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Sean Bogunia’s ITS & Extreme Hanky Performance!

OK, I will freely admit that the following video is not the best quality, but sometimes it’s just nice to see a magic product you’re thinking about buying being performed in the real world by someone else.

Before I get to the video I want to offer some thoughts about Sean’s new Extreme Hanky – this is extremely cool! Like all of Sean’s stuff it comes with a fantastic instructional DVD that walks you through all of the nuances of programming, care & feeding, and of course performing. This is high tech magic at it’s very best.

High tech magic should primarily be used, I feel, when the only way to perform it is with technology. In the case of the Dancing Hank, it used to be an effect that used to require the coordination of offstage assistants so Sean’s products help users do things as a one person act that can be done no other way.

In short, with the Extreme Hanky you can drop a hanky into a large bottle, cork it to prevent its escape, and cause it to dance…even if another person sitting in the audience holds the bottle. The audience member can also command the hanky to stop or start dancing so it is truly interactive magic at its best.

This can be done closeup and surrounded, so the performing possibilities are many. In conjunction with Sean’s Animation Sensation, Ultimate or Ultra Dancing Hank, and his ITS, the Extreme Hanky can help users make the Dancing Hanky plot a true multi-faceted show stopper.

Here’s my video of me performing the ITS & Extreme Hanky at a recent school show in front of 200 kids, grades K-4. Although you can’t see the kids in the video, you’ll hear their reactions. After the ITS, I use the Extreme Hanky to have the kids exit the assembly area quietly…essentially “bribing” the kids to leave quietly, Again, not a great video but very little “real world” footage exists online of a lot of the more expensive tricks out there.