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REVIEW: Applause Please by Louie Foxx

REVIEW: “Applause Please” by Louie Foxx. So yesterday I had a chance to perform Applause Please for the first time for a grades 3-5 group. In short, the kids LOVED it. I had purchased it because I was inspired by a Doug Scheer routine that I loved from his book.

Here are some thoughts…You receive the light up sign that is nicely built, one hollowed out lightbulb, an Evaporation bottle, a DVD, remote control, and a special cord to plug the unit in the wall.

Everything works very simply and the sign itself lights up bright red so it shows up even to several hundred kids. Louie really thought this through carefully.

The Evaporation bottle functions in terms of effect like a Milk Pitcher but uses a method completely different and (I believe) is new and original to Louie. It resets in literally 1 second. I think this is brilliant! The only drawback is that the liquid you use must match the internal gimmick of the bottle (can’t say more without exposure). To me this is not a big deal as I would not vanish clear water using a milk pitcher anyway because of visibility. Best of all Louie teaches you how to make your own gimmicked bottle so I plan on doing this for my Seuss show so I can vanish green liquid “Oobleck.”

The Applause Please set up can be used for Salt In Lightbulb effect or as Louie does, Liquid In Lightbulb. I also really like how the Applause sign motivates the presentation more than a lamp on stage – just my preference.

The instructional DVD is very complete, leaving no detail out. I also really got a kick out of the fact that Louie shot parts of the instructional video in a hotel room. Seeing that, I thought, “Yup, this guy is a worker.”

There really is nothing bad to say. Everything is well-constructed, well taught, and most importantly, the audience LOVED it. Those of you who used to read my blog know that I rate things on a 10 scale and I give this a perfect 10.