Review of Bill Abbott Pack Smart Show

Hello all,

Before I get into this brief review, a bit of background. I’m a full time magician and have been 12 years, working primarily schools and corporate events. Recently I’ve gotten tired of hauling around big props so I’m adopting the pack small, play big attitude. Over the last few months I have purchased a ton of mentalism stuff in an effort to play big without hauling all the crap. In short, it’s taken me years to catch up to the most forward thinkers in our industry.

I’ve purchased a ton of Bill Abbott stuff over the years and I’ve never been disappointed. with this new release, Bill hands you a complete show that can play for huge audiences or small ones. I almost didn’t buy this as I felt I had enough material, and especially I already owned the Five Card Repeat and Smart Ass decks.

rather than buy the entire kit, I just bought the DVD and book. There is so much good stuff here, but the biggest lesson is how Bill explains that a tic tac effect can play to the back of a huge theater and why. Simply great.

Additionally, his work on the center tear cleans up several issues I’ve had with this classic of mentalism for decades. I laughed out loud as Bill pointed out the issues I had – “Someone is actually SAYING it!” I thought. I’ve known how to do the tear for years but it was simply a mindset thing, and after watching Bill’s DVD, I did it the following day for a magician friend, one with very little experience in mentalism and promptly blew him away.

I’m not going to go into detailed descriptions of the effects – Bill does that on his trailer. I will say that any and all sleight of hand is minimal. Bill is more interested in entertaining and connecting with audiences and it shows.

When you’ve been a full time professional as I have for as long as I have (12 years) it can sometimes be a trap to fall into the “Oh, I know all I need to know” line of thinking. After watching this DVD, I’m not afraid to admit I can still learn a ton!

I’ve picked up a lot of great stuff in 2015, and this has to be at the top of the list. HIGHLY recommended!!

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