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A New Look and A New Mindset

I’m back!

Earlier this year I wrote the final review of Trick Talk, my review column for Hocus Pocus. At that time, I was buying magic just for the sake of doing reviews. that was never the spirit of what this blog was supposed to be as I only wanted to review tricks and routines that I used in my professional work.

Since then, I’ve had a lot of cool ideas, my mindset has shifted and more. While I am relaunching the blog, it will not be strictly as a review blog. As the new subtitle suggests, it will be encompassing a whole lot more. I will indeed be doing reviews, but they will not be weekly as I do not want to lock myself into that format. The stuff I review will only be the material I buy for my own work.

Also, I’ve changed the name of the blog to avoid confusion with the current incarnation of the Hocus Pocus blog. Nevertheless, ALL of my reviews from the Trick Talk blog are still archived and are immediately accessible.

As far as new reviews go, some of the upcoming reviews include:

MIB – Message in a Bottle by Puck and Scott Alexander
The Final Cut by Bob Kohler and Scott Alexander
Cue The Magic
Mentalities 2-DVD set
The 100th Monkey
5-Card Box by Bill Abbott

All of these are items I purchased for my own shows and most of them have already made their way into my paid shows.

Other times, this blog will contain thoughts of a philosophical nature, business building tips, and more.

Stay Tuned for my next post which will cover my thoughts of Criss Angel’s show BeLIEve and David Blaine’s recent TV special.

Finally, this blog is now attached to, which is my new product site, containing all of my releases to the magic community as well as products from other working pros including:

Paul Romhany
Peter Loughran
Bobby Motta
Jim Kleefeld

To make this site stand out from many other sites, I’m implementing a store policy of rewards points: simply put, each time you make a purchase from this site, ANY purchase, you’ll receive 1 Store Point for every $5 you spend. Points never expire and once you accumulate enough points, you can have ANY product of MINE (Cris Johnson) absolutely FREE. And my product site includes items no longer available anywhere else, including Murder By Magic!

So bookmark this blog and stop by often!

- Til next time