Docc Hilford Boudoir Bill Review

Hello all,

Before I get into this brief review, a bit of background. I’m a full time magician and have been 12 years, working primarily schools and corporate events. Recently I’ve gotten tired of hauling around big props so I’m adopting the pack small, play big attitude. Over the last few months I have purchased a ton of Docc Hilford stuff and the vast majority of it blows me away. The stuff that doesn’t blow me away is perhaps a little too ballsy for me at this time but it’s real-world practical stuff. Onto Boudoir Bill…

It’s available at as an instant download for about $40. It’s an mp4 video that explains exactly how to do the routine. Some extra pdfs are included too. Docc is an excellent teacher and I was able to do the “move” if you can call it that very quickly.

I’ve been searching for a good bill divination for years and while I found many that would work, they just did not feel right. Many involved needlessly putting the borrowed bill into an envelope or two much direct handling by the mentalist.

With Docc’s technique, it appears as though you touch the ball for less than 1/2 second. Actually that is exactly what happens – you don’t have access to the serial number of the bill at all in that 1/2 second and even if you did, most could not memorize the bill that quickly. The “move” is easy as heck and looks completely natural. It’s a stage piece and serves as a brilliant opener that quickly engages the audience.

Here’s the BEST part – you need NO special props – no special envelopes, no thumbtips, and the meager amount of “preparation” for this piece can be done in just a few seconds.

The only caveat is that this is NOT a close-up piece, it is for a standup show, whether in a living room or large stage.

Those of you who may remember my Hocus Pocus review column will remember that I call ‘em like I see ‘em and this is absolutely brilliant. Docc adds a lot of great psychology, blocking, etc to this piece. Why this has not garnered more attention is beyond me. Some people consider Docc’s ad copy a little misleading, but trust me, this release REALLY delivers. Since I don’t know EVERY stage bill divination out there I could not say if this is the best, but it’s easily the best I’ve encountered out of the 20 or so other methods I’ve researched over the last 20 years.

HIGHLY recommended. Clean, easy, direct–lethal!

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