Trick Review: Cue The Magic by Angelo Carbone

I’m back with another trick review!

This time it’s Cue The Magic by Angelo Carbone. It’s available from many dealers online.

EFFECT: A spectator is invited onstage to become a magician. The performer assures the volunteer that a series of cue cards will make becoming a master magician easy and fun. The spectator, with urging from the performer, reads the cue cards in succession, selects a spectator, and after a lot of laughs, shows that he predicted what card the spectator would select in dramatic fashion.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: You receive a full set of cue cards with alternate cards available, based on whether you are doing a day or night show, adult or family show, and other details. You also receive a few pages of written instructions and cards and gimmicks to accomplish the trick.

MY THOUGHTS: This is one of the most commercial tricks I’ve seen in years. What I mean by that is that this is a “worker.” The secret is simple, elegant, and in terms of physical handling very easy. I grasped the handling in a day, but continued practicing for a few weeks before launching the routine. I’m pleased to say that the responses have been fantastic.

First, the routine is very funny, provided you are quick on your feet and can do a halfway decent job of adlibbing to the humor opportunities that come your way. I feel the best part of this routine is the by-play between you and the spectator. To paraphrase Eugene Burger, it’s the journey that makes this such a fun routine. While the revelation is great and plays well (I receive gasps when the selected card is revealed), the fact is that the audience most enjoys the humor leading to the revelation.

As far as the quality of the cards go, with care they will last a long time. Additionally, the cards are shipped in a sturdy plastic envelope that will help protect your props.

The selection of the card by the spectator is 100% free choice – any card can be selected, which means there is no fishing, forcing, dual reality, or anything like that. No restrictions, so it really does seem impossible.

The angles on this are also very good. As long as no one can see directly behind you, you’re covered. If audience members are off to your sides, you can hold the props closer to your body and you’ll be in good shape.

Another good feature of this routine is that there is no set up. You take the cards out of the travel case and perform. It’s that easy. In fact, recently a magic friend of mine came to my office to visit and wanted to see this routine. I picked up the props and did it immediately as he stood about 4 feet away from me. He was blown away and had no idea how it was done.

Resetting is also a breeze, just a few seconds and you’re ready for another performance which is a great feature for cruise ship or family performers who may do several shows a day.

Finally, another thing I really appreciate about this routine is the fact that this is not a quick 30 second trick but a 5 minute full developed routine. In terms of stage work, having a pack flat, play big routine is great that also takes some time and allows you the performer a chance to flex your humor muscles.

FINAL RATING: This gets an easy 10 out of 10 from me. This is a stage worker’s dream as it’s very commercial, funny, adaptable for different markets, can be done in the living room or stage, is easy in terms of technique, and burns up some time. It’s an almost perfect routine for nearly any market. Highly recommended.

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