REVIEW: Levitation Impossible by Steve Fearson

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post but it’s been crazy-busy…aside from my performing career, I’m also seeing 12-15 clients a week in my hypnosis clinic so things are essentially a blur most of the time in my life!

This week I want to take a good look at a product that has been lighting up the internet for quite some time…it’s “Levitation Impossible” by Steve Fearson. It’s available for $29.95 from

EFFECT: Basically, a crumpled up dollar bill levitates up and down and even SPINS in an upside down wineglass. The dollar and glass can be borrowed.

ANGLES: Surprisingly good for this type of effect. There is a “basic” and “advanced” version, and if you’re on stage and your lighting conditions are good, you can pull off either version quite well. If lighting conditions are not in your favor, you can switch to the basic version only.

HANDLING: I will confess that I have not started working on this just yet although from my initial viewings of the online tutorial, this will take a little work to really do it justice but nothing that’s going to take years to master. I’d say…basic handling a 3 out of 10 and the advanced handling 5 out of 10. Bear in mind those are just my initial impressions as I have not actually started working with this yet.

MY THOUGHTS: Unfortunately I cannot tip what you receive in the physical package that’s mailed to you without revealing the method. Regardless, rest assured that the methodology is sound and very unique as well as being wonderfully low tech.

I will admit that while watching the demo video 20-30 times (like most of you!) I simply could not figure this out and while it’s great to be amazed (I do cherish that feeling after watching a GOOD performance) when debating whether or not to buy something it is worrisome because so much of magic these days feels like it’s aimed at those folks still infatuated with “street magic” and thus is not often practical for real-world pros like myself.

Happily, I believe this is a “worker.” Steve Fearson of course has a solid reputation in the industry and this being his baby is what finally convinced me to take the plunge.

While this is obviously designed for close up presentations – tableside, not really “strolling” to groups of people standing – I think it would play well for parlor. Get a big enough wine glass, one that can really show the up & down levitation, and I think it would work. Additionally, I think this works even BETTER for parlor because most close up situations in the real world would involve the hustle-bustle of restaurant work or corporate cocktail hour events.

The “get ready” of doing the effect with a borrowed bill is by far the most challenging part of the routine…not because it’s knuckle-busting difficult but merely because it’s take a few seconds of work and if one is a true entertainer, then you must tell a story or otherwise ENTERTAIN the audience during the prep work for this step.

A few thoughts on the Basic & Advanced Handling differences…

I’m really torn because the Advanced Handling looks really terrific and though the Advanced Handling does indeed use what most of you reading this might suspect, it is not the “main” gimmick and the fact that the bill PK movement is happening under the glass seems to negate any use of this traditional method completely…however, the “get ready” for the advanced handling, and in particular one move, looks so unbelievably unnatural and hokey that it’s almost enough to make me run from the Advanced Handling completely. That’s for you to decide.

As far as the Basic Handling goes, it too looks really fantastic except for what may look to spectators as a completely unnecessary full body turn on the part of Fearson…as I start working with this effect I will see if I can eliminate that body turn. Incidentally, this body turn happens during the best part of the effect – as the bill is rotating inside the upside down glass. The body turn is done to help mask certain necessary movements but to me it kind of kills the beautiful rotation.

END THOUGHTS: All in all, I think this release has potential. I’ll give it a solid 8 out of 10.

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