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ProfessionalMagicProducts.com was designed with one idea in mind:
To offer professional (or aspiring) magicians the very best products to do two things...
    1. Help you develop a show with proven, mind-blowing effects
    2. Help you build your business with proven marketing/business building strategies

With that in mind, the folks offering products and services on this website represent the elite – full time performers and developers of some of the most incredible material offered to the magic community.

Each person on this site is a master at what they do. Read on…

Cris Johnson  |  Paul Romhany  |  Peter Loughran  |  Jim Kleefeld

Cris Johnson

Like a lot of magicians, Cris Johnson dreamed of performing magic for a living. After struggling for many years with other marketing experts’ systems, Cris eventually developed his own techniques for making a living doing what he loved.

After founding his company, Phantasms Magic Productions, Cris moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 1997 and very shortly became a full-time respected magician in that area for several years before moving to Niagara Falls, NY in 2002 to get married. After finding himself in a brand new market with ZERO visibility, zero customers and zero name recognition, Cris got himself the dreaded “day job” and in his spare time, put his marketing and performing experience to work.
Less than six months later, he was able to quit his day job and was well on his way to earning more in his first year in Western New York then he ever had in one year in Pennsylvania… in just six months.

Ten years later, Cris has carved out a profitable niche of being a busy, national school assembly expert and popular corporate entertainer/speaker, earning in excess of $100,000 a year performing for companies such as General Motors, United Airlines, Footlocker, Bank of America and hundreds of others.

Now, Cris has decided to share his knowledge with other magicians who want to make the transition from part-time to full-time magic entertainers.

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Paul Romhany

PAUL ROMHANY has taken magical entertainment in a new direction by combining magic and theatre in an innovative and charming way.

Paul is experienced in comedy and close-up magic, but is most famed for his unique interpretation of Charlie Chaplin. His infamous Charlie Chaplin magic act is regarded as one of the most original and entertaining shows in magic today, all delivered in the silent film star’s formidable style.

He got his start in his native New Zealand, earning his degree in music from Auckland University. A piano certificate from London’s Royal College of Music followed, but Paul’s passion remained in theatre. Soon he was travelling the globe performing to universal acclaim and recognition with such awards as VAC Comedy Entertainer of the Year in his home country, and International Gold Medal Magic Champion in 2004.

Paul is also a published author with Penguin books and has written other books including Entertaining on A Cruise Ship - The Ultimate Guide, as well as Extreme Magic MakeOver for Comedy Classics, and continues to act as consultant for magicians and and corporate event companies around the world.

Since 1990 he has appeared on high end cruise lines as a headline act. His Chaplin act has kept him one of the busiest magicians in the world, performing for millions of people from almost every country. His style of comedy is innovative, fresh and very charming - winning audiences over where ever he performs.

Without a doubt, Paul is New Zealand's most well-known and successful international magician - no matter what part of the world you are in, magicians will know the name PAUL ROMHANY.

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Peter Loughran

Illusionist/Magic Creator Peter Loughran has been in the business of creating cutting edge new illusions and effects for professional performers worldwide as well as presenting spectacular illusion shows for all ages since 1990.

Peter Loughran Specializes in:

    • Spectacular Illusion Shows for all ages and venues of all sizes.
    • Consultation for professional performers, magicians, as well as theatre, television and film productions worldwide.
    • Creating cutting edge new original illusions and magic effects.
    • Custom built illusions and props for performers and productions worldwide.
    • Marketing and producing new magic products for other magic inventors.

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Jim Kleefeld

Jim Kleefeld is an internationally known magician who specializes in exceptional school assemblies and extraordinary library programs.

A busy full-time performer, he still manages to find time to write numerous books and articles chock full of inventive, clever and original tricks. Dave Goodsell and Michael Ammar have called Jim one of the country's top school show entertainers. His annual theme show innovations for libraries go back thirty years and his annual published books on theme tricks are used by hundreds of performers worldwide.

A prolific creator and writer, Jim has authored hundreds of magazine columns for M-U-M, The Linking Ring, The Kidabra Journal, LaughMakers, Funny Paper and more. He has been featured on the covers of M-U-M, LaughMakers and Kidabra Journal. He writes monthly product reviews for M-U-M. Jim lives near Cleveland with his lovely wife Diane.

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For more information about any of these experts' products, email Cris at: crisjohnsoninfo@verizon.net or call him at 716-940-8963

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