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What I’ve Been Up To & REVIEW: Sean Bogunia’s ITS

Hello all!

It’s been CRAZY here in Niagara Falls. It was always my intent to update this blog a helluva lot more often than this but life gets in the way. A few updates and then on to a review.

First, I continue to grow my clinical hypnosis practice. It’s fun, rewarding and very timeconsuming! Continued education is I believe a BIG key to success so I’m constantly learning, updating skills, etc. In addition to becoming certified as both an instructor and a Board Certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists I am also now certified through the International Hypnosis Association. In short, I’m constantly learning.

I also continue to scale back on my performing career. To be sure, I LOVE performing and always will but I really hate traveling on the road. It’s lonely and boring. Additionally, I continue to pull out of markets I really do not enjoy doing, namely corporate holiday parties. These events are incredibly dreary for me and I don’t like doing them anymore. In fact, I will probably be only performing corporate events that are educational or motivational in nature. First, there’s no alcohol in most cases, and second, when I come in as a “speaker” as a kick off or wrap up to a sales conference (for instance) I can really delight the crowd whereas in a holiday party, people just want to drink and socialize. To be sure I’ve had great fun doing many corporate holiday parties but the vast majority of them are like performing for oversized children, at least in my experience.

So my performing career will continue almost exclusively in schools (elementary, high schools, colleges) although I do like library shows too on occasion.

But enough of that – let’s get to a NEW review. This time I’m reviewing Sean Bogunia’s ITS.

WHAT IT IS: Essentially this is two electronic, programmable invisible thread reels that allow you to do incredible levitations all without the need of backdrops because these use INVISIBLE  thread.


Although Sean’s instructional DVD focuses mostly on the Dancing Hanky as a plot/use for this device, there’s actually no limits to the possibilities. Here’s a video showing just some of what you can do:

Sean Bogunia’s ITS Demo

Like Sean, however, The Dancing Hanky is my favorite effect in all of magic. I’ve bought most of Sean’s other Dancing Hanky effects over the years and still use them to this day. Here’s a video of me performing Sean’s Ultimate Dancing Hanky & Animation Sensation:

Cris Johnson Performing Dancing Hanky

Soon I will post a video of me performing the ITS. I only point this out because all powerful as the Sean Bogunia Dancing Hanky is, The ITS generates such reactions as to almost be TOO good!

What I mean by this is simple – I got to a school last week and had extra time to set up. I’d actually been practicing the ITS in my hotel rooms for the last week and decided to try out the ITS before the show in a live environment. While the hanky was dancing on stage I was offstage just watching it. But a class of students came in early for my assembly program and LOVED the hanky. I decided to try the effect out as my opener that day just to see how things went. So I did my standard introduction and went into ITS….as it animated the kids reacted and I turned away from the ITS (I was watching too) and watched the audience. About 200 kids were completely freaking out and laughing and jumping around! I actually had the routine end early and I had to restore order and continue on with the show!

It was an unqualified success and while I will continue using my Animation Sensation & Dancing Hanky (I’ve switched to Sean’s Ultra Dancing Hank), I really now have a special place in my heart for the ITS because I can now perform a Dancing Hanky effect with NO cover and it basically fulfills a dream I’ve had for almost 2 decades to be able to do a Dancing Hank in this fashion.

As far as specifics, the thread provided is surprisingly strong (only one break so far) and programming is a snap. You can control it manually with the provided remote (speed, direction, etc.) or you can program it and then set the program to play during your show. The only hard part with playing back a program is you have to look like you’re doing something and not just watching it like a putz, which is what I did at that show last week!

As always, Sean’s DVD instructions are clear and easy to understand. You get several rechargeable batteries to use in the three units (two reels and one remote) that are very tiny to fit in the equipment. Each reel is about the size of a deck of cards and in fact the whole set up is a fancier version (with more capabilities) than Sean’s own Deck-TR. You also receive two spools of super strong invisible thread (about 400 feet total) and various other doo-dads and a couple of white silks. The entire set up comes in its own attractive carrying case, making transport to shows a SNAP.

In short, this is an incredible value and one I plan on using for years to come. Highly recommended!

In my next blog post, I will review Sean Bogunia’s Extreme Hanky and hopefully have a couple of performance videos. Stay tuned!

- Cris