Are You Looking For The GOOD Stuff?

If you are like me, then I’m willing to bet you love magic,
love shopping for magic and love finding good sources of
mind-blowing, professional-level products and routines.

Here’s The Problem With Many Magic Websites…

Many of the more popular magic websites out there cater to both the professional, part-time, and hobbyist magicians. In other words, there is plenty of great pro stuff out there, but also a lot of the kiddie stuff – you know what I mean: the colorful boxes that proclaim, “101 E-Z Magic Tricks! No Skill Required!” (The stuff with the cheapest Ball and Vase, the cheesiest Cups-N-balls, and so on.)

There’s nothing wrong with any of that stuff. I bought it when I was a kid. Stuff like those kits inspired thousands of people to enter this wonderful, wacky world of magic… but then we grow. We advance. And we want the GOOD stuff for our shows.

The Only Things You’ll Find At This Website Are…

…professional routines, effects and products for elite professionals and magic performers looking to reach the elite level. As a full-time performer, when I’m looking for a great, road-tested prop or routine, I don’t want to dig through the kids’ stuff or the basic, E-Z books. I want solid, professional magic and I don’t want to dig for it.

You also won’t find silks, rope or mouth coils here. Don’t get me wrong – those “expendables” are great! I use mouth coils and rope in nearly every show I do! I just don’t want to get into stocking shelves and carrying inventory. I wanted this site to be a streamlined, lean, mean source of professional magic props and routines for pros and also magic business-building material that can help those who want to get to that elite level.

So look around. The professionals whose products are available here – Paul Romhany, Peter Loughran and little ol’ me, Cris Johnson, (along with other folks to be added later) are full time pros with decades of experience that we’re willing to share with you.

Be sure to bookmark this page for three great reasons:

My new blog, in which I will constantly be sharing pro tips, trick reviews, business building/marketing tips and more and…

For EVERY purchase you make here at, you’ll earn points. Here’s how it works:
  • For every $5 you spend, you earn a point. (Points do NOT expire).
  • One point is equal to one store credit dollar.
  • Earn enough store credit dollars and you can receive ANY product of mine (Cris Johnson) that you have enough points for… and this includes a few of my products which are not available anywhere but here!
Contests! To encourage more traffic to this site, I’ll be offering free goodies from time to time that you can win with trivia, referrals and more!

I Want This To Be YOUR Magic Product Destination…

I’ve got a lot of big plans for this site, ways to be more interactive and more!

Stay tuned, and remember to check the blog early and often!

- Cris Johnson, CH, CT.NLP

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