Review of Contact Mind Reading – The Osterlind Approach

Hello all,

Before I get into this brief review, a bit of background. I’m a full time magician and have been 12 years, working primarily schools and corporate events. Recently I’ve gotten tired of hauling around big props so I’m adopting the pack small, play big attitude. Over the last few months I have purchased a ton of mentalism stuff in an effort to play big without hauling all the crap. In short, it’s taken me years to catch up to the most forward thinkers in our industry.

I’ve purchased a lot of Osterlind stuff in the past and always like his direct approach to mentalism. I’ve been wanting to learn Contact Mind Reading for years. I purchased a DVD from another pro years ago and struggled with it and failed miserably. When I heard about Osterlind’s new CMR book, I was very hopeful. The book is very well written and takes away a lot of the old classical ways of doing this art.

Richard spends some time outlining his history, several different routines, ways to practice, breaking it down into key components and much more. In short, it’s really a master piece on this performing art.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get it. It’s very frustrating to me as I’m an accomplished hypnotist, both stage and clinical, and I’m a full time performer too. ‘m beginning to feel as though this may be one of those things some people can get and others do not.

However, if you are curious and want to give this a try, Richard’s book will give you the best possible education, but know that this is not an easy skill to learn.

Recommended as a great teaching aid, but CMR is HARD, at least for me.

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