How To Become A Better Performer
(a survival guide!)

In recent years, magicians have had the opportunity to really advance the business aspect of their careers with a wide range of different marketing material available for different markets and situations.

Here's the problem with that 'explosion' of knowledge: many other magicians use this knowledge to book themselves a lot of paying gigs long before they're ready for it! Without a highly polished act, all the great marketing in the world won't help you book shows in the long run. An inferior act will damage your name and reputation!

So Many Tricks... So Little Knowledge!

Magicians can buy plenty of tricks and material to add to their show, but as far as learning HOW to perform, there hasn't been nearly enough valuable material.

Granted, there have been a few examples, but overall, there has been very little material for performers to use to really better themselves for the unique demands of real world magic.

Real World Advice From A Full-Time Professional

Author Cris Johnson has been performing as a professional in real-world situations for nearly two decades and has encountered the problems and unexpected situations that nearly every magician encounters when interacting with real audiences. After becoming frustrated with the magic community for years by the overall lack of performing guidance, he's decided to provide magicians with a guide, to offer his thoughts on what magicians trying to get work in the real world can expect to encounter in terms of potential problems, performing conditions, what works and why, what doesn't work and why, and a lot more.

While his experiences don't cover every market available, Cris does have a good sized list of markets that can certainly help magicians out there struggling to put on good shows under often adverse conditions that people without the experience will not be equipped to handle... thus dragging down the perception the public often has about magic performances!

In this BIG manual, Cris covers:

    • What a pro wrestler taught Cris (and can teach you) about character development
    • What you can expect from the birthday, school, daycare, family event, company picnic, and close-up markets
    • Angle problems, durability, and other problems with the majority of 'commercial' performing material
    • One simple thing you can do to eliminate many performing problems
    • Ideas for outdoor performances
    • How to use humor & adlibs
    • And a LOT more

This manual has the potential to allow you to take your performance material and mold it into a polished act that audiences will respect... enabling your show to complement the marketing knowledge. It will require performers to take an honest look at their shows and strive to improve their act and performing style.

Your Investment: $34.95

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