Learn The Secrets Of How
True Professional Entertainers Use The Telephone
To Close sales And Make BIG Money!”

This is NOT about cold calling!

When Cris Johnson first began learning about marketing his services as an entertainer, he learned about lead generation advertising, direct mail, and all kinds of wonderful techniques.

However, nothing has matched the effectiveness of how to handle the calls when the marketing starts doing its job!

Think about it. You've just spent a ton of money on direct mail, or a phone book ad, or whatever, but then the phone calls from prospects come flying in and you... wing it. You start stammering and saying "uh" because you just woke up, and launch into a confusing description of your favorite Ambitious Card routine. Not good!

Get Them To Call... And Get Them To Book You!

Cris first learned how to handle incoming phone calls from a fantastic direct marketer, but really wished it had been more in depth, because as a new marketer at the time, he quickly learned that different prospects have different wants and desires.

What does a birthday mom want when they call an entertainer?

How about a school PTA president?

How about the human resource director calling for a company picnic?

They all have differing ideas, desires, and agendas, and it's important that you understand this if you want to maximize your chances of booking the show.

Available For The First Time:
A Master's Course For Magicians On
How To Answer The Phone!

Cris spends a lot of time on his phone scripts. A LOT of time. He is continually tweaking them and testing them all year 'round. What he's done is taken years of experience in developing and fine-tuning his phone scripts and put all of his knowledge into a bursting-at-the-seams Course.

In this white-hot manual, Cris teaches readers how to:

    • break their act down into features and benefits... and why this is critically important!
    • create an irresistible, hypnotic offer to prospects
    • avoid the HUGE mistakes most entertainers make when talking to prospects - these are really eye-opening!
    • construct different scripts for the following different markets: birthdays, schools, companies, daycares, and more
    • use a sneaky secret to describe the SAME tricks for DIFFERENT markets
    • price your act for maximum dollar value vs. your competitors... and why being the cheapest is NOT the fastest way to book shows!
    • Learn what your voice can tell prospects that the actual words can't
    • Use the concept of 'take away selling'
    • Use higher prices to book more gigs! (Yep, you read it right!)
    • And SO MUCH more!

The education Cris received on using phone scripts was critical to his success, but he still had to struggle because of the different markets he was catering to. He's made it SO EASY for you by really going in-depth with this underutilized tool in a marketer's arsenal.

Wait - That's Not All!

To aid you even further, he's even provided his own collection of red-hot phone scripts that he uses day after day, week after week, year after year! You'll get the entire collection bound together for your reading convenience. You'll be able to take your act, model the scripts provided, and really make implementing a phone script System into your marketing quick and easy!

You'll get the following scripts, in his latest versions:

    • Birthdays - 3 & 4 year olds
    • Birthdays - 5-7 year olds
    • Birthdays - 8-12 year olds
    • Schools
    • Day Care
    • Company events
    • Church, family reunions, and other private party events

Cris used to carry his phone script book with him, along with a cell phone. Now he doesn't, because the book is too valuable! Sound paranoid? Major Fortune 500 companies use special ink and strict security procedures to keep track of their script books!

His book has been worth literally tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to him over the years, and it's the one weapon he's most reluctant to teach, so this offer can be pulled at any time!

How Much Is This Worth To You?

Direct mail users are usually thrilled with a 1% response. On the other hand, Cris' script book nets him over 75% of prospects - that means MOST people who call book his services and gladly hand over their money!

Knowing how valuable his scripts have been to his business over the years, he can safely say that this is a steal!

Please remember: all the greatest marketing in the world will do is get prospects to call you. When they do, do you want to "wing it" and waste all those marketing dollars, or do you want to be prepared to almost 'hypnotize' your prospects into emptying their wallets into your bank account?

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