Docc Hilford Mirror, Mirror Review

Hello all,

Before I get into this brief review, a bit of background. I’m a full time magician and have been 12 years, working primarily schools and corporate events. Recently I’ve gotten tired of hauling around big props so I’m adopting the pack small, play big attitude. Over the last few months I have purchased a ton of Docc Hilford stuff and the vast majority of it blows me away. The stuff that doesn’t blow me away is perhaps a little too ballsy for me at this time but it’s real-world practical stuff. Onto Mirror, Mirror…

This is available at so there is no waiting.Smile The release is an mp4 video outlining the physical handling (It’s not even “moves” as it’s so easy and so natural) and an audio download outlining the history of the effect, and all of the nuances.

Essentially, the effect is this; The mentalist says he can control a person’s thoughts and another person’s actions. The first person is mentally sent a card and the second person deals cards out of a shuffled deck (by the audience) and stops when he wants. Both cards (the thought of and the freely selected) match. On top of that, a prediction which has been in view the whole time is opened and it reveals the target card is what the two people selected.

This is BRILLIANT! Best part? You can do it with NO preparation. You can write the prediction in front of people and the freely selected card using a move which is the easiest, most natural looking and deceptive card moves I’ve ever seen. I don’t like a lot of card magic because the moves look like moves only a magician would do – unnatualistic. This move Docc has used is worth far more than the price he’s asking.

The mentally selected card uses a technique that Docc has taught for years and years. Most people were too afraid of it failing to try it, but the structure of this routine gives you several “outs” to bring the piece to a successful close.
The thing I really like about this is that the routine is impromptu but is strong enough for a formal standup show, plus the card move is sooooooooooooo diabolical! I also like the inception concept of the pice, of planting a thought into someone’s mind.
Highly recommended and way too cheap in terms of price!!

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